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This is a fascinating photo essay and animation titled "Nasseredin Shah and his 84 wives". Not only does it give insight into the Qajar court at the time of Nasseredin Shah, it also provides a fairly good understanding of why things became how they are in our country, looking at it from an historic perspective at least. It also contains a rare view into Iranian mentality and culture matched by not many other documents.

Recommended to everyone!

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Single "standard".

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What parts of the clip sound strange?  Many girls still don't shave and keep their face that way.  In a persian restuarant in the Eastern US city the manager of the resturant greeted us at the table and she was in her 40s and never shaved her face whole her life.  She didn't cover her hair.  I really don't know the reason.  However, she had her own reason.

He had many wives.  So what?  How many men or women have you slept / flirted in your life?  The difference is that Nasseredin Shah made all her fantacities in public, and did not keep it a secret or a mental disorder.  Nowadays, some familites work that way.  The husband or wife doesn't get satisfied for number of reasons, and fukc around.  Are we going to flag or stone them or modify the culture, society or relationships stronger and more meaningful? 


Can we stop talking about others based on our single "standard"?


And by the way...

by Parham on

I know that other nations (such as France, for example) have such cuckoos as well. The difference here is we are not France...

Food for thought.


Hamsade & Divaneh (boy, I'm glad these are not your real names!)

by Parham on

I agree with both wholeheartedly.

lol@"genetic defect" comment!

The only problem being when, for example, you speak to a foreign friend and he/she says "oh, I have a 'Persian' friend, he is a prince, you should meet him"... It's like we just got rid of the common belief among non-Iranians that everyone outside the country worked for the Shah at one point, now we have to deal with all these Persian prince and princesses... : )
All they do is highlight this sense of inferiority among Iranians to non-Iranians once they find out the truth about them.

It's just like the constant milking (or trying to) of Takhte-Jamshid and 2500 of civilization. They never think the other guy is going to say to himself "well, if there is a 2500 year civilization, it shows such great result!"

Unfortunately, such things usually damage our collective image on the whole, not only those people's. But then we are backward, whether we like it or not, and sometimes this backwardness is exactly caused by what we boast...

My two Papasis.


Double sided fairness

by divaneh on

Dear Roger Rabbit,

I only tried to remind us of the fact that fighting a lost battle will not do us any good. We have already lost that battle and as a result our country is where it is today. Now there is a different battle for the future of the country.

I say let the Ghajar descendents boast as much as they want. Why should that upset us? Truth is known and has been told. Claiming superiority is in the nature of the humans. I know many other people who are proud of their lineage and give undeserved credits to their own families and by association, themselves. It's only the truly educated individuals who come to understand that claiming superiority over others is daft. You normally find such claims to superiority based on hereditary traits, present in uneducated people who have nothing else to make them proud. That includes racists, blind followers of religions, members of certain families and even nationalists. People such as Red Wine, Sadegh Hedayat, Iraj Mirza and Mosadegh are all example of Ghajars who are respected by others for their skills and contribution to the society. None of these valued individuals need to rely on the family line to gain respect.

With regards to Nasereldin Shah and any other dictator we must in the first instance blame the society who allows the dictators to rule and in the first place creates them. In my view the real guilty people in those episodes are the corrupt statesmen such as Agha Khan Nouri and Mirza Aghasi who advised the kings. We have never been short of corrupt people in the courts of the kings. This is not to wash the monarchs off their own responsibilities.

I am sorry that it became so long, but there are so many dimensions to this issue. I still think we should be united and fight the today's battle.

hamsade ghadimi

very interesting piece.  i

by hamsade ghadimi on

very interesting piece.  i liked the narrative, photography and the "perspolis" animation.  considering the number of ghajari descendants (must be millions), i also don't believe we should bash them based on their genes.  there are good ones and a-holes just like descendants of any other family.  i had a ghajari prince for a roommate in my college days and he tended to be more on the a-hole side but it never occurred to me that it was a genetic defect.

i think this piece showed the obvious shortcoming of having a dictator in charge of the livelihood of a nation whether it's a shah (safavid, ghajari, pahlavi) or a "supreme leader." this piece shows what happens when there are no checks and balances in a government. just because we're not privy to the private photo album of nim-pahlavi or sed-ali, doesn't mean their actions and personal shortcomings did not have a much more grave consequence on our country.


Glorifying the past!!

by Roger_Rabbit on


Your comment is one-sided and only makes sense if the people whose past is, shall we say, less than glorious stopped glorifying their past.

