Traitor Pigeons of Natanz


Traitor Pigeons of Natanz
by Party Girl

Two birds have been arrested on espionage charges in Natanz, Iran. They are suspected of working for enemies of IRI. One of them was arrested near a golab (rose water) factory all the way in Kashan, according to the report in the Telegraph. How do you think these pigeons were interrogated? Do you think they have fessed up already? Were they cooperative? Or did they have to be tortured to confess? Will there be TV confessions of the two treasonous pigeons soon? (Can you just imagine it? "Kaftar Hay-e Khianatkaar, emshab dar shabakeh-2-e-Sima.")

What is their punishment, do you think? Will they go to Evin? Is there a special ward there for traitor (vatan foroosh) pigeons? Will they receive the death penalty? What is the edaam procedure for birds? Will they face a BB Gun squad? How old were these pigeons at the time of arrest, anyway? Should SCE be contacted about their cases? What should the petition to free them say: "Your Excellency, Mr. Shahroudi, Please let go of the rose water loving pigeons?"

All of this may sound funny to us until they catch "the owners" and "the trainers" of these birds, whom I am willing to bet are not birds, mind you. It's all really sad after that. Except that years from now, there might be the potential to make a movie about those guys, too, this one could be called "Parandeh-baz-e-Natanz." We'll have to ask Darius Kadivar whether this is viable.

Here's the report from The Telegraph.  And here's the story:

Iran arrests pigeons 'spying' on nuclear site

Iranian security forces have arrested two suspected 'spy pigeons' near the Natanz nuclear facility.

One of the pigeons was caught near a rose water production plant in the city of Kashan in Isfahan province, the Etemad Melli newspaper reported. It said that some metal rings and "invisible" strings were attached to the bird, suggesting that it might have been somehow communicating what it had seen with the equipment it was carrying

"Early this month, a black pigeon was caught bearing a blue-coated metal ring, with invisible strings," a source told the newspaper.

The source gave no further description of the pigeons, nor what their fate might be.

Natanz is home to Iran's heavily-bunkered underground uranium enrichment plant, which is also not far from Kashan.

The activity at Iran's controversial uranium enrichment facility is the focus ofIran's five-year standoff with the West, which fears it aims to develop nuclear weapons. The Tehran government insists its programme is intended to generatepower for civilian use only.

Last year,Iran issued a formal protest over the use of espionage by the United States toproduce a key intelligence report on the country's controversial nuclear programme.

It is also highly suspicious of Israel, whose extensive intelligence activities are not known to include the use of pigeons.


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ebi amirhosseini

desi Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

The odds are:

one in a ?????



Ebi, that was awesome...very

by desi on


that was awesome...very funny.  What are the odds? 

ebi amirhosseini

Samsam Jaan!!

by ebi amirhosseini on


Party Girl

Dear Jaleho

by Party Girl on

Thanks for your reply.  No hard feelings.  No matter how much we may disagree, I would not only never object to your or anybody else's visiting this site, I am happy that you do.  

We all love Iran, that is what we have in common.  What we don't have in common, our often different viewpoints, is what makes this medium the diverse and colorful place that it is.  What fun would all of this colorful space be without other readers who would share their differing and opposing thoughts?  What fun would it be to write and contribute to this medium if it weren't for the reactions of others, whether gleeful, passionate, or angry?  What fun would it be to be alone?  No fun at all!  Well, it won't be a party, to be sure!

It's all good my friend.  Thank you.


Ommatist Maddona

by samsam1111 on

Ahhh...Every time, I become cheery, in the hope that the world has run outa Idiots , I come to this site & find out , the inventory is still full, thx in large to hajieh Madonna. I ignored , the self-proclaimed Joan of Arc of Qadesiyeh regime & her insulting comments on Me (bacheh tehroon), my half Bakhtiaris ancestors & Lurs being all wife beaters, (imagine that for self/appointed champion of Muslim ommah of Iran). But can't stop laughing looking at how she is trying to weasel herself out of her dilema, when challenged by PGirl . How do u say that in Arabic? Safsateh? ..Mullah style ..Those Pigeons probably have more brain mass than some of our expatriots , hooked & high on Press TV propaganda . Gote cut down visiting this site, since idiocy , might be contagious.


