Your questions for Faramarz Aslani

by Parham

This is the blog entry where you can ask your questions of Faramarz Aslani in the comments section. As I'm sure there will be a lot of questions, we'll have to let Mr. Aslani answer the ones he feels are not repetitive or don't more or less touch on the same topics.

So ask your questions below!



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by Parham on

Dear Dory, I haven't received any e-mail address from you, but if I do, I will certainly tell Mr. Aslani about your message.


Faramarz Aslani

by Dory (not verified) on

Dear Parham,
Please ask Faramarz to contact me on my email which I sent. Tell him that I know him from London and I was a friend of the Nikpour sisters. We used to sing alot together and I just wanted to touch base with him.
Thanx a million.


Re: Faramarz and Parham

by jamshid on

Thank you so much!


Answers for Jamshid

by Parham on

Douste gerami:

1- Khat-e-Sevom will be released in the spring of this year( ba Bahar az rah miresad).
2- A listing of my songs and albums can be found in the' Iranian' , as well as 'Guitarineh'. You can also ckeck .
3- Like many other modern musicians in Iran, I owe a debt of gratitude to Viguen, may he rest in peace, who introduced me to a new form.
Leonard Cohen has also inspired me.
4-I was born in Tehran.




Re: New Album

by jamshid on

I found this reply from Farmarz in response to Redwine inquiring about new albums:

"Albume Khat-eSevom ba Bahar az rah miresad..."

Dear Faramarz, could you please answer these questions?

1. Are Khate sevom and bahar az rah miresad new and already released?

2. Is there a complete list of your songs or albums? If yes, where can it be found?

3. In what city were you born?

4. Before yourself becoming a singer, did you have a favorite artist/singer?

Many thanks. Your work is unique and timeless, and they bring back many good memories. There have always been many clones out there among Iranian singers, but there will always be one Farmarz Aslani.


And more replies by Mr. Aslani

by Parham on

Majid Fri.7th

Majid jan, I have the translations somewhere. I shall find and post them.

Manesh. Fri.7th.

Unfortunately I do not have many such memories. I appeared on two of his TV shows and found him to be knowledgable and well-read.

Thanks for your input.
I must say that Ajda Pekan, and another modern Turkish singer have recorded Ageh Yeh Rouz. In Ajda's album: Dile Kolay(?) you can hear Ageh...called: Fikrit Sennet.
I have not conciously used any Turkish melodies in my songs. My music, however, has been used by Turkish singers.


Feraydoon Farrokhzad

by manesh on

How about a memory from Feraydoon, if you have any?

Bang Man

Mr. Aslani

by Bang Man on

First, I want to say I am a big fan of Mr. Aslani. He has brought a lot of joy to us
with his music.

Second, I am curious to know if Mr. Aslani did use old (Turkish) folk
melodies for some of his songs and where did he lean about those folk songs .



Another reply by F.A.

by Parham on


You are right. Rumi album 'Maashough Haminjast', was released three years ago.
I would love to re-do that album if someone pays for it! Joking aside, you can get its CD.



Is it possible?

by Majid on

My wife is very very interested in your music SIR, she asked me several times to translate the lyrics into English which I'm hesitant to do knowing that I'll slaughter your beautiful songs!

Is there anyway that YOU yourself come up with translation of some of the lyrics? and if it's already done where to find them?

Proud to be your fan, No roozetaan pirooz.




More replies from Faramarz Aslani

by Parham on

I just received these a few minutes ago:

I do remember that day very well. Janatti Ataii was there too if I am not mistaken.
We were shivering in London's famous cold.
Thanks for the memory.
Ageh yeh rooz..Was my very first written work. I was of the belief that a "Hit" song should be easy to remeber and hum to.
When I wrote music on eight of Hafez's poems( Beyade Hafez), I waned to re-introduce this great poet to the young people with a music which would not bore them. I am happy to hear that I succeeded.
My musical "background" at that time was merely my love of this art form.
I have never been trained, classically or otherwise. I was not a member of that "Club".
Unfortunately I have no news of Kambiz.
You can help by asking everybody not to copy or " burn" my upcoming album!
To me Music and Lyrics arrive together. Since every word of poetry has its own music, the artist should pay attention to this fact. Some musicians fail by not "hearing" the music of poetry.
I shall go to your site and check out your work.

Orang Gholikhani

what can we do ?

by Orang Gholikhani on

Dear Faramarz,

What can we do to help you doing more great song?

Of course poem is very present in your song but do you start with the poem or the music to make a song ?

I love peosie but not able to do any music (it should be an ear problem :-)). I feel a successful Poem bring natively a melodie with him.

