Can we all agree on CEASE FIRE NOW ?

Can we all agree on CEASE FIRE NOW ?
by Q

My view is that Hating or criticizing IRI has nothing to with Gaza, not when 100000X help is being given to the side carrying out the actual genocide by the US government.

My view is that many Iranians are so increadibly ignorant, prejudices and Islamophobic that they feel like this is like a soccer match and they have to take sides with any asshole that opposes IRI. For them, politics is more important than humanity.

My view is that Israel is committing war crimes and genocide by any and all definitions of the words. Israel is engaging in deliberate action knowing civilians will be murdered but since it has support from the criminal Bush administration, it gets away with it. Israel clearly intends to punish Gazans, whom it considers less than human. Otherwise, it would treat them like humans.

However, no matter what side of the equation you are on and how deeply you resent Hamas or the Palestinians, or equally no matter how reflexively anti-Israel, or anti Zionist you are, isn't it reasonable to demand a cease fire at this point in time?

Can we at least use this as a point of unity? Cease fire? Stop the meat grinder that is killing children? Is that helping anybody? Is it helping to stop terrorism or to bring peace? Is it even hurting Hamas one bit?

Can we say we have at least this much in common? That we support an immediate cease fire right now?

The question is: Immediate Cease Fire, Yes or No?

(Picture: Anti-Israel demonstration in Kualalampur, Malaysia)


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No Ceasefire with Islamists

by Anonymous707 (not verified) on

Hamas gets support from Islamist terrorists all over and must be crushed.

Ceasefire only with an Arab Muslim International Force taking over Gaza to help the poor Palestinians so they can get out of the grip of the Islamist IRI cancer.

This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

Any asshole............... DK, Q. CEASEFIRE!

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

DK  if memory serves me correctly I don't think you like Bush very much,  maybe I am wrong, if so sorry, but that was my general impression...well anyway I think Bush is an asshole...if I sided with him on something (there aren't too many things I sided with him on), I would have to say yes I am siding with an asshole.


I understand even CNN said Israel broke the ceasefire, couldn't we wait and see if there is a ceasefire whether Hamas will continue with the rockets and then take it from there?

Can we have a ceasefire here???

And finally, seit wann ist diese Blog in einen franzosiche Blog geworden?

Desde cuando se convirtio este blog en un blog frances?

Perche questo blog e devenuto francese?

What is this, the War of the Words?????????????  C'mon people..

..geeez louiiiise....





This is how IRI is helping Palestinians

by Pathetic finder (not verified) on

The following is from one of most corrupt top officials of mullahtariat sitting in the safety of his palace in Iran inciting and ecnouraging more violence and bloodshed in a place more than 2000 kilometers away from Iran!

shashidam too mosalmoonish!

محسن رضايی: بايد برای هميشه اسرائيل را از سر راه برداشت
محسن رضايي، دبير مجمع تشخيص مصلحت رژیم جمهوری اسلامی طی سخنانی در مشهد از موضع گیری کشورهای عربی بویژه مصر علیه گروه صلح ستیز حماس به سوز و گداز پرداخت و گفت "بدتر از همه اين‌ها قرارگرفتن مصر در كنار اسرائيل است، در دنياي اسلام تا كنون چنين وضعيتي وجود نداشته است، كشورهاي اسلامي همواره سكوت كرده‌اند اما هيچ‌گاه در كنار اسرائيل قرار نگرفته‌اند، اما متاسفانه مصر با ارتش مجهز خود در كنار اسرائيل قرار گرفته و ادعاي مسلماني هم دارد."

دبير مجمع تشخيص مصلحت رژیم آخوندی با نگرانی از پیامدهای شکست حماس برای جمهوری اسلامی در منطقه گفت "این جنگ، جنگ جدي است. جمهوری اسلامی باید تا جايي كه ممكن است براي شكست اسرائيل تلاش كند و مسلمانان و جهان اسلام نیز بايد وارد عرصه شوند تا اسرائيل را براي هميشه از سر راه بردارند."


OK, Kadivar, let met show you some of your "comrades"

by Q on


I did not insult you, but you made it a point to go out of your way to make adhominem attacks with a BS line you don't even believe. How pathetic is that, Mon ami?

It seems just as you once made a call for "truce" (and took it back within hours) again you are too moody to be taken seriously.

Here are some of the people you call "comrades":

1. MEK (Terrorist)
2. Azeri, Balooch and Kurdish Seperatists
3. Iranian Aryan National Front (White Supremacist)
4. Tudeh Party
5. Worker Communist Party of Iran
6. Ahwazi speratists and their close "friends" at the "British Ahwazi Friendship Soceity"
7. Iranian Nazi Party

These are some of the people I was talking about. There are many more. Do you really think the only challenge to the IRI are from those who want less Islam? These are some of the anti IRI forces who are either idiots or pawns in the control of foreign powers, all of them assholes.

The more I talk to you, the more you remind of me of This anti-IRI asshole

who puts JJ's head in a toilet and think it's funny.

You really call these people comrades?