Oil Money's Magical Powers!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

So, all the non-leasable Iranians are self-disrepecting and traitors!

That's really interesting coming from a person who has rented herslef out to the brutal regime in Tehran!


Dear Paty Girl

by Jaleho on

Dear Party girl,

By "self-disrespecting Iranians again" I was in fact referring to all the commentators prior to my post in your blog, and they understood it since we had the discussion with the same group earlier. Here's the background for you:


"Self-disrespecting Iranians gotta
by Jaleho on Fri Oct 17, 2008 07:18 PM CDT

make fun of all achievements of Iranian people, despite all the sanctions, international bullying, threats of nuclear attack and war which is meant to lower rate of security of any investment in Iran.

Yet, TSE did go up 20% in a year that the rest of the major world indeces is in red, anywhere from 30% here to 60% , and Hajminator is making fresh platitudes because he doesn't like the Farsi language of the economic data he's reading. ....."

Now, I appreciate your taking time and effort to lecture me on manners, respecting others and "solook" in not putting people down with arrogance. But, I'm sorry, you're putting the issue completely on its head! You say "I respect almost all Iranians whether they live inside or outside of Iran." That is not true. In fact, I am mad at regulars of this website since these are exactly the manners they lack when it comes to Iranians inside Iran. You look down and make fun of whatever Iranians do just like some arrogant westerners look down at anything which is "Islamic" or "Eastern". Most Iranians who have access to this site say the same thing, and the same about what they call "Tehrangeles" Iranians.

You say: " Your reasoning that these pigeons are used to "safeguard Iran's nuclear achievements and possibly lives of thousands of Iranians near Natanz facility" is one of the most ridiculous and unpatriotic things I have ever heard!" 

You are trigger happy to ridicule without even paying due attention to what one says or what the news is! Did I say pigeons safeguard anything?!!

Here's what I said:

"Making fun of clever and vigilant Iranians who are safeguarding Natanz, Iran's nuclear achievements and possibly lives of thousands of Iranians near Natanz facility!"

The secrets of Natnaz nuclear site has already leaked out by spies, many already known to be the former Mujaheds but not all known means. Capture of spy pigeons who could have revealed secrets of the site to an enemy who might be interested in dropping some bunker busters on the site is not so funny as it seem to you! I provided the examples on how animals have been used, including Dolphins recently in Persian Gulf to make you pay attention rather than reflexive laughter at anything that comes out of Iran. Alas!

The hatred of people here of Iran's regime, and some sour grapes who had some position in Shah's time and now are bitter about having lost it, has populated this site with people who in the most arrogant, ugly and disrespectful manner make fun of any Iranian achievement just because it is done under IRI.

Why bother to even visit such a site that I have little respect for parts of it?

First, I have respect for many other aspects of it, despite occasional censors, the site mangers do try to keep a certain presentation of opposing ideas and that has kept the vibrancy of the site.

Secondly, there are some purely non political stuff, giving a forum to many artists, poets, and decent writers. There are also good number of diverse readers who do a good search and present news, video clips (like the good ones you yourself provide often) and relevant info all ready in one short review of the site.

Finally, there are a lot of foreign people who definitely are interested to know the temperature of Iranians inside and maybe collaborators outside and they would find this site a valuable source. I would like them to know very much that the Iranians of this site are not the representatives of Iranians at large. In fact, they are a tiny minority who are disconnected enough from most Iranians inside, as their lack of respect from anything that comes out of Iran indicates.

