An Attack On All Iranian Americans


An Attack On All Iranian Americans
by Peter Kohanloo

On Monday, my friend and occasional co-author Sohrab Ahmari published an incisive review of A Single Roll of the Dice, a new book by the National Iranian American Council’s Trita Parsi, in The Wall Street Journal. Ahmari’s critique was entirely substantive in nature, taking Parsi to task for blaming everyone but the Iranian regime for the failure of President Obama’s “engagement” policy. Ahmari’s bottom line: “Mr. Obama's engagement policy failed not because of Israeli connivance or because the administration did not try hard enough. The policy failed because the Iranian regime, when confronted by its own people or by outsiders, has only one way of responding: with a truncheon.”

Rather than respond to these substantive claims in a civil manner, however, Parsi’s NIAC colleague and research director Reza Marashi immediately took to Twitter to denounce Ahmari as an “MEK terror cult supporter.” “MEK” refers to Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, a violent Marxist cult that helped bring about the downfall of the Shah—only to have its members executed en masse by the Khomeinist regime after the revolution.

This was a shameful smear on Marashi’s part. In fact, Ahmari had twice attacked the MEK in previously published articles. In an August 2011 piece published on the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty website, Ahmari had written that the MEK is “a bizarre, Islamo-Marxist cult with a long record of gruesome terrorist attacks against civilian targets and little support among Iran’s young democrats.” And in a December 2011 article in Tablet magazine, Ahmari described the organization as an “Islamo-Marxist cult that helped the regime come to power.” Not exactly what one would expect from an MEK shill.

Regrettably, Marashi has thus far refused to retract his libelous statement or apologize to Ahmari. But this comes as no surprise, for Marashi’s intemperate rhetoric is merely a symptom of a nasty political culture inside NIAC. For years, NIAC has vilified those who dare challenge their false narrative of US-Iran relations as part of an unholy alliance of Zionists, Persian monarchists, and MEK cultists—a myth more suitable for an audience attending Friday prayers at Tehran University than for savvy Iranian-Americans who seek creative and practicable ways of effecting democratic change inside Iran.

Such attacks insult the entire Iranian American community. Instead of inspiring and leading its purported constituents toward the common goal of ending theocratic tyranny, NIAC attempts to stifle debate within the community and smear critics.

Peter Kohanloo is a Boston-based Iranian American activist. His writing has previously appeared in The Weekly Standard, the National Post, and Foreign Policy Digest, among other publications.


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Masoud Kazemzadeh

Reza Marashi on Sohrab Ahmari

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


Reza Marashi Neocon terror cult supporter reviews 's new book for . Surprisingly, he didn't like it: 23 Jan via web

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Do I trust

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I do not trust anyone with a gun to their head. Remove the gun; then come back :-)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Abarmard Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I tried really hard to see the good in NIAC. But it happens that it has sided with the wrong people. I do not have hatred of venom. Just that Parsi is putting his work in the wrong place. He should be working to help Iranian Americans. However he has chosen to defend the Islamic Republic. Worse he is picking a no win fight with AIPAC. While this may please radicals it does not help Iran.

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

History shall never forget T.P. and his lot

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Never seen so much anger and vile targeted to a single person, organization than T.P. and his fiefdom, NIAC!

He must rank up there with the worst of them as his intellectual dishonesty is simply an affront to Iranians the world over and treasonous to a nationality he has allegiance to.

Having read much of the venom sent his way, I think I have figured out what irks everyone so much about this non-Iranian-American claiming to represent and speak on behalf of ALL Iranian-Americans.  

TP and his shell organization have for a long-while managed to hoodwink a significant group of ignorant (on Iran) 'policy makers' in Washington by effectively guising a pro-regime disposition as nuanced and worse: representing that of the vast majority of Iranian-Ameicans.

Today, the vast majority of the exiled Iranians have come to learn of the destructive role (more like betrayal) the likes of T.P. and NIAC played in the aftermath of the Ahmadinejad 'selection' fiasco.  

