You can CHANGE the world

by Obama2008

Over the past 17 months, millions of Americans from every corner of this country have taken part in the political process and built an unprecedented movement for change. This video, featuring footage and photos from supporters across the country, documents this grassroots movement and the supporters who truly are the backbone of this campaign. 


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Thanks Obama-Biden 08...

by Khar on

Keep up the good work you have my vote!


Think Log and Hard.......

by sbglobe on

Jamshed jan even if your assessment is right (I think not), you still can have only "Bush IIII" or "Carter Junior II" – (un)fortunately we do not have any options. So, I say Do Your Part – Take a stand and Vote – if you can!


Carter Junior II for

by jamshid on

Carter Junior II for president...

Or, Bush III for president...

Obama is a buffoon, just like his competitor is. It is so sad yet amusing to see so many Iranians making a line for this clown.

30 years and we have learnt nothing.