Asghar Taragheh

Pigeons & Jaleho.....

by Asghar Taragheh on

True IRI heroes who will lead us to our proud nuclear power, great IRI weapon systems and succefull IRI youth that have accomplished so much under constant western sanctions and pressure for the past 30 years. Give us a break Jaleho. Give us a break.

ebi amirhosseini

In honor of our....

by ebi amirhosseini on

arrested & fallen pigeons:


And one more thing

by Majid on

It was in the news just a few minutes ago...........

The west is training some dolphins and sea lions to WALK from oceans all the way to Natanz to gather some informations!

Thank God for who IRAN's enemies are.......LOL

ps. Could you guys post more comments here please?...I think I can divorce Comedy channel......LOL 

Party Girl

Dear Jaleho

by Party Girl on

Are you addressing me when you say "Self-disrespecting Iranian expats?"

I not only respect myself, I respect almost all Iranians whether they live inside or outside of Iran.  I respect you, too, even though you clearly don't respect me.

In your fervor to be contrary and to have the last word on everything, you often sound so angry and disrespectful yourself.  Honestly, your defense for IRI's at best questionable nuclear "achievements" leaves a lot to be desired for respect for other people's intelligence.  Your reasoning that these pigeons' capturers "safeguard Iran's nuclear achievements and possibly lives of thousands of Iranians near Natanz facility" is one of the most ridiculous and unpatriotic things I have ever heard!  Come on, you could do better than that!  

Who is endangering the lives of thousands of Iranians near Natanz facility?  Who has systematically planned and implemented human shields around all Iranian nuclear facilities through encouragement of construction development around areas inherently dangerous to populate, in order to increase the costs of a possible attack on those facilities?  Who has cared nothing about those lives, treating them as disposable for the good of the cause?  The IRI has, that's who.  Nowhere in the world are nuclear plants operated in densely populated areas.  Even if there are no attacks on those facilities, the risk of a malfunction causing human catastrophes is so great, no prudent government would ever attempt it, unless they cared NOTHING about human lives or if those very lives were used as "insurance."  

And after taking such reckless risks with those people's lives, the IRI looks to capture and neutralize PIGEONS?!!  This is the extent of their caring for those lives?!!  This is the embodiment of their vigilance?  And this isnot only acceptable, but commendable by you?  This satisfies you?  Oh My God!  That is really lame, Jaleho! 

You may read a lot, Jaleho, and you may know a lot, but no amount of knowledge and reading can ever justify arrogance of the caliber you dish out to others in encouraging them to "educate" themselves.

May I suggest that you learn and educate yourself on some basic manners, then?  Have you ever heard of the word "solook?"  Do you know that in order to be a member of any community and to be respected, you need to show goodwill and respect towards other members of that community?  There is absolutely nothing wrong in disagreeing with others.  You say your piece and others would say theirs, too.  But to use language which is disrespectful of and insulting to others cannot possibly achieve "education" for them, can it?  You need to learn some solook my friend.

My father taught me an important lesson in life.  He taught me that a thousand friends are too few and even one enemy is too many.  You are an obviously educated, intelligent, well-read, and interesting Iranian.  I am convinced if you only improve your human interfaces a little, you will be dynamite!  Best of luck to you.

ebi amirhosseini

Majid jaan, don't waste another ...

by ebi amirhosseini on

Bebakhsh een khanom/aaghaa J.a.l.e.h.o. badbakhto ! have pity on him/her, she is trying to guide all of us kaafers towards the path of righteousness.




what are you trying to prove dear? The fact that you are a Hezbollahi/Toudehi Iranian ex-pat & we are not!ok,I for one heard you loud & clear,dast az sare kachale maa vardaar.Baabaa khare maa az koregi dom nadaasht!.


Experts needed in IRI

by Majid on

I'm sure you have a guaranteed job to interrogate the pigeons, squirreles, dolphins and sea lions when your mission is accomplished here on !