The Obama administration, at the time just in its infancy conveniently abrogated the American mandate ("to stand up for liberty whenever and wherever") by embracing the postion pushed by T.P. and his cohorts that anything short of cowardly silence would be 'interference in the internal affairs' of the Holy I.R., shamelessly labling the rebellion of Iranian masses as a simple 'family quarrel!!!'

Mud-slinging, charachter assasination and covert undermining of any one who challenges its view is a long-standing well known tactic and policy tool of the I.R. which is simply mastered by the likes of T.P., and NIAC in the US today.

But, shahnameh akharash khosh ast!  

Time has cought up with them as their masters are on the wrong side of history.  What will T.P. do, one wonders, when the regime falls.  Will he go back to sweden? Or will he dig a hole and crawl in it? 

Wherever he goes or whatever he does, it is for sure that history shall never, ever, forget his and his cohort's betrayal of the woman, children and men of Iran at their most volnurable moment.  


Abarmard's questions

by Siavash300 on

You don't trust people of Iran taking care of business and think democracy will come? What's democracy again? Rule of a few chosen ones over the rest of dahaatis? You think you are that much higher than Iranians? Have you ever even bothered to find or ask if Iranians do want more sanctions?

Personally I don't trust judgement of Iranian people taking care of business after I witnessed what they did in 1979. They thought stinky mullahs, who can't even take care of their body odor, will change Iran to paradise. Very poor judgement.

Yes, rule of few chosen ones who are educated over dahaatis can lead the nation toward prosperity. What is wrong with that? shah policy was to send youths to the western countries to get educated and return to Iran and built the country. Even Reza Khan encouraged students to get educated. His dream of youths to go to France and get education and return to Iran and built the country. Even mullahs know about it  because they show it in state control T.V many movies about ideas of Reza Khan these days.  That was the reason we progressed and modernized our country. We were not constantly under fear of attack by any foreign power. We were well respected around the world and the price of our oil was the highest in the history of O.P.E.C because of our shah smart leadership. (almost $40 per barrell).

Cuba is way different story. Comparing Iran with Cuba is like comparing apple with orange. It doesn't fly. Cuba was backed by USSR and strong ideology of Marxist Leninst which it's followers around the world believed it was a way of getting into utopia of equality and prosperity and getting international support verus the pillar of Islamic idea is from 1400 years ago by bare feet arab desert. The idea that stone people to death in public and lash them like an animal. Even Arab nations don't support these monsters who took over Iran.

The naked truth is war is inevitalbe. It is coming very soon. Yes, we don't want that happen nor do we want our people suffer. At the same time, we don't want mullahs. These are facts. U.S doesn't want the war. Mullahs want it in order to stay in power longer. Islamization of the whole world was the ambitious of mullahs since day one they took power. Exporting Islamic revolution was their agenda from day one. It was cystal clear that Sooner or later they had to have confrontation with modern world. They could imposed barbaric idea of arabs to poor innocent Iranian people but they would never be able to do so with westerners. It was crystal clear that sooner or later they had to fight with modern world in order to survive. No one prescribe democracy for any nation. Mullahs are destroying themselves from the within.

General Franco (1940) after 4 years bloody civil war walked into the Spain over the ruin of Barcelona and re-built his country. History repeat itself. Happiness will come back to Iran and we will gain our respect back the same as the time shah was on power. It is a hard and bloody way ahead, but we will reach to that point eventually.



Why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Did the NIAC research director Reza Marashi denounce Ahmari as an “MEK supporter.”  surely a smear like that by a public NIAC figure, who should know better, against an obvious and well known anti-mko individual harms his organizations credibility?  Doesn't Smearing him aim to not just harm him but all those voices seeking to change the IRI regime?   Is NIAC not at all serious about helping Iranian Americans in their goal of removing the theocratic tyranny and having a secular democracy for Iranians?  Is the NIAC really opposed to regime change?  Why support the IRI now? 

