The Enigma That Is Ahmadinejad


The Enigma That Is Ahmadinejad
by Piyalechi

Help me out here folks, for I need guidance…

What is up with our "fraudulently elected" President of the "Islamic Republic" of Iran, Ahmadinejad?

What is he really all about? What is his gig?

I can’t make up my mind whether he is just another agent or a string puppet of the ruling Mullah-taria, or a genuine and very clever patriot; you know, “The real McCoy” whose heart beats in synch with syllables of the word, “Iran.”

I really hope and pray that the latter is the case.

I knew nothing about the man until he appeared in the media spotlight, about the time that his first election to presidency was conclusively established.

For a while, and as many remember, serious efforts were under way to establish that he is that same bearded guy in that infamous picture from that shameful period of hostage taking in Iran’s history, who wore an American Vietnam-era Army Field Jacket as he escorted a blindfolded American hostage.

But then, it was proven by photographs of Ahmadinejad from the same period that the goon who was handling the American hostage had way too much beard on his face and too tall to be him!

Yet later, different sources in the internet had it that not long after the revolution, Ahmadinejad used to be called “Tir-Rahmati-Nejad,” because allegedly he enthusiastically sought permission with to go around and fire the final Coup de Grace bullet into the heads of political prisoners who had just been executed by the firing squads.

Proudly, I say that I am a truly sworn American citizen, and that there are some principle that I have to try to uphold, or my life would really be meaningless and not worth living. It is from that standpoint that I say until I see evidence proving Ahmadinejad’s alleged guilt beyond a shadow of doubt, I can not jeopardize my Karma and conscience by calling him an executioner’s accomplice, or accuse him of other yet unproven crimes.

Having said that, I must admit that I have found myself actually delighted on several occasions by his rhetoric and political stances against the Mullah Mafia, when by all accounts and not-so-implicitly, he has flipped the middle finger at the them when they have voiced objections against his policies and rhetoric that they have deemed to be too “Iranian” or "un-Islamic."

Realizing his status and who and what he is up against, I am comfortable in giving him the benefit of the doubt that he may indeed be a patriot at heart and perhaps a truly shrewd and cunning politician.

I have also found myself somehow concurring and sympathizing with him in taking the political steps and rhetorical stances that he may justifiably have had to adopt towards realizing the desired end. The end that may finally and much desirably spell ridding Iran and perhaps the region of the nastiness and deadly disease that is effectively the rule of Islam.


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Maryam Hojjat

These few occasions are called POLITICS!

by Maryam Hojjat on

He is an AN with very much anti-Iranian characteristic.

Mash Ghasem

Enigma, pinigma, he's Sepah's front man, paving the road

by Mash Ghasem on

for Mashayei. They all know that Clergy ( rohanion) in Iran is so despised and hated by the people it won't last. So they're trying to position themselves as "true" nationalists, and we are so desperate, hopeless, thoughtless, forgetful, pathetic,...that we eat all this horse manure and ask for more.

Our utterly confused reaction to this stupid show, that is The Enigma.

P.S. The man in the picture with hostages in US Embassy, is not him. 

PS.S. Tried to find this article by Bahram Rahmani on AN and his partner,- probably the best investigative work on the subject in Persian; from their humble beginings, doing "intelligence work" for Sepah in Kurdestan. to today, every stage and task, hand in hand. What we see from AN is only half the show, the other half is Mashayie.