The Time of Reckoning Is at Hand

The Time of Reckoning Is at Hand
by Piyalechi

A disaster has struck, and the time of reckoning is at hand.
As I am saddened beyond description for our Japanese fellow human,
I can’t be but grateful for one favor that the Russians
Inadvertently have done for Iran.
That they extracted the fuel rods out of,
That disaster waiting to happen in our land,
Known as the Bushehr power plant.
I always thought of indisputable competence,
Every time Japanese technology crossed my mind.
Shit just couldn’t be more straight,
With all that was made,
By the capable hands of,
Them Japanese smart men…
Now I see Anderson Cooper getting his gig on,
All serious faced, pointing with his hands and so on,
For the big boss in CNN,
While a nation of stoic, most honorable and civilized people,
Weeps for its dead in a sea of twisted overturned cars, debris,
And cooks slowly,
As it gets a glowing radiation tan…
And I now pray that those damned Uranium rods of Bushehr,
Never are put back where they used to stand.
And before the nut-heads of Tehran
Decide to turn that bitch on,
I hope somebody blows that mother’
Straight to kingdom come…


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Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

from hands of Akhounds.

Iran Paidar 1st

Well said Piyalechi

by Iran Paidar 1st on

Japan is one of the best in nuclear technology, nuclear accident prevention and recovery in case of an accident. Despite having the best  technology, the best scientists and the best preparedness still they could not prevent such horrific disaster from happening and the result, we all have been witnessing it since last Friday.

 Now, picture Iran and Bushehr Plant wich is built based on a 40-50 year old Russian technology and made from old and second-hand parts purchased from black market and suspect sources and ran by bunch of Basiji Engineers with an Islamic government that has no plan of prevention (nothing that anyone is aware of anyway) and no plan for how to do recovery in case of any disaster.  

Even thinking about it make me shiver in horror. God save Iran and Iranians.


Loved it. Thank

by vildemose on

Loved it. Thank you.

Kurosawa was right all along. It just wasn't Fuji-san who delivered the Earth's wrath.


He was even talking about Fukushima Dai-ichi. It was the only plant with six reactors when the film was made. "They're blowing up, one after another." I weep.