That's when your pay check from IRI bounces! " you're no more needed there, come back home"....LOL 


Majid---- marg bar kabootar va sanjab

by Jaleho on

You forgot marg bar dolphin va marg bar sea lions :-)



You're killing me dude...LOL

by Majid on

No one

by XerXes (not verified) on Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:52 PM CDT

Can come and spy in Iran and get away with it. Note to all Israelis here, including the ones with Iranian name

How about an "Abolfazl" who calls himself  XERXES ??

EVOLVE my friend, and I'm not saying it lightly.....EVOLVE !


و لعلکم تتقون


American Wife


by American Wife on

Oh, you... you.... BIRD LOVER.  You unlearned BIRD LOVER!  You traitor.... you dictator!  Don't you KNOW.  The innocent IRI are just developing nuclear energy.  You silly girl.  There is no attempt at developing a nuclear weapon!  Haven't you been listening to your president?  Jeez.... next thing you know you're going to try and convince people that the mullahs are suppressing the people of Iran! 

Thank God the owner and trainer has been identified.  This "brain washed youth" is actually an American spy.  Listen!  He doesn't even deny his love for his spy pigeon. 



Marg bar kabootar, marg bar sanjaab...allah o akbar

by Majid on

I remember about 28 years ago there was this article in "Daanestani haa" magazine in Iran that satellite capabilities these days are so accurate that " the news paper in the trash can in front of your house could be read if NEEDED " !  and that was 28 years ago!

Go to google map and google earth today and find out for yourself.

Now 2 questions:

1) Are you telling me with all these new technology today, still they can't find a 6'-2" man in Afghanistan after 7 years?

2) people who had these technologies for all these years are going backwards using "Pigeons" ? 

In conclusion.........We're dealing with governments which  think everyone in the world is as dumb and as k**s khol as they themselves are! 

These bull craps are exclusively for domestic consumptions! 


No need for pigeon, when.....

by aaj sr (not verified) on

There is no need for pigeon to spy when there are high tech/smart cameras mounted on satellite or on pilot-less planes, similar to those that are used to spot/discover other planets where you can spot a needle in Moon or in Mars with 100% accuracy.

Anonymous Observer

Dear Jale-[IRI's]-Ho

by Anonymous Observer on

You are absolutely right...actually, these were "Zionist" pigeons!  You can recognize them by their distinct song....instead of cooing, they sing Hava Nagila. 


Persia is Eternal.


This madar bozorg is

by desi on

This madar bozorg is actually Iranian counter intelligence.


PS Jaleho:  You're very well versed in animals that spy.  Now you've got me worried about my lab.  I think chewing on his tail might be code for something.  I must do a background check.


‫آدم گیر بیفته، ولی گیره حزب اللهی نیفته

GuirKardam (not verified)

بچه جان اگر بخوایم برات هلاجی کنیم معانیه اصلی این حرفهایه ضدآخوندی چیه و نه فقط اون خواندن سطحی مطالب − یک عمر لازمه. تنها راهه نجاتت فکر صحیح کردن و تعمق رو مسائله. از همه این نکات گذشته، تو حزب الهی رو سایتی که ۱۰۰٪ افراد مخالفه این آخوندان چیکار میکنی، مگر مازوشیسم داری عزیزم؟


Self-disrespecting Iranian expats again!!

by Jaleho on

Making fun of clever and vigilant Iranians who are safegaurding Natanz, Iran's nuclear achievements and possibly lives of thousands of Iranians near Natanz facility! Reminds one of how they used to make fun of "brainwashed" youth who'd go defend Iran's borders with the promise of a "plastic key to heaven" and  few "virgin".

Ms. Irandokht seems to be worried about the life of the pigeon now more than people in Natanz, Oh.... the brutality to animals by these unwashed Islamic brutes! How could they prove that the metal ring is not identification? Yeah right, people who caught it are all dumb, and you ms. are smart! Can't you look at the picture at least before making unlearned remarks?!!

