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This is a continuation of a side conversation I started with Darius Kadiver here.  My comment became too long and out of respect for Cameron Batmanghlich and other participants, I decided to remove it and blog about it instead. 

Dear Darius:

I am honored you replied.  There is no need for you to have to express your steadfastness and courage in expressing your opinions.  I have been witness to it over time and like I said, I have admired your style and good manners in presenting your arguments and standing behind them.  If I could take stock of the situation, you don’t disagree with others in the root of their sadness for Palestinians and in their rage over Israel’s actions in Gaza.  Above and beyond being a movie buff, you have developed an “eye” for media’s constant manipulation of public opinion and you object to the way some people on the site may have fallen prey to such aggrandizements of facts.  (Forgive me if I’m repeating what you just said, I am really doing it for myself to articulate and understand the source of this atmosphere.). 

Dear Darius, what is it you would expect these people to do?  To stop featuring videos, news articles, and blogs that are manipulative?  How will they know which ones they are?  Absent fair and objective reporting on the situation, and you must know that this is true, because even I know that it's true, where would they seek that information and reporting to bring and share with others?

Let me ask you this Darius, and I hope nobody gets mad at me, and this may be a rhetorical question, but if we could go back in time and use the experiences and knowledge that we have about the situation today (minus the anger and unkind words and unhappy feelings), what would be the appropriate way in which we as a collective should have acted to avoid these rifts?  To continue discussing one of the most important events of recent times in a civil and fair way, and to come out of it still being caring fellow debaters? 

I think based on what you have said and the things I read from most of our fellow Iranians, you all don’t disagree at all about the situation and your personal evaluations of it;  rather, you disagree on the way facts and information about the situation is being presented, a matter of form and not one of content (and I am half-way smart enough to understand that if a biased form of presenting information is maintained, it will definitely affect the content over time, so I’m not playing games here.).  

You must be aware that some of the voices we are hearing on the site these days do not all share what we have just established you and others do.  I want to know why people are talking to you, an established, generous, interesting, and integral part of this community with the same language (either bad language or proper language laced with bad feelings) as the one they have been using to address some extremist new comers who are not revered and appreciated as much.  It is completely unacceptable that the language of discourse within our community should be degraded to the level where derogatory, rude, and hateful adjectives and nouns are used for addressing a fellow-Iranian, no matter how much we disagree with him or her. 

I hope you and others will help me and all of us to see the seriousness of the situation which is threatening our community and the style of public discourse you personally have worked really hard to establish and elevate.  It would be a pity for all of us to lose it and have to start all over again.  Any thoughts and ideas are welcome, but even if everybody’s contribution remains at the level of self-reflection and personal evaluation, I would still feel accomplished.  

I thank you my very special friend, Darius.  Our disagreements aside, nobody among us can deny the many valuable contributions you have made to Iranians in diaspora through your heartful and thoughtful labor of love to bring art, humor, and nostalgia to all.  What makes us specially proud is that you have done it on, a most valued home for all of us. 


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Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Someone Should Start laughing"

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

"Someone Should Start Laughing!" By Hafez:
I have a thousand brilliant lies
For the question: 
How are you?  I have a thousand brilliant lies
For the question: 
What is God?  If you think that the Truth can be known
From words, 
If you think that the Sun and the Ocean  Can pass through that tiny opening Called the mouth,  O someone should start laughing!
Someone should start wildly Laughing –Now!
Mr. Darius Kadivar, Your work on this site is much appreciated... Please, Carry On Ham-Meehan...

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

i do know this for a FACT: if it was the jews being mercilessly slaughtered by the palestinians, i would be on the side of the jews. 

Then what the hell has Hamas has been doing to the Jews.....saying hello and inviting them to lunch?


Ne nous quittez pas

by Quebeqi on

Be back soon dear Agha-yé, would not be the same without your posts.

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I thought it said OK (okay).

I can't find my glasses...LOL

Niloufar Parsi

Rosie jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

i was addressing DK there about sincerity, not you :)

rosie is roxy is roshan

Niloufar, that's silly,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

don't waste precious time and energy wondering if I would do anythhing as outlandish as doubt your sincerity or think you wever intended anyone any offense.