Lets reflect on some realities, the regime has proven to be violently opposed to reform, theocracy stays in government 100%. and the theocratic regime is not prepared to make any deal with the west regarding its unalienable right to enjoy the same benefits as all other countries lawfully enjoy under the NPT treaty.  So chances of a successful negotiation based on opely declared US goals is close to impossible without a humiliating U-Turn by the Regime.  So why the open defence of the IRI?  Why smear opposition to IRI? Why stiffle debate on removing IRI?  Who does NIAC Represent the IRI or Iranian/Americans?  We need new Knights in shinning armour if these guys are supposed to be our knights!

Doost daaram pas hastam


by Doost daaram pas hastam on

NIAC supporters do not understand simple and straightforward text. I
can not accept someone is actually that dense. So I have to assume
they do not understand because THEY DO NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND.
Because if they understood the text they have to admit that NIAC is
in the habit of viciously and libelously maligning their opponents.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Evidence of Lobotomy?

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


"One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter." It's a cliched expression of the moral relativism that too often shapes elite attitudes in the West concerning what constitutes legitimate political action.

According to this view, the acts of radical Islamists, ultranationalists, and other violent groups and states are morally abhorrent only when judged from our perspective as citizens of powerful liberal democracies and beneficiaries of "entrenched interests." The designation "terrorist," under this line of thinking, is a purely political one.

In reality, of course, such sentiments are the privileged province of those who have not been victimized by political terror, whether meted out by nonstate actors like Al-Qaeda or totalitarian regimes like Iran's. The rest of us should recognize terror when we see it.



MK: Only a MORON repeatedly misunderstands that Sohrab is AGAINST the notion that one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Sohran calls it moral relativism and he is against moral relativism. In actual reality, Sohrab is against BOTH the PMOI and the IRGC. MM is sooooooooooooooooo stupid that he/she does not realize how stupid he/she is. Even after being told that he/she misunderstood Sohrab, MM continues to misunderstand Sohrab. If MM still insists on his/her misunderstanding, I will demand a physician to check to see whether an actual lobotomy he been performed on MM. The following are MM’s 2 misunderstanding!!!!!!



MM’s 1st misunderstanding:

the fact remains that Sohrab Ahmari (a neocon wannabe) wrote an article in favor of MEK, basically saying that regardless of the activities of MEK, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Here is the first sentence from what Sohrab wrote "One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter"........According to this view, the acts of radical Islamists, ultranationalists, and other violent groups and states are morally abhorrent only when judged from our perspective as citizens of powerful liberal democracies and beneficiaries of "entrenched interests." The designation "terrorist," under this line of thinking, is a purely political one.".


MM’s 2nd misunderstanding:

And finally, moronic is an academic who cannot read the referenced article where the person clearly said that one's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. MEK as a Freedom fighter? Are you frigging kidding me. Do you want a proviso in the article?



Dears Roozbeh & Joubin

by masoudA on

Roozbeh -  Hearding is lack of Azadegi... Azadegi is simply being ones own man.   And yes you are correct, what the original blog describes as NIAC behavior is very much hearding - what we expect from a cult - from an organization which has TP (you know what TP stands for - toliet paper!!! lol) as leader - their thinker and philosopher!!!   I do however beg to differ with you on their motivations.......Most of the heard are 20-30 crowd of students attached to the extra $500/month pocket money.  

Joubin - NIAC does not make or break IR....but they sure can play a role on decieving the decision makers in America - and they have been doing a good job at that.   Thank god for the internet....they have failed with the conservatives in America........

Also - please think about what us Iranian-Americans CAN ACTUALY DO.   Some think all we can do is to EDUCATE those inside - those in Iran need no least not by us living outside Iran.   All ty expect from us is to get our host countries to do something for them - or at least not help IR!!!