Frankly, a lot of their making fun of whatever goes in Iran is a reflection of ignorance of one subject or the other. In this case, the group seems to be totally unaware of the widespread and well known military and spying use of pigeons.

Educate yourselves a bit before continuing with your platitudes. Here's a bit from militaryhistory.suite101 :


The U.S. Army used specially trained homing pigeons to carry
messages during WWI and WWII. They were considered an undetectable
method of communication.
Fort Monmouth, New Jersey was the home of the
U.S. Army Pigeon Breeding and Training Center from 1917 until 1957. A
small capsule would be placed around the leg of the pigeon and a paper
message was put into the capsule. The bird would be released to fly to
its home loft with the message.

Pigeons have been known to fly hundreds of miles in a day with a
mile a minute being the average speed. Military historians claim that
over 90% of all messages sent by the US Army using pigeons were
received. Pigeons were also used to carry maps, photographs and
The birds are credited with saving thousands of lives. The U.S.
Army discontinued using pigeons as message carriers in 1957 due to more
modern and faster transmission methods.

British Army

During World War I the British Army had a unit called the Carrier
Pigeon Service (CPS) which was led by Lt. Col. A.H. Osman. Carrier
pigeons were used by the Brits during the Second Battle of Ypres in May
of 1915. The Carrier-Pigeon Service was only used when telegraph and
telephone communications failed and was soon overtaken by the
development of Wireless Telegraphy (i.e. Radio), further limiting their
usage; hence, they were only used for emergency or espionage purposes.
The avian unit saw further success at the Battle of the Somme and at
Verdun, often against screens of poisonous gas and heavy shelling from
the opposition.

During the D-Day invasion of World War II, many soldiers were sent
with a pigeon beneath their coats. This was a period of radio silence,
so the use of pigeons for relaying messages was optimal. The pigeons
were able to send back information on German gun positions on the
Normandy beaches. Thirty-two pigeons were awarded the prestigious
Dickin medal, Britiain's highest award for animal valor. Recipients
included a bird named "G.I. Joe," who flew 20 miles in 20 minutes with
a message that stopped U.S. planes from bombing an Italian town that
was occupied by British forces."


I guess if pigeons get medals for their espinage efforts, they might as well get arrested if they fail, no?



No one

by XerXes (not verified) on

Can come and spy in Iran and get away with it. Note to all Israelis here, including the ones with Iranian name


گر حکم شود که مست گیرند....



نزدیک سی‌ سال ست که یه مشت شپش و موریانه  تو ایران دست به یه مشت  کار‌های خرابکاری زده ند، اونا رو کی‌ دستگیر میکنند؟



Woaw that's the funniest story I've heard today

by Hajminator on


Yeah, what could be the puishment in this case?


Jailer: Tell for whom you're working or we'll make the pigeon meat hallal and vajeb to be eaten 3 times a day in Iran. 


ebi amirhosseini

Party Girl aziz !

by ebi amirhosseini on

Har dam az een baagh bari miresad, Taazeh tar az taazehi miresad!Last year they claimed that they have arrested( at borders of Iran & Iraq) SQUIRRELS on charges of espionage for American forces in Iraq (true,no kidding),now pigions! I bet next bunch of spies would be Hamsters!!



A stool peagon

by Iva (not verified) on

must of have ratted on them!


second time

by MRX1 (not verified) on

First time the regime chopped the trees that were working with the zionists to overthrough IRI. This time zionists used Pigeons. Quite possible next time they will use donkey's to spy, in which case we shall see donkey's being hanged by the regime in public squares.


ok I have to ask...

by IRANdokht on

a metal ring??  

is that the new spying device? does it take pictures? does it send signals and videos? or is it just a metal ring that could have been used for identification or as a tag?

I feel for the birds owners/trainers. I hope they clip the rings off the rest of their birds!!!  

it just occured to me: only in Iran a pigeon would have an owner and a trainer LOL