Doroughe Leilio Majnoun

Doroughe Leilio Majnoun
by Parchin

I hate this age, 24. When nothing is figured out, yet everything is expected to fall into place. Prince Charming presents himself and whisks you off your feet, then buys you enough lattés and entrées to take you for a test drive. Of course now a days, it's extremely rude if the female party fails to offer her half, and even ruder for the male party not to accept. It's quite difficult to tell who's riding whom these days.

We learn love from the movies. From Romeo and Shirin. From Ebi and Tom Jones. Moments feel magical if they look like Fardin feeling Meg Ryan up. And potential mates become more attractive if they smoke like James Bond and wouldn't mind falling in love with prostitutes in Film Farsis.

Forth come the anticipation of jobs and more education and the "What if he kicks you out? You have to be an independent woman!"s. Everyone wants to know what you're doing with your life and where you are headed. They also want to inform you about this biological clock foolishness.

So should I go after my dreams and aspirations, which have been shaped in turn by these exact elements of popular culture, or should I tell all the "famil" to scrunch their sleeves up and find someone whose genes most closely make up for the shortcomings of mine? Should I travel and see the world and start climbing the ladder of success...or settle down in one place so I can finally meet someone and put him in my "gene chortkeh"?

I'm too much of a realist to fall victim to the conventions of idealism. Pragmatism wins. "Sleepless in Seattle is history”!


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Nice blog. Being 24 is fun! It's not like Forever21 but still!

by Anonymouse on

I can remember being in middle school and high school I wanted to be older so I can do things.  Then when I went to college I wanted out so I can have a life outside schools and tests.

So when I started my regular life, i.e. being 24, I felt good being on my own but I remember it wasn't like I imagined it.  It was fun never the less.  I'm sure it is fun for you too otherwise you wouldn't be blogging and teaching us how to "attempt a high kick in your friend's head praying behind"! right?

Everything is sacred.



by yolanda on

 It is a great idea to balance family and career. For me, it is not fun to have only one out of the two.......I am not insulting full-time house-wives here. Everyone is different and has different life-goals.

Thank you for your article!

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


Try not to make the common mistake...

by Rendd on

Having a family is one value and having a successful career is another. Try not make these overlap so that the presence of one requires the exist of the other. Remember they both can coexist.


I wish

by divaneh on

the rude people that I meet would offer their half. Latte is not cheap you know.


Parchin: You will know what you really want...

by Monda on

..When the time comes.

You don't sound confused to me.  As a matter of fact judging from this piece - you're wiser than you think.  

Bijan A M

I only wish

by Bijan A M on

I was 26......Toooo late,

but loved your essay.


I like your style

by IRANdokht on

You have a great grasp of reality at 24. I am sure you'll be just fine!   :o)