Sex With Iranian Women


by Parham

We've all heard about Iranian men's shortcomings when in it comes to the sexual prelude and act. Though these are all generalizations and stereotypes and can't be applied to all, I wonder if Iranian women fare any better than men in the same area.

I just came across this blog where the author lists the no-nos of behavior in a sexual relationship for women. I personally think a lot of the items on the list are right on the spot, and some could specifically apply to Iranian women more than others.

I have translated the list for those who can't read Farsi (or Parsi, or Persian, or whatever!). Here it is:

Turn-offs for men:

1- Women who act like they don't like sex/love-making.
2- Women who never "start".
3- Women who don't know enough about the male body.
4- Women who leave the task of reaching sexual climax all to men.
5- Women who act like police in bed ("akh dardam gereft, aroom bash, lebasamo in towri dar nayar kharab mishe, ye zarre bia in taraf, injoori na, oonjoori na, are, na, to hichi nemifahmi...")
6- Women who just lay there and act like a corpse.
7- Women who talk too much in bed.
8- Women who don't take much care of their beauty and health (dirty long hair, hairy legs, smelly mouth, presence of mustache, smelly sweat, overdone hair, smelly intimate parts, fat belly, rough skin, a face covered with make up and cream and what have you, dirty nails, etc.)
9- Women who don't like their own looks and nag about themselves all the time.
10- Women who are too sensitive about their own looks.
11- Women who don't like to "receive".
12- Women who use their tongue too much while kissing.
13- Women who are too serious in general.
14- Women who are overly dependent on their men.
15- Superficial women.
16- Women who only care about a man's financial situation.
17- Women who use their body and/or sex to play with/tease men.
18- Women who talk about their ex(es) all the time.
19- Women who are not sexually self-inhibited.
20- Women who wear ugly underwear.

I wonder what the readers of think about this list. Do these items apply to Iranian women? Are Iranian women better than Iranian men when it comes to attracting the opposite sex or behaving the way they ought to in bed, or even more, in a relationship?

Please be sincere in your replies!


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by SIMPLETRUTH (not verified) on

You know, forget about all the hangups both men and women have. I'm sure these hangups that parham mentioned, are rampant in all cultures. So, it should be a non issue.
What should be a topic of concern is whether either the man, but (especially the woman) are just looking for sex with a non Iranian man...and experience, until they are ready to get married to an Iranian man. That is what's going on. I speak from experience. I'm an Arab Guy who was involved with an Iranian woman and while we came close to having sex, she realized that i wanted more than just sex, which was not going to sit well with her family I'm sure. This is the travesty, this judgeing people..that keeps Iranians and even Arabs sexually frustrated and does nothing to solve any personal issues not to mention, changing with the times!
From what has been mentioned about Iranian men, I have no idea why Iranian women would ever want to marry or get serious with them. But they do, simply to preserve their roots i guess. What misery it must be. My suggestion is that people shed their inhibitions by having more sex and fun and less worry, and for women all keep open minds.


Opposite attracts... :0)

by Reza-San Diego (not verified) on

Well , we can go on and bash each other (Persian women & men) forever, but that's not a solution azzizan!!!

Sexxxy Tiiime on the other hand is.... :0)

Like many of you (or perhaps not), I have had my fair share of being with American and European women and Yes, I liiike, Verrry Muuch ........ It is simply called opposite attraction...... unknown territory which makes it so interesting and exciting.... We all have preferences, especially when it comes to sex !!! Iranian Men or Women are no exception! However, as a nation, we have been deprived of Sex for centuries because of the damn religion & we became very retarded in this Godly dimension... But it is NOT too late!!!

Please, find a Right partner, Woman or Man, Iranian or Not and have some serious SEXXXY TIIIME . Makes you and everyone else's life much more peaceful and enjoyable...

Peace & Sex (Love)


FACTS .....

by amirkabear4u on

In a society where nearly nothing is established properly you can not expect anymore. Sex is the most foundamental and basic human activity. It is not something that us Iranians talk freely therefore it is natural and correct to assume both sexs have short comings. Sex is like learning to ride a bike. The more you practice the better you become. But then both Iranian men and women do not pratice it. Those few who do have the chance they are just having it off. In other words they do not do it properly.