Go and organize the boycott instead.


Niloufar Parsi

rosie jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

i stand corrected! obviously did not have enough time with dk.

love your style :)

DK: hope you still believe my sincerity. no offence intended.

and i am a fan of them froggies! underrated lot!



by Hajminator on

Deep respect, you'd synthetized the situation better than anyone.

I'm looking forward to see noiZ's response.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Niloufar, /dk

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Niloufar: re Zion as Mossad implant, see my comment in long post below to Haj re Zion. Zion more likely a Hamas implant. LOL.

Re DK yes Vali Khan is right. See my long post (way below) called The Real DK with link to another one of his comments. You will be surprised at how extremely nuanced his views on Israel are, and knowledgeable and objective too.

Re direction of this thread:  let off steam in a pressure cooker. Enema for fetid toxic wastes always latent in discussions here, made much worse by Gaza situation. The people "targeted" as totems for this collective colonic ceremony are strong enough to take it. Trust me. Trust them. You already heard it from the horses's mouths.

I asked the thread be closed at one point but that's beside the point. It's all part of the enema spew. The thread regulates itself.


well dk you know my feelings. we need more audrey hepbun clips. ones featuring the givenchys would be best.




Darius jaan

by ThePope on

Being patient and taking all the time you need to reply back is a great 'strategy', kind of a slingshot-tactic; by pulling back and holding your thoughts (answers), your response will have an even greater impact...
Can't wait to have you "back"!

BTW, when did you ever leave?!!
How come I didn't noticed??!!!! :o)

Vive l'Iran, vive la Monarchie constitutionnelle

rosie is roxy is roshan

To Hajmin re Zion, I would be the LAST person in the world to

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

suggest Zion (or anyone else) leave. Over and over when people have asked me do you defend her I've said no not her ideology but her right to be here and be moderated completely equitably (as you know).  Over and over I said,if you don't like what Zion says you have three choices: debate, ignore or defuse (you know post a funny video clip, that kiind of thing..).

Thequestion I asked on this thread and her ceasefire blog, Why are you here zion ,is to be taken 100% literally. It does NOT mean go away, it means WHY are you here She winds up dominating every single discussion on Gaza and she attributes agendas to people the way Girl Scouts sell cookies.  So she dominates and agendaizes, so I would like to know her agenda, or more specifically the rationale for her choosing to execute it here.

The question was first articulated to me by another poster comparing my rationale for being here which is transparent (I am a Persophile) with hers which is inscrutable. Does Zion really think for instance that this site is a hotbed of Islamic radicalism. Does she not understand that the volatile polarized  language here all the time about mullah-licking Ommati Hebolaahi is a "family thing" that ultimately reduces to the question of "By what means and within what time frame do you suggest the IRI be changed into a secular democracy?" ?And that only the most deluded paranoiacs do not know this deep inside?

Why do I suddenly bring this why here Zion issue up now? Well, first of all that goldfish struck a chord. Second of all that comment here yesterday of Zion's about "tribal rimitivism" reminded me of the utter contempt in which she holds many Iranians and that ceasefire blog simply chilled me to the bone. Not one iota of compassion for human suffering, not one. I am still shocked. So what is the rationale behind our being chosen as the lucky beneficiaries of such lovely words? Why here? Why i.c..?

At the same time,yes Haji, I know Zion is an excellent source and serves an important function here (although gone way overboard through other people's collusion through incessantly engaging her...) and can at times be stunningly compassionate, crying over MLK and DK's video on Jewish/Muslim reconciliation. Hmmmm.someone on my current blog just mentioned she may have "multiple personality disorder..." LOL

Anyway for anyone who's reading this who thinks for a second Zion's rationale for being here is she is an Israeli agent of some sort is falling into the thralls of the Iranian National Disease: paranoia. If that woman is an Israeli agent I am the Twelfth Iman. She has done more on this site to inculcate disgust and repulsion for Israel than the massacres themselves, as well as to fan the flames of anti-Semitism frm people and in places I'd never imagined possible. Flames I've gottne singed by myself, an innocent by-stander. That compassionate ceasefire blog sure helped. Way to go Zion.

