The song I lost my Virginity to

by pas-e-pardeh

To this song, Nooshin and I locked lips 36 years ago in an underground Tehran discoteque .. and took off on our [everlasting] FIVE month sensual journey together. I was 18 ... She was 1å7. 1974.

I had known about Persian literature and Hafez before, but in polite assembly only. I had known about Western music and the 60's culture, but only from a distant.

to hear this beautiful stanza set to "Barry White" sensual music, in a dungeon, at 18, in my Tehran, with a angelic figure in my arms, sent me off the path of prudence. I lost my virginity to love.


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you asked what happened to Soraya Sepahpour


Here she is:

// (organization is independent of stanford)

Here is the latest poison from Mrs. Sepahpour where she completely lies
about Iranians protesting against Jimmy Carter during a book signing.
Shame on Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich for distorting the truth. Mr. Carter
threw the book at the Iranians and iranians reacted with disgust. These
are Iranians whose children, husbands, wives, and family have been
murdered, tortured, raped, beaten by the Islamic Republic which Jimmy
Carter helped establish. This woman condemns them. i hope she
experiences a similar fate soon.


Demonstrations Against Jimmy Carter in
Los Angeles by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Soraya Sepahpour writes on this website://

I believe that it is important for the Americans (and other nationals) to become acquainted with the Iranian Monarchists.

Enamored with the ancient regime, they blame Jimmy Carter for the
revolution in Iran. The following is their reaction to Jimmy Carter's
book signing in Los Angeles on 25 October.

Some highlights of the video (said in Persian, the English needs no explanation):

Minute 2:00 - a woman insults (in her mind) by calling Carter a "dog".
(this is for clarification in case some did not get the accent).

Minute 3:25 - A woman dressed in blue/green and a black hat, says:
"laanat bar pedarate, pedar sag, namard, Khomeini rid be Iran,
enshallah bachehat beran zeere masheen'. May your father be cursed,
your father is a dog, you are not a man, Khomeini destroyed Iran
[literally translates into Khomeini shat all over Iran--more culturally
compatible so say Khomeini fxxx-up Iran], Enshallah (Allah
willing--note the cultural dependence on Islam/Allah!) your children
get run over by a car.

Minute 9:05 - a woman says "We are here to welcome Ayatollah Carter
and ask him how can he permit himself [literal, more accurate would be
how dare he] to come to the corner where the largest Iranian community
lives".... She continues to say that she is disappointed that more
people are not there--but they are the "Facebook" crowd.


Carter's books is torn by various people and thrown all over the place. They are obliged to clean up.

It is worthwhile mentioning a couple of things.

Please note that as I have stated on previous occasions about the
elections, the "Green Movement" has been hijacked. Note the green
wristband and Neda's picture and the general use of color green in the

Also note the Ahura Mazda necklaces in the crowd. Since Islam
replaced (for the most part) Zoroastrian in Persia, is there a
conscious effort to fight Islam with Zoroastrian ideology?

JE comments:  I watched the first four minutes of the video, which
gives a good idea of the vehemence of the small but vocal crowd.  I
never knew that any group could despise the gentle elder statesman
Jimmy Carter with such zeal.  What, I wonder, would they have had
Carter do differently vis à vis the Iranian revolution?

I bet Pres. Carter wishes he had picked a different Border's.


How much did she receive to write this bull crap? Why is this b#$#$
living in luxury in the united states and jetting back and forth? WHile
iranian people suffer.





by Doctor mohandes on

Ohhh...dude. Sorry.

I can only tell You how you can make Dingy doodle happy. You are on own there (in getting the 72 back) tough break there pal:)



Dear Farah

by pas-e-pardeh on

Of course I lost it to love (not lust).  This was special: when me, Noochin, Hafez, Barry White and Kambiz came together is that disco on a late afternoon about 4:30 PM, it was magic.  Don't cheapen it.  It still stands out after 36 years.  Can't be trite.

Bus Shofer

To Ashraf Chahr Cheshm (4-eyed Ashraf)...!

by Bus Shofer on

I lost it, in Shahr'e no in 1969! If my memory serves me well, the background music was by Javad Yasari or maybe Davood Maghami!


Doctor Mohandes

by Faramarz on

Please tell me how I can get my 72 virgins back! They didn't seem very happy with me.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Tehran, isn't that movie about over 40 virgins the best?

by Anahid Hojjati on

Tehran aziz, (that felt great to write), That one is a fun movie. I have seen it once but from time to time when I turn on TV and it is being played, I get to see parts of it again and it is always fun.

Farah Rusta

You can't lose your virginity to love!

by Farah Rusta on

You lose it to lust :) 



disappointment after disappointment...

by Tehran on

Today it has been disappointment after disappointment for me,,,first I was reminded that I never went to a disco in Tehran when I read this & all the juicy comments there: 


Then it was this post with song that apparently is THE SONG
to lose your God given gift of virginity(Ummm) which I have never heard of  before. 

I have never heard this song but this is not the kind of
music I listen to for any kind of activity…whether it is ,,,Ok,,, nuff

Dear Anahid, I am totally with you on that one, when losing your
virginity (given you are under 40 at the time) you don’t need to listen to any music just loosen up & let the rhythm take you away….nuff said…..

Oh,  if you are over 40, there is a movie about ppl like you watch that one for instructions.


I lost my virginty

by Parthianshot91 on

In the movie theater, lovely right?


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


your blog inspired me today : )

by Monda on



by Majid on


این اجرای اصلی «علم عشق» با صدای کامبیز نیست ولی خیلی خاطره انگیز بود، ممنون


Can't find it On youtube

by Doctor mohandes on

BUt i Almost lost mine

To the : Ay yara yara yara... YArom kale pa mira... song.

Yeah... Unfortunately the Volume was too loud and could not quite finish the trasaction...did not make the deposit...

I shall try again and again and again and again and again...




by Doctor mohandes on

You know you can get it back right>?

Wanna know how?...



Anahid Hojjati

Faramarz, you get the award for the best comment of the day

by Anahid Hojjati on

A minute ago, I read Souri's comment on Sorkhpoost bazi to you and i thought that was best comment of the day but this one, this is very funny. We are sorry about your loss too.


Sorry about Your Loss!

by Faramarz on

Pas-e-pardeh Jaan,

It happens to everyone, but we need to learn to accept the loss!

Here is my favorite BW song. The best Valentine tune ever!



Anahid Hojjati

why was any music even needed?

by Anahid Hojjati on

It seems me to me that music might be needed for sex when you are older.When you lose your virginity, you would think people are in so much passion, making their own music not needing others' music. I do not remember the music since there was none. No need for it.

Sargord Pirouz

For me it was Neil Young's

by Sargord Pirouz on

For me it was Neil Young's Heart of Gold, of all things. Still, good memories.

Dirty Angel

Thanks for the introduction to this song

by Dirty Angel on

Did you have to rewind the tape a lot and worry about it jamming?

"What's three times worse than war?" "Three wars?"


hadn't heard this in ages! Merci!

by Monda on

brings back slow dances and kisses ...