Sex With Iranian Women


by Parham

We've all heard about Iranian men's shortcomings when in it comes to the sexual prelude and act. Though these are all generalizations and stereotypes and can't be applied to all, I wonder if Iranian women fare any better than men in the same area.

I just came across this blog where the author lists the no-nos of behavior in a sexual relationship for women. I personally think a lot of the items on the list are right on the spot, and some could specifically apply to Iranian women more than others.

I have translated the list for those who can't read Farsi (or Parsi, or Persian, or whatever!). Here it is:

Turn-offs for men:

1- Women who act like they don't like sex/love-making.
2- Women who never "start".
3- Women who don't know enough about the male body.
4- Women who leave the task of reaching sexual climax all to men.
5- Women who act like police in bed ("akh dardam gereft, aroom bash, lebasamo in towri dar nayar kharab mishe, ye zarre bia in taraf, injoori na, oonjoori na, are, na, to hichi nemifahmi...")
6- Women who just lay there and act like a corpse.
7- Women who talk too much in bed.
8- Women who don't take much care of their beauty and health (dirty long hair, hairy legs, smelly mouth, presence of mustache, smelly sweat, overdone hair, smelly intimate parts, fat belly, rough skin, a face covered with make up and cream and what have you, dirty nails, etc.)
9- Women who don't like their own looks and nag about themselves all the time.
10- Women who are too sensitive about their own looks.
11- Women who don't like to "receive".
12- Women who use their tongue too much while kissing.
13- Women who are too serious in general.
14- Women who are overly dependent on their men.
15- Superficial women.
16- Women who only care about a man's financial situation.
17- Women who use their body and/or sex to play with/tease men.
18- Women who talk about their ex(es) all the time.
19- Women who are not sexually self-inhibited.
20- Women who wear ugly underwear.

I wonder what the readers of think about this list. Do these items apply to Iranian women? Are Iranian women better than Iranian men when it comes to attracting the opposite sex or behaving the way they ought to in bed, or even more, in a relationship?

Please be sincere in your replies!


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Oh Oh about Iranian women and relationships ...

by Anonymouse on

I forgot, as far as having a relationship with Iranian women (outside Iran) well that I agree that it is more difficult.  In our time women were looking for doctors and engineers.  Now this second generation don't even look for Iranians in the beginning.  They usually get interested in Iranians after few breakups with non-Iranians and when they get interested their parents teach them about doctors and engineers, so back to square one.

Case and point Hajiagha.  He is the most experienced in this area among us and knows all too well about it.  Some of the 'older" Iranian women (mid 30s and above) depending on their careers or technical skills are looking for either someone as "successful" as themselves or more successful.  So it is harder for less successful Iranian men to find Iranian women of any kind, simply because there are not enough of them to go around.

In Iran it is a totally different story.  Men can get 4 legal wives plus as many temporary ones as they can afford, need I say more?!


add one more thing to ur list

by turned off (not verified) on

add one more thing to ur list. and this applies to men n women alike: speaking farsi/persian in bed. it just doesnt fit. i dont know, for me its a turn off.


parahm jon: I think you need

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

parahm jon: I think you need to be more selective in choosing your "sex" partner...It seems to me you see women as "sex" objects and not human long as that is your attitude, you will never enjoy true love/sex of a woman...sorry, if I sound harsh.


comfort will fix all

by Abarmard on

While mating, freedom and comfort are the most vital part of a good sexual experience :)



by Anonymouse on

Are you talking about something specifically applying to Iranian women in the list you outlined in your blog? If that is your question, my answer is no.  This list can apply to everyone.

If you're talking about something specifically applying to Iranian women as far as having sex, the only difference I see is we speak our mother tongue which is better and makes the sex better.  If you're thinking Iranian women are less playful in bedroom and don't enjoy sex as much, I don't agree.  It is like saying Asian men have small pencils and because of it women don't enjoy having sex with them.  Last I checked 1/4 of earth's population is Chinese!

So I don't see the differences as negative.  I see them as positive and something that is value added.  Now some men don't know how to enjoy sex themselves and blame the women.  As far as oral sex and other kinky stuff, again women like it too.  You just need to find the right time.  Being bitchy has nothing to do with nationality!


Could be!

by farokh2000 on

It could be that they apply to Iranian women more but to be honest with you, I don't have a lot of experience with Iranian women.

I only had a couple of girl friends in Iran before I came here and they were nice, with no turn offs, and I have not dated any Iranians in this country yet.


Good actresses!

by Kamangir on

In my opinion there're two types of behavior when it comes to Iranian women, regarding sex. Although I shouldn't generalize but in overall, the first group is the one that has sex with his boyfriend or someone (not a husband yet)  in this case the do know what to do and they know it all, usually. Then the second group is, actually the first women, now getting married or planning to stay with a male permanently, then they start acting like (aftab nadideh) that don't know anything about sex, that don't like it, that...thinking that the male will buy it.  Another issue is, Iranian women having relationship with non-Iranian males, they do act diferently because they tend to feel more comfortable, whereas with Iranian male, they'll always have this thing of 'not-behaving like a slut'.

In overall, I think Iranian women want it badly, just don't feel comfortable asking, but yet will comply quite wiilingly to your wildest dreams!


farokh2000 and Anonymouse

by Parham on

Sure, but don't you think some could apply specifically to Iranian women more than others?


This is true with most people

by farokh2000 on

Parham, I think this is a general list that could apply to anyone.

These would be turn off items no matter if you are a man or a woman and no matter your nationality. That is just my opinion, of course!

It is a good list though. I do agree with all items on it.


Sex is Sex

by Anonymouse on

Parham I think the hard part is getting someone to have sex with you.  After that sex is sex.  It is the same whether she is Iranian, American, Afghani, Swedish, Arab or Ajam.

Depending on the kind of woman you're talking to or looking for, the result in bedroom should be known or at least guessed.  If you go after a woman who has not much to say and is just interested to flirt to get more attention, chances are she doesn't know what to do in bedroom.  Sometimes the most innocent looking women end up being porn stars in bedroom and vice versa the blonde bimbo ends up being just a mattress.

I'd have taken out the "Iranian" part out of your blog's title.  Now you're going to get tons of responses from why Iranian and so on.  Although this is an Iranian website and we should talk about Iranians, so I don't know.  There are quirks which are customary to Iranians that only we understand but that shouldn't be a problem, just something to laugh about amongst ourselves. 

One more thing one of the items above talk about ugly underwear.  Well sexy underwear is not always a good thing.  As Bill Engvall would say, I believe there should be an application process for wearing a thong!