Zion, when you are displaying this particular personality of yyours:

you spread anti-Semtism the way an eagle spreads its wings. Proudly, sweepingly and..

with a bird brain.

So... why here Zion, why here?

Answer me or not, whether you even know  why or not I continue to defend your right to stay and be moderated by exactly the same standards as anyone else, and will continue to get sh-t thrown into my face for it no doubt...

and will continue to wipe it off as usual. and procede 






by friskycatdad on

Darius is my friend.



by samsam1111 on

Don,t let Ommati clan brainwash you into submission . They come in all colors . One civil registered id with many vicious annonyms . Nice and civil code under registered id & true self under annonym . Talk is sweet at first , then advices , annonym profanity, suppression of your posts, deletion of your comments,   insults & if still not on the program then comes verbal threat . If every thing fails wait for account deletion button .

Cheers Patriot & Best wishes!!!

khaleh mosheh

Mr D.K. is the reason I joined this site

by khaleh mosheh on

Thanks Mr Kadivar for giving me a reason to register on this superb site. 

For many years I have been the reader of this site and enjoyed the variety on offer with a good mix of western ane iranian culture, news etc. But being generally a person of great apathy, did not feel the urge to contribute to this great forum and wonderful community. 

Over the past few days I noticed that although the quantity of your posts is increasing to the extent that say on the news section, several posts are added every day- Their quality at best being mediocre. It has also been noted that due to the large number of your posts and a number of newcomers clearly with an agenda to spin whats currently happening, posting essentially state propaganda (some double posted!!) a lot of folks do not get to have their post remaining on top for any significant length of time. Some of these posters who are disadvantaged by your prolific postings however make very valid, logical and heartfelt points. 

This attempt to manipulate this wonderful forum even stirred me up who as mentioned am apathetic to the extereme, to say that dadash let other people have a say and frankly please cut down on the spamming.


With my very best wishes

Asteh mereh,, asteh meyad-- Khaleh mosheh 



Worship of anything has its

by Anonymously on

Worship of anything has its downside, as we saw from the usually calm and collected DK's out-of-character outburst. Be that worshiping an ideology, a prophet, a history/culture/race/land (eg, iranzamin). It is precisely for these that lives are being lost in Gaza and Israel right now. And this same scourge that humans have always been at each other's throat, either with words or with swords.

Darius, I completely give you the benefit of the doubt on the recent outburst about 'last minute patriots' and how googlers might (god forbid) think of readers as pro-palestinian (read: repress your true feelings in favor of preserving an external image).

As you prepare your come back, I hope you can ponder (and share, if you care to) whether you worship your culture, history, land -- or as you referred to it, the sacred motherland.

News Goffer: thanks for opening this thread and elucidating the issue so eloquently.

Azarin Sadegh

Looking forward to...

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Darius,

I would be looking forward to reading your post! Meanwhile, I was going through the comments and I noticed your comment addressed to Irandokht, teasing and calling her Arabdokht.

 Honestly, I have to say I was first shocked...then even if I rarely read all the blogs or comments on the blogs (so I am not aware of the reason of this name-calling), but I hope it is just a joke (even if I know that even as a joke it should hurt her feelings).

I know Irandokht personally and I know she really doesn't need me to defend her. But still believe me! She is more Iranian than any of us. She has always been one of the most caring people I have ever met in my life and I think she cares a lot about human rights, especially about children and their Iran or elsewhere. Plus, she has been one of the rare people on the site to help SCE and it means a lot to me and to all the poeple she has helped.

So please, please dear Darius, I hope you would change your mind and you would understand why it is not fair to even tease her in this matter.

We all might have our disagreements on different issues, but we all share one thing and that is this hope that maybe one day - instead of calling names - we could discuss our differences in a peaceful and civilized manner.