Kaveh Nouraee

Not just pride, but self-respect

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I took an interest in this thread, because it seems like sex is a taboo subject in our culture. (Not so taboo that there are 75-80 million of us worldwide, but those numbers are not the result of talking)

But I just read Ali's comment and must ask: Isn't it very low for a woman to be making comparisons of this sort? I mean, what does that say about her character, or self-respect? Frankly, to see American women talk about how many guys they've been with is no big deal, because very few, if any, American women have much in the way of self-respect to begin with.

I'm not suggesting that we keep topics related to sex under wraps or anything, but I'm curious as to what some of you may think.


What the hell is wrong with

by Ali (not verified) on

What the hell is wrong with you Iranian people trying so hard to hurt each other and each other down?!! And for all those Iranian women who say that "American" men are better than Iranian men, how many men have you slept with in your life? Where is your freaking pride?!!!!!


Leva, Let's talk about some of what you said

by Keivan (not verified) on

Some women say they are inexperienced, or even practically a virgin, but when they are in bed, they show that they have done quite a few things and have done them well. That's not so much a bad thing, but it is dishonest.

You want guys to shave/wax/trim, but it's shameful to ask a woman to shave? That doesn't make sense. Right now the fashion is little or no hair down there on women, anyway. If I saw a woman wearing very sexy lingerie, but with pubic hair and leg hair sticking out all over the place, that's a big turn-off. At least trim it short. I personally don't enjoy coughing up pubic hairs like a cat.

If I eat chelo kabab, I'm gonna wash my mouth, believe me. Not that I care about offending anyone else, I don't want to offend myself!!

If the the only thing a guy tells you is "suck bezan", you're with some pretty sorry guys. And personally, I like it when a woman shows me what she likes and what makes her feel good. It's a turn-on for me knowing that she's had orgasms because of what I've done.


Sex after cholo kabob.

by Anonymouse on

Leva what is true for men is also true for women.  If you want to have just sex and you choose few men, some of them, most of them are bound to end up being bad.  You choose your men wisely too.  If you go with a "cute" guy who is aggressive chances are you are going to regret it because he has been there done that.  You are just another lay.  So what do you expect?

And who did you have sex with after cholo kabob???! After a cholo kabob soltani with onions (and dough) all I want to do is be still.  No movement.  Last thing I want to do is have sex! Unless some woman insists to which I must oblige but boo joor ke bardee! Don't expect romance!  Just BO galore from everywhere!


Khodetuno rahaat konid

by n.zanincanadai on

Khodetuno rahaat konid baba

 Iranian men -> not good in bed

 Iranian women -> not good in bed

 PERFECT MATCH!!! Beham ye chizi yaad bedin. Agar ham na, do what I've done and dilute the gene pool with Europeans.

Ta Ta


Now, let’s talk about SOME of Iranian men

by Leva (not verified) on

Now, let’s talk about SOME of Iranian men,
1. they claim having the largest penis on the earth(even though it is M or S)
2. They want women know as much as Pamela Anderson in bed and about sex, but be a virgin. (Remember that joke of JLo’s body and Fatimah’s attitude?)
3. They never shave their private area.
4. They never wax or trim their chest and legs.
5. They eat garlic and onion, when they go out for date, especially in Iranian cholo-kabob place, take the date home and make love without washing their mouth!
6. They claim to give you the best fuck ever, but they don’t even know that women can have orgasm!
7. Related to 5, they don’t know anything about women’s body, orgasm, and sex desires!
8. all they know about sex talk is “ Suck Bezan”
9. When they kiss you, they want to eat your whole tongue!
10. They don’t know how to enjoy the real beauty of women’s body, so they want women shave their vagina! ( They don’t even understand what a shameful request is that)
11. They don’t know anything about asking for permission before sex. They think their partner is their sex worker.

And this is a list just for bed time; I can go far more for other part of life.


Iranian men are bad in bed

by She (not verified) on

Iranian men don't know first thing about sex and love-making. They are unable to please women sexually, period! Are you too bad in bed, Parham?


Haha, funny stuff most of it

by (not verified) on

Haha, funny stuff most of it however can apply to all women.

#5 though is dead on 100% Iranian woman trait, i've only seen it this severe in iranians and it's the same everywhere west or east, it so kills the moment.