Azarin Sadegh

Merci beau Q Darius!

by Azarin Sadegh on

LOL...priceless! I really needed it..thanks! :-) C'est mon premier jour après les vacances et j’en ai déjà assez de lire IC...mais votre commentaire, cher Darius, a été la seule opinion vaut d'être lu!

Merci beauQ,




DK jaan, LOOOOL,,,, mordam.... :o)

by ThePope on


Mehdi Mazloom

ceasefice works both ways

by Mehdi Mazloom on

As long as Hamas leaders are stupid enough to continue with their senseless launching rocket onto Israel, just to feed their useless and hollow ego, they will continue to give Israel perfect excuses to continue with what they wanted to do to Hamas for a long long time


Mola Nasredeen

10 similarities between Israel and Al Qaeda

by Mola Nasredeen on

1. They both seek world domination.

2. They are fanatic followers of their Ideologies.

3. They both kill civilians indiscriminately.

4. They enter other countries illegally and blow up the people.

5. They both claim they are "The God's Chosen People".

6. They terrorize people by their actions.

7. They wouldn't survive without other countries' financial backing.

8. They don't care about public opinion or the United Nations.

9. They both use religion as an excuse for committing crimes against humanity.

10.  They are both hated universally.

DW Duke

UN Security Council

by DW Duke on

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution calling for a cease fire in Gaza.  Why is it the Security Council does not act this fast when it is Somalia or Darfur where literally thousands of people are being tortued, raped and murdered each week?  Is it because black people are not as important in the eyes of the UN?



Azadeh Azad

Stop the Bombing, Siege and Invasion of Gaza

by Azadeh Azad on



by Hajminator on

J'ai pris une immense plaisir à revoir le clip.


Chapeau mon très cher et merci

Darius Kadivar

Hajminator En Effet ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Mais tu dois connaitre l'origine de Moncuq ... ;0))))



immediate cease fire is for Georgia

by Jaleho on

or cases where more killing is not in your benefit. Then, US can not wait 1/2 day for a cease fire.

In cases like Lebanon, or Gaza, when the ENTIRE world demands a cease fire, but Israelis still have more bombs to pour and more Palestinians to kill in hundreds, why stop? After all, Israelis and Americans did not like the massive Hamas victory in the election, squeezing them economically to death didn't kill them, why not bomb them away?

Oh wait a minute, in case of Lebanon, Israelis DID run out of bombs and US sent them an urgent shipment illegally through UK to complete the cluster bombing the area., while postponing the cease fire. So, years after the end of war, the Lebanese could still lose their limbs. OK, forget running out of bombs I guess!



by Hajminator on

Oh, le jeu de mot ;-) ça tue ...

But, please don't forgive both IRI  and MKO for their crimes against humanity.

Bonne nuit mon cher.

Darius Kadivar

Mon Q ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I consider ANY IRANIAN who OPPOSES THE IRI as My Brother and Sister the same way YOU consider the Palestinians and HAMAS as your Blood line.

By calling Any Comrad de Combat an Asshole I feel particularly Insulted too.

So I suggest you look in your mirror tomorrow Morning. Cause in the face of so much Hypocrisy from IRI Apologists Tonight I think that after a few drinks I will even be willing to forgive the Bloody MKO !

Ciao My Bella !



Kadivar, either your misunderstand

by Q on

Or you are being lame and distasteful.

Did I call you an asshole? No, I did not.

I said "any asshole who opposes the IRI". Does that say anyone who opposes IRI is an asshole?

No, I was talking about Israel and pro-War people. They are assholes. They oppose the IRI, therefore many misguided Iranians gravitate to them.

Do I have to write it in French for you?

Darius Kadivar

FOR MON Q In Particular ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Remember the Flight, The Bird Is Mortal ...


No to Cease Fire!

by Anonymous888 (not verified) on

Let them kill more Hamas terrorists. This weakens IRI influence in the region. If you want to avoid civilian deaths, stop hiding amongst them. Come out in the open and fight like men.

Darius Kadivar

YES ONLY If They Make a Promise too ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Sure Why Not, if that kid on the photo with the Bandage on his head won't be sent to martyrdom by their Stupid and Cowardly Parents ... 

Unlike these Poor Devils sent to death by their PRO HAMAS PARENTS

I can Tell You FIRMLY :



Oh And I am VERY PROUD to be One of those ASSHOLES who opposes the IRI. ;0)


Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4


Israel shall

by Shalom Goldman (not verified) on

destroy all terrorists and their state sponsors such as the Islamic Republic of Mullahs.

May lord Moses bestow ever more power and money to the Jews.

DW Duke

King Hit The Nail On The Head

by DW Duke on

Actually, I think King hit the nail on the head.  If we could all get along it would stop the killing. 

In terms of stopping the onslaught, yes I agree.  Too many innocent civilians are being injured and killed. 


DW, it's not funny

by Q on

and I'm not asking to "get along". Just stop the killing.

DW Duke

Can't We All Just Get Along?

by DW Duke on