Thanks again and sorry about this out of context comment,

Still your fan, Azarin

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Dear Friends, Patriots,Neutral Observers, Foes, and Collaborators thank you for all your numerous and insightful comments (which I read carefully and under the Microscope) and questions to which I shall respond to the best of my Capacity in due time.

Thank You News Goffer For your Patience, In the Meantime I pledge here to the readers of cyber Soil. That:





Lost Iranian in Paris

by Jaleho on

A big smile to your anti-French smear analysis of DK :-)

A refreshing point of view, not the boring rehash of the SAME arguments over and over again. I wish Kurdish Warrior would learn from you the art of writing something with either an informative value, or at least an entertaining different perspective to make the site fun to read.

Looking forward to read more from you. 

Thanks Niloufar for reminding that life is not a stagnant patch of water, it is flowing powerful river; although some drops get stuck in a pothole their entire life.

Niloufar Parsi

Vali Nasr

by Niloufar Parsi on

actually, no, i do NOT know how critical Darius has been of israel. from the few conversations i have had with him, this is not the impression i have of him at this CRITICAL juncture. nor have i seen ANYTHING posted by him critical of israel. may be i just missed it as he does post many many things.

i do not care about - nor have i seen any of - his arguments with zion. zion is not a measure of anything far as i can tell. he simply and purely acts like a mossad/AIPAC agent planted here to kill and muzzle decent debate.

as i said in my earlier comment, that was an impression by a relative newcomer like myself, so stop with your 'you don't know what you are talking about' and 'character assassination'.

as for hamas, IRI etc goes, i am afraid the problem is the other way around: it is people who have so much hate for islamic groups and willing to ignore or even applaud crimes against humanity by the 'other side' that gets up my nose. it is opportunistic and downright disgusting. and it strengthens and justifies islamic groups.

to give you a little insight into why an 'intellectual' would see the point of view of islamic groups: the patent failure and corruption of secular leaders in our region coupled with the religious fundamentlism of israel and its supporters leaves no room to 'live' in the idealist world of secularism and political mobilisation. so i would avoid being totally condescending and pay the respect due to people who have a case no matter how they express it. they don't HAVE to follow my ideology in order for me to listen to them. call me a democratic fool, if you must.

at the end of the day, the oppressors are slaughtering innocents on all sides, and a quick look at the figures tells you which side is more murderous and ruthless.

close you eyes if you want to and daydream about the politically correct ideology to support, but i am afraid i am not fundamentalist or selfish enough to support the side that agrees with my own personal ideology alone at the theoretical level. my consceince tells me that one must side with the oppressed and the weak in the face of murderous bullies. you choose your own 'side' and let me choose mine without labeling me to simply dismiss me.

i do know this for a FACT: if it was the jews being mercilessly slaughtered by the palestinians, i would be on the side of the jews. 



Dear Niloufar

by Vali Nasr (not verified) on

Here we go again on judging people and character assassination attempts. Ex Anti Shah down here described it perfectly. You are for sure one of these "intellectuals" who really has no idea what they are talking about. For example:

1)"Darius - far as i can see - has always had a close affinity with israel" " * Darius is a good man but he does not want to move beyond old alliances. if he loses his manners and tolerance as he has of late, he will become difficult to talk to."

What are you talking about? Do you know how many times Darius and Zion have argued here? Do yo know how critical Darius has been of Israel?

Darius has been clear that he sees the Hamas people as an extension of the Islamic Fundamentalists in Iran. He does not like them. He hates them and many others do. He also has clearly condemned Israels actions. Darius is not alone in this. Many Arab nations feel the same. Did you see how many Arab nations boycotted the conference Ahmadinejad attended this weekend? Mr. Cameron just buttressed this view with his shameless support and excuses for Hamas.