My apologies then MM.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I think you are a very good person. And for that, I dont understand why you seem to support NIAC

I also think that Masoud is a true patriot and you are wrong about him. In fact I think you have a lot more in common with him than you'd even imagine. But that is only my opinion. In the end of the day, we can all be wrong. It only takes an open mind and a sense of self criticism  and an apology to move forward and start looking at the bigger picture ...

my two cents. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Roozbeh - no, I am not

by MM on

The person accusing me also thought that 3 (?) others were Trita.

BTW, be careful who you call dear in this blog.  The same person will sleep with the devil (or VF) if he thought that someone was against NIAC.  The same person will also attack other groups like Tudeh the next day without losing a step if that suited his goals.  Envy can be devastating when you see that "NIACies" get invited to interviews and publish articles/books, and ..... meanwhile he has to publish in obscure Turkish journals or college booklets.

It is truely disappointing to see the group that one of the most freethinker Iranians of the last century, Mosaddegh, started has ended up with a group that legitimized the islamic Republic and then threw up hands saying "it wasn't me".  And, now this guy.

And finally, moronic is an academic who cannot read the referenced article where the person clearly said that one's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter.  MEK as a Freedom fighter?  Are you frigging kidding me.  Do you want a proviso in the article?

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear Roozbeh: On NIAC and Cults

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Roozbeh jaan,

I look forward to reading your blog.

I have not studied members of NIAC. I have only observed their posts on this site. I can share my speculations. The following are my opinions:

1. Probably some members of NIAC are supporters of the terrorist regime. The supporters of the terrorist regime AUTOMATICALLY call any poor soul who criticizes their Supreme Leader as "Monafegh." They have done this to Mousavi and Karrubi, and to the retired IRGC general who last week indirectly compared Khamenei to the Shah. This is perhaps part of their brain washing. These folks simply and automatically call any and all those who criticize them as "Monafegh" [PMOI or MKO, or MEK].

2. Probably some members of NIAC have authoritarian personality. Many dictatorial groups have the practice of knowingly and falsely accuse anyone who criticizes them with a particular group. The Shah and SAVAK used to falsely accuse anyone who opposed the Shah as being a supporter of Tudeh party. The terrorist regime knowingly and falsely accuses anyone who opposes it as being a supporter of the PMOI. Then the person so falsely accused has to stop criticizing the vf regime, and instead enumerate his or her criticisms of the PMOI. This is a well-known tactic by dictatorial groups. This dictatorial and immoral tactic forces the critic to be diverted from the main target of his activities (i.e., the struggle against the terrorist regime) and be forced to attack another member of the opposition.

So when NIACis falsely accuse someone (a pro-democracy activist, a human rights activists, a socialist activist, etc) of being a supporter of the PMOI, that person has to stop criticizing NIAC and instead prove that in actual fact he or she opposes the PMOI. Then, the NIACis engage in even further activities to prolong this process. By doing this unethical tactic they succeed in diverting the discussion from criticism of NIAC to discussion and criticism of the PMOI. And the more unethical and immoral members continue to falsely accuse the person despite a mountain of evidence that he or she belongs to another group. This is an immoral and unethical tactic that is used by many dictatorial and unethical groups. NIACis have done this tactic with me many many times.


The ruling regime in Iran is a savage tyranny. The Iranian democrats want regime change. If a person supports democracy, then by definition he or she wants to change the regime from the ruling dictatorship to a democracy. If NIAC supports the replacement of the vf regime, then it should explicitly state how NIAC’s policies harm the vf regime and how NIAC’s policies cause the overthrow of the vf regime. If NIAC opposes regime change, then there are irreconcilable differences between NIAC and those of us who promote change of the regime. For example, NIAC opposes real sanctions. NIAC should explain how giving around 80 to 100 BILLION dollars year after year directly into the hands of Supreme Leader Khamenei is bad for the regime. We want to isolate and condemn the vf regime in any and all international forums (as was done on the racist apartheid regime of South Africa by the anti-apartheid movement). NIAC should explain how its efforts to press members of the U.S. Congress to meet with high-level officials of the vf regime is bad for the regime. Why all these years NIAC has not been lobbying for placing the IRGC on the FTO?????????