#20 also soooo true, to the point it's funny, there's the grandma stuff and there's the trashy stuff, but the trashy stuff is so ugly often that it's not even sexy. This is weired because iranian women dress very well, sexy but not trashy, but when it comes to underwear, I just don't understand what happened.

Another thing you should add is, Iranian women like to plan sex too much, there not spontaneous about it, they need prior notice to be ready for it, no suprises. This also seems to be a trait you see mostly in Iranian women.


I was once married to one of

by SP (not verified) on

I was once married to one of those described by Iranian Nymph... he had spent 7 years of his life(15-21)in England.
We had many problems --let's just set that aside for the time being.
One day when we found out some women down the street had been raped(yes in Iran) by a burglar... the Ex's reaction was: "Poor man! How on earth can that man live with that woman anymore!!!?"
I felt like spitting in his face!

Not a word about the poor woman... not how is she? ... not anything... but the fact that the man cannot live with that "raped woman" (his wife) any more!
I do believe that was the beggining of the end of that marriage.
I'm not saying all Iranian men are that way, but I at least knew one of them!


Frankly, to marry an Iranian woman is a BIG

by Sibil (not verified) on

mistake. If you left Iran and living outside then marry one of them. 2 different cultures means more positive outcome.



by Souri on

I wanted to say something, but realized you just said all.

%100 right. No comment.


Iranian Nymph

by Parham on

So I guess a blow job would be out of question? :-)


Iranian Nymph: ROFL! too

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

Iranian Nymph: ROFL! too true!

Iranian men are in love with themselves, therefore, not very giving when it comes to sex...hahaha

P.S. I've heard the same exact sentiments from American women about Iranian ment too.


too big to fit in a comment

by delshodegan (not verified) on

i personally have experienced both iranian and none iranian partners..and finally got married to an iranian (not not that i specifically was looking for one)...
i have to say some items on the list are true... i also agree with the coment that iranian women are more comfortable with non iranian men. maybe IT IS a cultural an iranian man i wish there was a womens list too...
but good work...


Sex with Iranian Men

by Iranian Nymph (not verified) on

Darling and very cute Parham:

Iranian men

1. come way too quickly
2. don't ask you or care if you're coming
3. expect to receive oral sex, but
4. don't like to give oral sex
5. like you to act like a hooker in bed, but
6. once you do, they don't like you to be the girlfriend who could be their wife
7. they want to have sex with you and dump you, but
8. if you have sex with them and dump them, they will stalk you
9. have body odor galore and smelly, hairy genitals, but
10. dare to have an opinion and complain about everything physical about you (all of number 8 in your post)

I think Iranian men are lousy in bed and a complete turn off. American men offer many more orgasmic experiences to Iranian women; maybe because they are a lot more experienced with sex, or maybe because they have fewer hangups and inhibitions.

Good luck to all the women who insist on having a hairy, smelly Iranian lover. See, Iranian men have sex with you, dump you, and then write these kinds of posts about you. Why would Iranian women put up with it? Enough already! As cute as you look Parham Jan, you are just another selfish and self-centered Iranian man, nothing to write home about in bed, I'm sure.



by Anonymouse on

I don't know you but IF you or those who MAY be like you were raised outside Iran in USA or Europe by going to high school or college and then a career meet an Iranian woman in a concert or something, who is 30ish and was raised in Iran and just been outside Iran for 6 or 7 years, then you are from 2 very different cultures.

She doesn't know what the definition of the word "is" is.  You know what I mean?

You have to show more effort and can't expect that woman to jump in bed with you line, hook and sinker just because you have a career and have been in America for 30 years or something.  You have to work on what you have in common which is generally everything Iranian and work your way up.  Once you realize the differences and are willing to look beyond the myths, you can get in bed with her and realize she is NOT stuck up.  You have to communicate with her otherwise she WILL be stuck up.

So bottom line who do you think Iranian women sleep with?  Just like Iranian men they are equal opportunity employer. Actually more equal opportunity employer than men.  They employ more Iranian men than Iranian men do of Iranian women.  They employ both Iranians and non-Iranians in this area.  You just happen to miss the boat with these myths, while your fellow compatriots (as Reza Pahlavi would say) have already scored.


To Parham !!

by masoudA on

My good man - is that your photo ?   Looking for an Iranian lady eye ? 