Hamas is seen as an IRI proxy by the majority of people except for certain "intellectuals". The same "intellectuals" who always make excuses for the IRI. Hamas just got crushed at the expense of the of the innocent Palestinian people because of the IRI Islamist savagery and foozooli in Arab/Israeli affairs. This is what Darius is talking about.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

may i speak as one of those ' newcomers' on this? it may be good for the 'oldtimers' to see the impression that newcomers have of what is happening here too. i will make it short and sweet in bullet form, but pls do not read it as me being disrepsectful:

  • this particular blog has no direction and the subject matter did not really deserve a blog.
  • Darius - far as i can see - has laways had a close affinity with israel and is obviously deeply upset on a personal level about what is going on in the name of jews, but expresses it in the form of anger against 'anti-semites'.
  • many zionists are feeling this internal contradiction today
  • zion is irrelevant. always will be. is probably a mossad implant.
  • Darius is a good man but he does not want to move beyond old alliances. if he loses his manners and tolerance as he has of late, he will become difficult to talk to.



Yes Rosie,

by Hajminator on


Thanks to noiZ, I read two good books:


  • The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World - Avi Shlaïm, and
  • Holocaust is Over - Avraham Burg


By her presence, if one can better understand her intentions and that she can spark such reactions among bloggers. So let it be, let her be here and help us find something we wouldn't search for otherwise.


> DK

by Another Lost Iranian in Paris (not verified) on

The reason why DK is so aggresive is because is french. as simple as that. He's the typical conservative, sometimes racist, anti-arab kinda guy.

One thing you guys probably noticed : he LOVES to be RIGHT >> Typically french.

He's a perfectionist character, who lives in a wikireality for the last 30 years. My pointis, how can someone talk so much about Iran and Iranians EVERY DAY without having put a single foot for the last 3 DECADES. HOW ???

Thats right people, DK has never been back , but still he talks like he hass the most updated point of view on our country, this is simply pathetic. Reminds of Colonel Behrani in House of Sand and Fog....

Now people, please understand the fact that DK is more FRENCH than anything else. Wich is why is into labelling others, proving is point all the time at any cost, with rage and frustation.



by ex-anti-shah (not verified) on


Those with the loudest voices (ususally the least intelligent) brought us the Islamic Republic 30 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I am not talking about pro-khomeini individuals of those days.

I am talking about those who even today continue to consider themselves "intellectuals" and continue to bring, or indirectly contribute to bringing, nothing but misery to Iranians while they themsleves are sitting pretty in their Western homes and while the Iranians they left behind in Iran are suffering due to these very intellectuals wannabes' lack of intellect.

There were those who did not make a stand against these so called intellectuals 30 years ago. I am certain, having learnt our lessons, you'll never be like them and today you'll continue to take your stand in a firm manner.

There are many who admire your views and your opinions. Trust me, they are mostly living in Iran and suffering under the IRI's boots, unlike those hyprocrites who the moment they smelled the stink of their own s***, aka their revolution/IRI, fled to the comfort of the west and let those in Iran enjoy the stink left behind for decades to come.

This while they continue to tear their shirts for Iran a-la-1978, and call you names because you happen to like a person who today is known in Iran as khodaa biaamorz.

Don't let the same ignorant crowd who drove so many good thing away from Iran continue to do the same today.

Farhad Kashani

Mr. Kadivar, I support you

by Farhad Kashani on

Mr. Kadivar, I support you 100%.

Keep up the good work.

rosie is roxy is roshan

So you finally figured it out did you, Haj?

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Zion is EMPLOYED by javidi. to increase site traffic!

Ssssssssssssh, don't tell anyone!



by Hajminator on

You are a benediction for this site, where ever you go (blog, news, article sections) and, paf, comments increase. You have a gift, no really. I vote we keep you with us - you are a part of the solution.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Thx, I thought all those people you mentioned are

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Iranians for sure eceept of course for Zion and this Duke guy I just barely know him.

Kaveh, Bijan, Mehdi, are not Persian or from Persian families???? Are you sure???



by Anonymously here (not verified) on

There is a long list, some might be the same person posting under different names: your friend here zion, Mehdi, Mrx, kaveh, Bijan, Duke, and a few others are non-Iranian jews that they're talking about.
you want to know how we can tell? they can't read the farsi blogs, so they comment on comments alone and when they type finglish, they make real silly mistakes.
So no dear you're not the only other jew, but you are the only non-zionist jew here.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Bombarded? I only know of two non-Iranian Jews here, Observer.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Only two.