It is my opinion that NIAC opposes regime change. In my opinion, NIAC promotes policies that help prolong the rule of the vf regime. Therefore, in my opinion, NIAC is a primary enemy of Iranian democrats who want to replace the vf regime with democracy.


In my opinion, if these NIACis were honest, they would say: "There is a contradiction between NIAC and members of the opposition who struggle to replace the vf regime with democracy. Many liberal democrats who want to see the vf regime replaced with democracy oppose NIAC."

What is immoral and unethical is to falsely and knowingly make slanderous attacks and call them supporters of the PMOI.


3. In my opinion, some members of NIAC perhaps do have some cultist tendencies. That is instead of thinking rationally and acting morally, they act like members of a cult. The following are the words of MM:

"...when I that, even you, sight unseen, use words like Camp NIAC or other condescending words to describe us, I tend to circle the wagons and look for the captain of the ship that brought you over here."


I am not an expert on cults, but I think it sounds very much like those in cults. In other words a NIACi admits that when someone uses a condescending word toward his group, he does not use logic and instead circles the wagon and then goes AFTER the CAPTAIN of the SHIP that brought the person who made the critical remarks there!!!!!!!!!!!! This same MM earlier INSTEAD of actually reading and/or comprehending the simple words of Sohrab totally falsely used his words that were meant to be describing Trita as describing his own (Sohrab’s views)!!!!!

My 2 cents,



aah, so much to talk about

by Abarmard on

Name one country that crumbled under sanctions. Cuba, a small Island with two products has remained in place, but people are poor. It's important to understand that.

Don’t be Cuban American version of immigrants. Cuban Americans who live in Miami and support "tough" sanctions against Cuba for FIFTY YEARS, not only pushed Cuba back and helped its government survive longer than it should have, also look what they have done to their own nation. Disgusting. They party in Miami but because they are stupid as social group have damaged a country of their origin: A revolutionary nation that probably would have taken care of current system but became totally politically silent. Cuban Americans mostly vote for candidates who support tough sanctions against Cuba, for FIFTY YEARS NOW. Don’t go there. You want result, be smart and don’t follow the foolish path of Cubans in America. They only hurt their country and nothing else.

A nation that is willing to harm its own (people), no matter what, no matter why, no matter how, doesn't deserve respect nor freedom. A nation that doesn't trust its own people making a right decision won't bring anything as a gift but a puppet dictator.

No other way about it.

You don't trust people of Iran taking care of business and think democracy will come? What's democracy again? Rule of a few chosen ones over the rest of dahaatis? You think you are that much higher than Iranians? Have you ever even bothered to find or ask if Iranians do want more sanctions? Do Iranians support sanctions or is it your prescription to solve THEIR problem? How absolutely arrogant is that?

Nope. The better way is Iranian way with Iranian moves with Iranian wants not yours and this government.
Once that takes place, then you and the US can support the people. but to think that Iranians are not "angry enough" to "revolt" therefore we must "pressure" Iranian people and make them "suffer" so they get pissed and run on streets to change the regime.??!

Have you heard anything more stupid than this?



Dear Masoud, mayby it is dementia caused by old age!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I made similar observation about NIAC-Ollahis on this site. They seem to act like robots, repeating the same old abusive nonsense, regardless of blog topic.

Do you think that they have to pray five times a day towards TP's house?

Do you think they all end up committing suicide in a camp in middle  of Texas after the islamist regime is overthrown?

 Hey, I just realised that i have enough material for a Weekend blog here :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Is NIAC a cult that does

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Is NIAC a cult that does lobotomies to its members, or those who are already lobotomized join it?

Do these NIACis read the article by Sohrab Ahmari, or read it but lack the brain to comprehend it???????