Ari Siletz

Quite a shutterbug, Nasseredin Shah

by Ari Siletz on

Looks like Nasseredin Shah had a good eye for portrait photography. If only he could use his crown as well as his camera...

Great post! 

Anahid Hojjati

Esfand jaan, speaking of Persepolis, that was well made.

by Anahid Hojjati on

If this one is like that, I should watch it. thanks Esfand Jaan for the info.

Esfand Aashena

I saw about half of this and the format is same as Perspolis.

by Esfand Aashena on

The cartoon looks like Perspolis by Marjan Satrapi so I wonder if she or someone in Perspolis circles made it. 

Everything is sacred


Fascinating, in a real sad way though

by Bavafa on

I finally got to finish this and found the story very well told.

I wish we could erase some parts of our history, but as one can not diverse family, divorcing the history is not possible. Only drink heavily and hope to forget.


Soosan Khanoom

thanks truthseeker9

by Soosan Khanoom on

As a woman I think mustache on a woman's face is really truly ugly .... no one on this earth can feed that to me as a cultural fashion thingy ..... That takes away the beauty from the women's face .... that takes away the beauty of being a woman ....... . may be men were gay back then and liked to be with boys or at least would prefer women who look more like a boy than a woman .... 

I would like to read that book ...

I found this on the review section ....... 

"Further back, the most famous Persian love poetry was written to young, beautiful, beardless men, for which there was a word, amrad. Embarrassed scholars have never quite managed to agree on whether this important genre of poetry was homoerotic and sexual in nature or whether the beloved somehow represented an allegorical, neo-Platonic, divine love." 



by Truthseeker9 on

Maybe this book will answer that question. Read the review below the book.


Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

What kind of man in his right mind likes a woman with mustache?

unless he is a Marxists Leftists ... they think  mustache  is sexy .....  LOL

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Soosan Khanoom

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are a woman so how do you know what appeals to men? Maybe some guys like women with mustache !! Cats all have "mustaches" including females; never stopped a tom cat.

Soosan Khanoom

Ugly Club

by Soosan Khanoom on

Why did these women look like men and why were they all ugly?

unibrow and mustache ?  Is not really a beautiful combination .... I also do not understand covering of the hair but being topless at the same time !!!

Amir Kabir deserved to be the king not this moron  .....





مثل اینکه پیِ دوستان قاجار هم به تن خیلی از دوستان ایرانیَن دات کامی نخورده... من رفیقی داشتم که دوست دختر چندین و چند ساله اش حاضر نشد باهاش ازدواج کنه که هیچی، ترکش هم کرد بخاطر اینکه دختره قاجار بود و خودش رو از اشراف حساب میکرد.
یا اینکه دوست دیگه ای داشتم که خانوم قاجاری به او گفته بود که اصالت قاجاری بودن از طرف پدریه، چون دوست ما مادرش قاجار بود... یکی دیگه رو هم میشناختم که از کسانی که خوشش نمیامد، بعنوان اینکه قاجاره و هرکاری دلش بخواد میکنه، از مهمونیاش بیرون میکرد. میرفت بهشون میگفت ”من قاجارم، میفهمی؟ قاجار!”
جریان جمع شدن هر ده سال یکبار قاجاریون در پاریس رو هم که میدونین. ماشالا هموطنان وقتی میخوان عقده های حقارتشونو بنمایش بذارن فقط دو لا، سه لا که نمیشن. بکل میزنن به اون سیم٬


گذشته، چراغ راه آینده



دوستان عزیز همینجوری که دیوانه گفت باید از گذشته درس گرفت و اشتباهات گذشته را تکرار نکرد. توهین به دوستانی مانند شراب سرخ که وقت و هنرشو صرف آگاهی به شرایط اسفناک ایران میکنه مسائل ایران را حل نمیکند فقط نشانگر ضعف منتقدین ایشون است. بیزحمت به مسائل مهمتر و بزرگ تر فکر کنید.



by Parham on

I couldn't find much on it myself, actually. I just remembered that I had seen a preview of it some time back which I believe was just a short part of the animation.
Please do let us know if you find more information about it.


Again, you're all welcome. I probably enjoyed it as much as you myself.


Attacking the past

by divaneh on

I don't understand what can be achieved by attacking the offsprings of the Ghajar dynasty. It only creates division and hurts people for no good reason. We cannot bring Amirkabir or Tahireh back to life. In the very same way that we cannot bring Kasravi or Dr Fatemi back to life. In each period we have had people who died for noble causes and it is good that we don't forget, but we should not let these divide us, we just have to make sure that they don't happen again.

Today we have a regime in Iran who is by far more backward, corrupt and ruthless than any other regime in our history. Today there is a plunder of Iran's resources of even higher magnitude by Russia and China. That's where we should direct our rage. Now let's see how we are different to our forbearers.


Thank you very much, Parham

by ComraidsConcubine on

 'Been searching for more detail on imdb, but apart from 'Norway/Iran', I can't find anything.




 بی‌ عیب خداست پرهام خان

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

A bit

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

native American isn't it really I mean it!

Anahid Hojjati

Very funny comment exchange, cracked me up.

by Anahid Hojjati on

Good one Parham.


یک سؤال


کسی که با یک همچنین فارسی سلیسی و انقدر طمأنینه صحبت میکنه/مینویسه، چطور اسم خودشو گذاشته راجر رَبیت، اون عکس رو هم گذاشته کنارش!؟
: )


میخواستم استفراغ کنم


نمی‌دونم جناب حضرت والا شازده شراب قرمز کجا تشریف دارند که ماستمالیزاسیون را شروع کنند؟ و یا توضیح قانع کنندده‌ای ب‌غیر از نفرین و ناله‌های خاله زنکی که مرسوم صیغه‌های حرم سرا‌های قجری بوده را ارائه دهند.

قدر مسلم  چیزی که این سند تاریخی روشن می‌کند اینست که قجری‌ها ریشه کاملا مردمی داشته اند. از سوی پدری که همگی‌ از قبایل بیابانگرد بوده و از مادری هم به دختران  نوکر و باغبون و رخت شور و  طویله داران دهات اطراف تهران منسوب میشدند. از همین رو هم برای رفع این نقیصه ابا و اجدادی به دادن القاب و عناوین پر طمطراق به یکدیگر و به نوکرانشان می‌‌پرداختند.

اما از همه این‌ها که بگذریم کشتن منجی بزرگی‌ چون میرزا تقی خان امیر کبیر بود که گرچه مثل خود ناصر الدین شاه از طبقه مردمی (آشپز زاده) میبود ولی از جهات عظمت فکری و وسعت دید از پیامبران الهی نیز سبقت میگرفته و اگر این بزرگ مرد تاریخ ایران طعمهٔ امیال شهوانی آن قحبه و ولد زنا زادش نمی‌شد مملکت ما حد اقل پنجاه سال جلو تر از جایی بود رضا شاه آن را تحویل گرفت.

مشکل اینجاست که چون صاحب این سایت خود نسبتی غیر مستقیم با این قوم ظالمین دارد نمی‌‌توان به آزادی سخن گفت. ولی‌ آقای جاوید در هر قومی خوب داریم. نابرادری شما دکتر جمشید قاجار باعث افتخار برای این قوم است و شما نباید هرکه از این قوم انتقاد می‌کند را حذف کنید و اگر از رضا شاه یا پهلوی‌ها بد می‌گوید را پاداش دهید. لعنت بعد بر آنان که ایران را ویران کردند جز از سیاهی از خود آثاری باز نگذاشتند.




What's the deal?

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

I'll tell you what the deal was.
Because of the sissies running the Qajar circus, the women were more of a man than their counterparts -- hence the mustache. :)


What's the deal with female mustaches?!!!

by Onlyiran on

Seeing the photos, I just thought it was because they didn't have access to good hair removal items, but later on I heard that it was a trend and that they were painting them on even if they didn't have one!  What was up with that?


Somebody also mentioned elsewhere that...

by Parham on

... the documentary makers failed to mention Mahd-e-Olia (his mother/the "whore") planned Amir Kabir's demise with the aid of the British and the Russian. I doubt that there is much evidence to that, but it's a claim worth considering.


This is the most disgraceful piece of evidence

by hooshie on


Where are those ghajari worshippers to see how their grand parents lived a life a obsenity and decadence. The most outstanding Baha'i woman and poetesse of that era, Ghorratol-ein was murdered by the agents of Nasseralddin because she refused to join his cesspool of sexual orgies called haramsara.


good to know where we were 115 years ago

by yaar on

Mah-Rokhsar was not mentioned. In her memoire Taj-ol-Saltaneh (Nasser-edin Shah daughter), says that during the last year of his life, Nasser-edin Shah (age 64, 1895) fell in love with a 12 year old named Mah-Rokhsar and married her.

By the way Fath-Ali Shah had 160 wives