Take  care. 

Ps: If you  can read my works and give me some advice, I'd be honored: //


Faramarz Khan

by ramintork on

Agha Chetori?

It was nice when we had you in our London community, do you still spend time here?

I think I still have the old pictures of when a group of 30 people or so all got locked-out outside the community centre, perhaps around Hammersmith.

It was a cold day and we were there for the Nourouz rehersals. You started singing to keep us entertained, It was perhaps 20 years ago.

In any case,

Doroodeh Faravan va Nourouzetan Pirooz.


One more thing Faramarz

by manesh on

What "ala ay ahooye' vahshi" did for people like me when we were young, when we listened only to rock&roll, was to make literature "cool" for us.  It's one thing to read a poem in a classroom, it's another to slow dance to it in a trendy discoteque.  I hope you realize that you made a contribution to our culture by rendering a classic poem in a style instantly recognizable to a westernized youth.

I remeber your song in this regard, I remember Simin Ghanem's rendition of some baba taher robai's, and I remember a Kambiz, one of your contemporaries on the scene at the time, who also sang a few Hafez and Khayyam poems in this style.  I loved them all. Do you happen to know whatever became of Kambiz and where he is now?


Dear Faramarz

by manesh on

Why is it that this particular song, age yeh rooz, has so many renditions on youtube?  My theory is that the lyrics are melodic and easy on the tongue.  The words are Persian words, and not heavy, compound "adabi" Arabic words (I have nothing against those either). Makes me proud of my Persian language.

1- there are those who utter Persian lyrics or poems better than others, more nearer to heart, more "khodemooni". you and googoosh come to mind again.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have our classic literature- starting with Divan Hafez,  just read by such people?  I feel we've been missing some value of these works by reading them "old-style".  People have to discover that you don't have to be an "adeeb"  to taste these delicious words.

2- What was your musical background at the time you recorded these songs in Iran?  How did your style develop? Were you part of the rock&roll crowd (cloop almaani)? Were you classicaly trained?  

Thank you for your attention and your contributions to our culture.    


First set of replies from Faramarz Aslani

by Parham on

I just received these and I'll post them as they come:

Red Wine: Albume Khat-eSevom ba Bahar az rah miresad. Inbar faghat hasht sal az albume pishin gozasht!
Dar zemn sharab ham pishnahade khoubist.

Dear Mertsi..
I have been performing live all over the US.
// has a comprehensive number of my songs.
I am working on a " Coffee-table" style book of my life and my songs and their connection.
Thanks for your interest.
Thanks to " no question, just....":
Dear friend, thank you for your kind words. I am overwhelmed by the responses I have received.


Faramarz Jaan

by Anonymous4now on

If I am not mistaken your last major work was a collaboration with Dariush and Raamesh on "Rumi". 

I have a suggestion; why not redo beh yaadeh hafiz?  I'll be the first to buy it since my old cassette is fading away.

Baa sepaas 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

اقاي اصلاني.چرا شما ديگر البوم جديد نمي دهيد؟

در ارزوي اين هستم كه در خدمت شما باشم وشما رايك جام شراب دعوت كرده و خوش خوشان اشعار زيباي حافظ را با صداي قشنگ شما بشنوم.



I am gonna go straight to

by mertsi1340 on

I am gonna go straight to the point:

- What have you been doing with yourself all these years?

- How can one obtain the actual notes and chords to your music. There are a few guitar tabs available on the Internet but they may not be the exact notes and chords as written by you.

If there is already such a book which has your approval I would be grateful if you give me it's name or ISBN. Otherwise if such a book does not exist I think you SHOULD seriously consider doing such a book and making sure that your great music is transfered to the newer generations who have not had the chance of enjoying your music performed by you.

My 12 year old son who plays the guitar (mainly heavy metal) is also fond of a few Iranian artists and in particular you. I try to play Iranian songs including your songs to him so that he becomes familiar with Iranian music using the tabs on the internet or some music sheets/books I have but it would be great if the books were done/approved by the original artist. Well what do you say to that?

I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness, I wish you success in your work and hopefully some day soon you will be able to perform for your people in a free Iran.

Shad bashi va eidet mobarak!




No Question

by IRANdokht on

Just a lot of admiration for your work and your character.

I have been a fan for over 30 years. It would be nice to see more (advertised) performances and hopefully more beautiful songs on a new album. The only times I have been able to come and see you on stage were when I heard about it through word-of-mouth. Maybe Parham can post them here in the future :-)

Wish you the best

Noroozetoon Pirooz