Sohrab clearly and explicitly writes that: (1) the PMOI is a terrorist group; and that (2) those who signed the petition organized by NIAC were right to ask the State Department to keep the PMOI on the FTO list. In other words, Sohrab opposes the PMOI, consider it a terrorist group, and wants the PMOI to remain on the FTO list. Heloooooooooo.

It is absolutely MORONIC to say that Sohrab Ahmari supports the PMOI.

What Sohrab said is that NIAC is being HYPOCRITICAL. Because Trita Parsi opposed placing the IRGC on the FTO list in 2007. Sohrab argues that the IRGC has committed far more bloodshed against the Iranian people and the Americans that the PMOI.

It is libelous to call Sohrab a supporter of the PMOI. To call Sohrab a support of the PMOI is clearly and obviously a LIE.

And I wonder do NIACis even read the article by Sohrab, or like members of a cult they simply follow what NIAC leaders tell them to think?????????



Abarmard big mistake

by Siavash300 on

Sanction is NOT equal to war. Sanction is something and war is something else. Some people who are pro sanction they are not necessarly pro war. War is the last resort when all the diplomatic efforts fail. The bottom line is mullahs must go and they will soon. No doubt about it. Mark my word.

                      GOAL : RESTORING MONARCHY


NI-AC, Congress, and Green Lights

by Joubin on


Just one point (and only this - no comment on OP or the rest of comments in thread):

It is very naive, in my opinion, to think that a lobby of Americans of Iranian descent was instrumental in such a fundamental decision.  In fact, it is equally naive to think any lobby would have decisive input on this highly critical national security matter, one way or another.  The decision belongs to the United States Military and National Security apparatus.

if NI-AC is taking credit for such a matter, then they are either fools or charlatans. 

/& Salaam 

p.s. Sublime proportion on that facade.  Simply beautiful.

Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.

Artificial Intelligence

Thank you Mr Kohanloo!

by Artificial Intelligence on

You expose NIAC for what it is.

Artificial Intelligence

Thank you Mr Kohanloo!

by Artificial Intelligence on

You expose NIAC for what it is.



by Faramarz on

You guys are up in arms about MEK having a voice in the White House and now you are asking me why I object to NIAC having a voice in the White House? What is the difference?

I support tough sanctions against the Regime because I want to cut off the flow of oxygen to the hostage takers. And I don't know why you keep bringing up the war talk. The only party that talks about a war is the Regime and Sepah, not Obama.

Doost daaram pas hastam

It might be libel after all

by Doost daaram pas hastam on

Great piece Mr Kohanloo. I also think it is libel to call someone an "MEK terror cult supporter". After all MEK is designated a terrosrist group by the U.S. government.

Unfortunately NIAC, IRI & MEK are very similar in their language. NIAC & IRI label anyone who diagrees with them a Zionist or MEK supporter. In return MEK will label anyone who disagrees with them an IRI supporter. All three of them are dictatorial to the core. 


MM : are you Trita Parsi?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

A serious question. I remeber someone in another blog kept accusing you of being him and you would not respond.

If you are not Trita parsi, then please accept my most sincere apologies... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Well then MM

by Faramarz on

Maybe Trita should articulate his position about the regime change more clearly and more often and write his next book not about "A Single Roll of the Dice", but rather about, "Getting Rid of the Rotten Dead Mice!"


OK, last one Faramarz

by Abarmard on

Is that your proof? Or is it your opinion/speculations? I can draw a different conclusion from all Mr. Parsi’s writings and dialogues.

I am just tired of all this. I think the best solution is for all of those who don't like NIAC just don't like it and leave it alone. Why are you guys so nervous about NIAC? I mean US is not listening to any of us or the laws of this land is not directed based on NIAC or Shah or even MKO. At best, these are all political toys.

I mean, why in the hell one would want to diminish a chance to have a voice in the White house? What if tomorrow you agree with some points NIAC makes? What if the issue in hand directly relates to YOU? Things are not always the same, right?

