Incredible Now: Sixth Sense Wearable Technology

by Monda


Not sure if this report is News to everyone, it is to me so I am adding it onto my blog here. I just received it from a friend and watched it several times. Could not believe the wealth of information that we would be provided by the Sixth Sense technology. But then immediately I thought, who would be providing us all that information? Would we, eventually be given choices for the sources? So in many ways, personal resources (our individual wisdom) would still come in handy, which is great news to me. I am too excited about this new technology to be tapping into my conspiracy theorist side, for now anyway.

Being the sentimental person that I am, I feel excited about my future ease with practically freezing the moments. God knows how often times I have wished I could access the exact facial expressions or other gestures revealed by my loved ones, people I work with or those I see all over my life.  Would recording events so readily, imply that eventually we will not be relying on our memories the way we are forced to now? This surely cannot be all good news.

What about our most valuable subjective experiences? Oh questions are coming to burst my bubbles, I can feel them right as I am typing this!

What comes for you with this super technology?

P.S. If this was already discussed here, can someone please direct  me to that blog?




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Azadeh Azad

This is so exciting! :-)

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you for the link, dear Monda. The future is now! I'm actually waiting for the day when I can fold the space/time sheet with my two fingers and land on a seat of the Starbucks at the edge of the farthest galaxy for a cuppa :-)






by IRANdokht on

Thanks for sharing this video Monda jan, I had not seen it before.

You're right it opens a lot of possibilities both positive and negative. It's probably the natural progression of the information age, but as the guy was picking the toilet paper it occurred to me how the corporations can manipulate your decision making instantaneously once the first search hits go to the ones who paid the most. 

When we run a google search, we get tens and sometimes 100s of pages of info, we usually look through the first page only. With such spontaneity, we'd have to go with the first result that comes up and like everything else in this world, that position will be for sale.

Also imagine years of using the device and not relying on your own judgment or your own memory and then BOOM there is a computer bug that wipes out everything or worse, changes all info with corrupt and inaccurate  data.

I hope the doctors don't start using these devices for diagnosis or surgery then!  Can you imagine? 

on the other hand your Facebook page can open on your chest for the person talking to you. They can check out your pictures, your friends, your interests, your political views etc while having a coffee with you...  no need to carry on with small talk, they have all the information they need and then some! :o)  

I just keep thinking about this... I wonder if people felt this violated when colonoscopy was invented.