Isn't Perfection in looks, Over-rated?


by Monda

Recently I have received many comments about my looks. To clarify, dear ones suggest that I could use a nose job, some shots or "procedure" around my eyes to look "younger and better".... In reaction to the well-wishers' inquiries, my response has been: "but I feel good enough and young enough". Here, I usually get their inquisitive look which says, "You may think so Dear, but you do need some work done here and there... You don't know it". Ok... So I do. But seriously, I'm wondering what is all the obsession with looking Perfect? Do we all have to aspire to some role in some Hollywood movie?!

Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and many other body image issues have been at the all time high! We know that. We also know about commercial view of beauty, what sells ads and clothes, etc. Some of us even know about the gender equalities (or inequalities) relating to beauty, especially in the Western societies, or the societies accepting of the Western values. Values in esthetics are my main concern in this blog. How thin is beautiful?

How dainty a nose or how plump the lips of a woman should be? How perky should the breasts be? (Ok don't answer this one). There is a range of questions when it comes to beauty. Some individual and some global.

I am aware of the individual preferences. In both genders. I do pay attention. I see some metro-styled men looking overdone with their shaped eyebrows or shaved bodies (on the beach I see too many men, young to middle aged, with shaved legs and chests... is that necessary?), or women (of all ages) with firm round breasts and buttocks, in addition to keratin treated (straightened) hair, bleached to dryness, lots of orange tinted bodies... no matter which beach, mind you. It used to be that California beaches were home to natural wholesome Beauty. But not any more. And I'm not criticizing, just wondering....

The good news is, that there are more people engaged in physical fitness. There is no better feeling besides participating in yoga classes, than seeing so many healthy looking men and women, or having organic fruit shakes with them afterwards. Then of course there is the fitness-obsessed, running on the machines 10 minutes per a stick of carrot! (exercise anorexia, very sad.)

What are we curing or masking with all the artificial tricks and procedures? What are we achieving in the process? Perfection? In Looks? Why is it needed - more than ever?

(btw, not very related to this blog:

One of my favorite movies of all times is "Brazil". // See it if you haven't already)


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Majid, DK, Sima va MPD

by Monda on

Majid, (LOL) you remind me of so many "isms" than I care to recall :o)

DK jan, can't get enough of John Cleese! The concept of measuring beauty in concrete terms however, doesn't sit with me too well.  Do you measure your girlfriends?! 

sima joon, call me when you've had it!

MPD, wrinkles add character - haven't you heard? 




Kata, Iranians are very generous with comments

by Monda on

Somewhere between the Iranian style offering judgment and that of the Swedish, would be My comfort zone. Self-acceptance is key to happiness for sure. I so appreciate your comment. 

Multiple Personality Disorder

Looking good is over rated

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

But, thank God my dental braces are coming off next month, because I really need to focus on the wrinkles around my eyes.



Vallah it all depends...

by sima on

Depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you're trying to look young and sexy no way Jose. I think it has the opposite effect. But if a little self improvement makes you feel better about yourself and what's left of your life, why not?

That said, khanoom or dokhtar Irooniha often seem like they're totally blind. Do they actually like what they see in the mirror after surgery?! They usually look totally grotesque.

As for me I recently invisaligned my teeth that were getting awfully crooked and I certainly feel good about it. So what's the difference between that and other cosmetic improvements? I'm contemplating a face lift -- as soon as I care enough!



by catharina on

Hi Monda,

I was just in Sweden to visit family and was struck by how nobody comments on how you look all the time.  At first it was almost offensive, since after all, I had lost some weight since last time I was there.  Then I realized how enourmosly freeing it was not to have to expect people's judgement constantly.  Not one person in two weeks said the sentense "you look great" and I didn't comment on others either.  That was actually hard, not having seen people for a couple of years!  It is expected somehow in our culture to always make some comment on how the person looks.  The message definitely comes across as if we need to keep up with the worlds expectations.  Somehow there is less of that in Sweden than here (for now!). Rather than please the world, perhaps we can accept ourselves and then show the world that we do and the world might follow...People may really respect us for holding firm to our beliefs.  People that matter.


Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Beauty can be measured by the ratio 1 to 1.618

by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks Monda Jaan,

The Below Documentary should interest you in regard to your blog. 

The Saying goes that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but How true is That ? Beauty can be measured by the ratio 1 to 1.618 Actors John Cleese & Liz Hurley take a look at the importance of Beauty from Politics to daily life in the BBC series -The Human Face.Pierce Brosnan, Candice Bergen interviewed too.

The Golden Ratio : Pythagoras: How to measure beauty:


More Below:

HISTORY OF IDEAS: John Cleese on Beauty (BBC - The Human Face)



by Majid on



میگفتن مردهائی که گوشهاشون بیش از اندازه بزرگه «متموّل» تر هستند

بعد گفتن مرد هائی که دماغشون زیادی بزرگه «خوشبختند»!

شایع بود که مردهائی که دستهاشون گنده ست «عاقبت به خیر» تر اند!

بعد شنیدیم اگه پای کسی خیلی بزرگ بود نشونهء بزرگی «شانس» ش هست!

دست آخر گفتند پیشونی نسبتاً فراخ علامت «عظمت» هست!

من فکر میکنم  بهتره که همه ء اینا درست باشه و اّلا یه همچین موجود بیریختی با گوش دراز و دماغ گنده و دست و پای نتراشیده نخراشیده اگه وضعیات طبقه پائینش هم خوب نباشه که بدرد لای جرز میخوره!


جناب شازده



قبل از عمل بیشتر باید مراقبت بفرمایید! چون گر چه شانس ترکیدن حذف میشه، ولی‌ کبودی، خارش، و انواع جراحات دیگر هنوز امکان خواهد داشت.

دماغ محمد رضا شاه با مقایسه با سایر قضایا، ابدا اشکال محسوب نمی‌شد. اگر خاطر عزیزتون باشه، ایشان خیلی‌ هم بین خانمها سوکسه داشتن. در حالیکه ملکه فرح قبل از ازدواج فورا عمل کردند و واقعا زیبا تر هم شدند. دماغ در آقایان ایرانی‌، به اندازهٔ خانمها بهشون جذابیت میده. بستگی به شخصیت طرف داره. 


Shazde Asdola Mirza

PS: even Shah had a nose job ... it actually should be made

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

... free under a universal health coverage bill, for most Iranian men!

See the 2nd photo from the top:


Shazde Asdola Mirza

ماندا خانم

Shazde Asdola Mirza

After operation, those are labled: "Handle with Care!"


Narcissist Fry?

by Monda on

Monarchy analogues to his cooked nose?! got some reading to do :O)


Dear Shazdeh, Enjoy!

by Monda on

however those C cups never move, right?!

Darius Kadivar

Ditto !

by Darius Kadivar on

Well I suppose Stephen Fry said it best ... ;0)) 

When Changes are made for purely Cosmetic Purposes they are bound to Bring about Cosmetic Results ...

ROYAL RHINOPLASTY: Stephen Fry On The Imperfections of the Monarchy and Why It Should Be Preserved

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Monda: I am 100% with you and against such procedures ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

... except for enhancements and enlargements ;-)