The only thing that makes many angry is that NIAC is against Sanctions and war. That’s why NIAC is to some is a supporter of IRI. I am also against sanctions and war. Many other people that hate IR that I know are against sanctions and war. Ron Paul is against sanctions and war. He is not a supporter of the regime.

So at the end we are here to ask, do you want sanctions and war???

This is it isn't it? War. It all comes down to that. The article by Ahmari is all about delisting MKO so can be used in operations against IRI. Do you think NIAC as a respectable organization should submit to this level? Absolutely NOT.

Want war and sanctions? Join either political parties and support them. Don't want war? Join NIAC. End of story, we may have a chance.

NOTE: the US political parties are pro sanction, therefore you have NOTHING to worry about whether NIAC can have the power to change their minds. At least as long as we got Iranians like yourself, who care a great deal about Iran and want people to suffer so much so they revolt, you are on the majority and in power. So relax, Trita is not going to bite your political agenda…




by MM on

I can assure you that he is against this regime and wants democracy for Iran. 



by Faramarz on

What is Trita saying?

He has put this Bogeyman out there called Israel/AIPAC and says that the roots of US-Iran problems is not the Regime, the terrorism, the fundamentalism, the desire to spread Shiism, but rather Neo-con think tanks and their desire to rule the world.

The Regime can easily counter such threats by working for Iranian people and have Iranian support behind them. The reason the Regime is in such dire shape is not the outside threat. It is the homegrown discontent. 



by Faramarz on

If you are a dues-paying member of NIAC that only disagrees with Trita on minor issues then you are NIAC.

But if you disagree with him on core issues like the Regime-change, the treatment of Iranian opposition, democracy and the rule of law, then why are you even there and contributing to this charade?

It is like saying, "I am a member of MEK because they want to get rid of the Regime but I disagree with everything else that they do."


Faramarz....I can't even write serious

by Abarmard on

Parsi and VF? Are you kidding or being cute? Then you are a MKO and have killed many Iranians. Actually I have proof that you supported this IRI regime and were a big part of Baseejis, and when they stopped your paycheck, you turned to MKO. Rumors has it that you had a personal relationship with Maryam khanum.

Your accusations and mine have the same weight and are both wrong. It's called weakness. When you can't provide a better voice or solution and feel that you need to have a radical movement/organization but instead a mild nonprofit non opposition gains the power of our voice, you just do character assassination. Claims like supporting IR, or as you say Velayat e Faqih.

How about this one: he (TP) is as guilty in killing Iranians being a supporter of VF as you being a baseeji and MKO member. Make sense? no it doesn't and it's freaking frustrating...

I mean where is the proof? When are the Iranians going to change third world level mentality and stop their lack of logic and do personal investigation and try grow? Most of us have been here decades and still resort to actions worse than any Iranians living in Iran. You want to save Iran? With this mentality?

An “activist”, dear Faramarz, activist who writes and probably thinks more than you and I, claims that it is better to have MKO than NIAC! WHY? Is this a twilight zone episode? And you compare NIAC to MKo and call them a CULT?

I can't even try to write or respond seriously...

Aahhh. Enough. Do and think as you wish.

back to our regularly scheduled programs.




by MM on

I have disagreed with Trita and written him about it, but when I that, even you, sight unseen, use words like Camp NIAC or other condescending words to describe us, I tend to circle the wagons and look for the captain of the ship that brought you over here. ;-)


I just find it interesting ….

by Bavafa on

Those who claiming “character assassination”  which very well might be the case here by NIAC, have been employing this method of character assassination against Mr. Parsi and NIAC day-in day-out.


Some folks around here need to read their own post once in a while to realize the level of hypocrisy they practice.


I don’t know any of the folks mentioned in the blog and their affiliation.  But I will criticize and condemn the member of NIaC who instead of speaking to the content and facts, has resorted to any personal attack.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory