The Razi Mix

The Razi Mix
by Parham

A little while ago, I recorded a mix of pop/dance songs from the pre-1979 period for a long-time friend who was going to throw a party for our old mates in another city. These were songs that I used to play at our parties right before the revolution -- you know, songs we grew up with, sort of.

Except, to my surprise, the mix began getting shared on Facebook like crazy and has been listened to in its entirety more than three hundred times so far; which, for a private personal recording done in a hurry, isn't bad.

That's why I decided to also share it on, just in case you all might enjoy it as much here. I have a feeling you would. Seems nostalgic stuff from that period attracts a lot of people here...

So anyway, if, like me, you used to buy your tapes from Alighapoo, Roodaki, Nora, or Telesonic in those days, this mix will bring back a lot of memories. Otherwise, you just might want to enjoy or plain discover the stuff of yesteryears.

Razi Mix (September 21, 2011) by DizzyPuppy


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نازنین جان


خوشوقتم که خوشتان آمده!

Nazanin karvar


by Nazanin karvar on

مرسی... خیلی عالی بود(هست) 




Red Wine-e aziz

by Parham on

خیلی خوشحالم که از این کار لذت بردید.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

پرهام خان،کارِ بسیار جالبی‌ انجام دادید،این خلاقیتِ شما بسیار قابلِ تحسین است.

بسیاری از این ترانه‌ها بازگشایِ خاطراتی هستند که در گوشه یی از فکر،ذکر و قلبِ ما مخفی‌ بودند.دستتان درد نکند برایِ این امرِ خطیر.

با سپاس .



Glad you did!

by Parham on

And thanks for the message!


Enjoyed it very much. Very

by vildemose on

Enjoyed it very much. Very cool. 


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