Kabul Bank Shooting in Jalalabad

by Princess

This is one of the most shocking things I have ever seen. This is the video of the attacked to the Kabul Bank in Jalalabad a few days ago. The official count of the dead is 40, unofficially up to 75 people.

In this video you can see how he keeps assuring people that he would not shoot them, and goes ahead and shoots them at close range as soon as the come to pass by him. You can also see how he shoots people he has asked to stay on the ground. The level of brainwash is astounding, as he remains so unapologetic about it. He says he enjoyed killing all those "kaafars" in the interview (0:56) after they caught him.


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Thank, Ari, for the translation

by Princess on

This incident caught on video is extremely sad, but shows the level of ignorance and fanaticism in this country. I, like most people, normally have no sense of sympathy for violent militant Islamists, but in the case of Afghans, I can't help but feel extremely for the victims of such brainwash. These people are so naive and ignorant that they are constantly taken advantage of. The ONLY education, if any, they get is through the madrasas mostly in Pakistan where they are preached to hate and practice that hatred in the name of their religion.

Unlike other political assassins or even the Palestinian suicide bomber who usually spend years studying and shaping up their OWN views of politics (however distorted that maybe), in this country the bombers and attackers are only pawns that are taken advantage of. 

One of them who was sent on a bicycle to attack a wedding party of one of the political elites a few years ago, was given a backpack filled with explosives and was told he was going kill all "infidels" at the wedding. He was told that the people at the wedding were so hated by god that the backpack would explode by itself when god thought it was the right time. The poor chap had actually believed the whole thing and agreed to carry out the mission.

Needless to say the remote control for the bomb did not work and they caught the poor chap. He was spending time in prison when they went to interview him. The poor boy said that as he was approaching the party he realised that the guests were all Afghans and all Muslims like himself.

This is not a one off story. Afghan prisons are filled with people who are taken advantage of in this way. As Ahvazi correctly points out this is all caused by an unbelievable level of ignorance.


Ari Siletz

Ran into this translation of interviewees

by Ari Siletz on

Terrotist: "these are all English men, I enjoy killing them".... Old man: "The rights of the muslims killed without any reason, in a manner which Shariah orders and in a manner the law orders, must be dealth with. So that it's a lesson to others"...Man with black beard: "Allah says any one who kills another muslim, his place is in hell. And Allah will burn him in hell's fire." ...Officer: "My personal request from the government and the judiciary is that these kind of people should be punished in front of people. This is also the request of people of Ningarhar that he should be taken out publicly, and any punishment given to him must be public so that it's a lesson for others."  Source


Extremely Chilling!

by Monda on

Severe trauma makes severely insane...



by ahvazi on

is gripped by ignorance, and lack of nationalism and it will take a few generations to bring it back to the way it was on the eve of Sardar Dawood Khan's assassination in 1978. That was the last time Afghanistan was an independent nation and all Afghans worked for their country. In today's Afghanistan whoever works for the sake of Afghanistan they are killed or sidelined.  

What you see in this video is just another example of a society in deep social and political turmoil.

Khoda Komak Koneh...



I shall not shoot !

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Trust me, I am an islamist, I never tell lies.

Yea, right! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by asadabad on

It's too bad those people didn't join together and attack him.  They had him surrounded.

Darius Kadivar

Khoda Zahir Shah Roh Biamorzeh ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Afghanistan Cheeh Bood va Cheeh Shod ?

Recommended Watching: Afghanistan 1970's: ilm footage from the 1970s paints a very different picture, of an open and modern society. Kabul was famed as an exotic stop-off point on the hippy trail between Europe and India. "That was a golden period for the Afghans," reminisces Dr Ahmed Abdul Javid, former Chancellor of Kabul University.   

Once Upon a Time - Afghanistan

Recommended Reading:

Zahir Shah dies age 92 by Darius KADIVAR (PersianMirror)

Jahanshah Javid

Cold blood

by Jahanshah Javid on

Cold-blooded insanity. Or just another day in Afghanistan. So incredibly sad.