Well - to respond to your good question - although you threw a couple of corveballs there at both Iranian men and women.  

Let me start by saying:  I think the west is generaly oversexed - almost obssessed with sex - to a point of taking the fun out of it.  

Also - let me say before sex is about penis and vaginas - it's about what goes on in one's head during sex and more importantly before the clothes came off !!! - but you don't get that do you ?  You consider yourself ready for sex when you have the right cologne on - don't you ? 

I do not mean to hurt your feelings - because like you I also live in the west and see how sex has been commecialized - how the fun is gradualy being taken out.   But not to worry, we are here to complete the job Italians could not quiet do.  

For now - I leave you with this:

The challenge is to combine love and sex - and love does not neccessarily mean long term relationship. 



Iranian women in america = suskimargi jendeh

by peterkhanzendran on

All I can say out here is that every Iranian woman I've met in america is more frigid, insincere, and stuck up than any american woman I've ever met.  They are an example of what is wrong with our civilization.


Dr Sex, I have some

by n.zanincanadai on

Dr Sex,

I have some problems with your medical analysis. Please stop contributing to the idea that Iranian men are promiscuous. Mostly, they aren't.

But when it comes to lying you are dead on!

Ehem, which Holiday inn? Off 405 before the Valley mountains? No one told me about it. It better not be a shaayee'eh.


Yes these days money goes both ways. That's why it's old to hear gold digger stories especially in relation to Iranian women. But still, 50 % of 350 000 is better than 15000$ from a lonely C++ programmer in Iowa. It's just reality. Love comes into play after the initial selection has been made. That's why you seldom see a financial advisor with a gas station guy.



Thank you.

by Feshangi on

I think the bedroom may accentuate the behaviors of both men and women. As they shed their inhibitions, they reveal more of their true selves.  So, a talkative or a bossy woman becomes more talkative and bossy, and an aggressive man becomes more aggressive.  




Problem has it roots in religion/culture

by Dr Sex (not verified) on

Sexual taboos are based on stupid religious and cultural beliefs. As long as sexual acts are freely acceptable to consenting adults, there should not be any issues. When 2 people either love each other &/or are sexually attracted to each other, sex is fantastic. When these ingredients are missing, sex is either mediocre or bad. Everything else is a function or subset of these 2 things.

Iranian women have to role play because 80% of Iranian men (Muslims, Jews, Bahais, Zorasterians etc) are hypocrite bastards; they fuck anything and anyone that comes their way, specially if their pipes haven't been cleaned in a few weeks, but want a virgin wife.

That is why 80% of Iranian women are liars when it comes to sexual issues. When you learn to lie about sex all the time, it creeps into other areas of life as well.

That is why for example in Los Angeles, Jewish guys feast on Muslim girls and Jewish girls give it up to Muslim guys as quickly as you can get a room at a Holiday Inn Express.


Nazanin the same applies to men too.

by Anonymouse on

Some men want a woman with $350,000 salary too, where are they?!  For these men they have to wait until the woman gets old enough so they can become a man-whore before they see any of that money.  And it's just play money not marriage (50/50 upon divorce) money!

Kaveh Nouraee

There are some that definitely apply to Iranian women

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Actually all of them apply, but #1-5, and #9-11 have dokhtar Irooni written all over it.

I can't help but think right now that somewhere in British Columbia, Hajiagha is reading this and about to have an aneurysm.


  1- Buik is

by n.zanincanadai on


1- Buik is bisexual

2- In defence of the gold digger, all women love money and comfort. Why not? Why go with someone that earns 35 000 when you could go with someone that earns 350 000? Come on guys!

3- All women cannot be Jenna Jamieson all the time. Reality check :)



Parham sorry no.

by Anonymouse on

I read the list again and all 20 items seem generic to me.  Even the financial ones or being too dependent (#14) is Iranian free.  Women's issues in general. 

You tell me which one is more Iranian to you?  You can wait if you want and see what other readers point to and at some point tell us what that Iranian woman told you.



by Parham on

Again, (please read carefully) don't you think some traits apply more to Iranian women in general?

I'll give you an example: I posted this elsewhere and an Iranian woman came right back and said "I think item numbers so and so apply to Iranian women."

Is that clearer now?



by biuk (not verified) on

after all, hole is hole.