Baha’i Population in Iran


Baha’i Population in Iran
by Ravian Bilani

There has always been confusion in the Population of the Baha'i Faith followers in every country, since its ORIGIN. Regarding their numbers, "Millions" is the usual figure claimed by them.

Very recently Baha’is are also interested in giving Fake ‘percentage Baha’i population’ for every country. Thanks to the internet – their lie is getting exposed. The number of countries and localities varies with each web site. There is ‘no consensus’ regarding the actual number of countries, the actual number of localities, and the actual number of Baha’i. This trouble in the Baha’i population is not generated by the Baha’i Administration themselves but it is just the continuation of what Abdul Baha and Shoghi Effendi have done.

As a result Baha’is and Baha’i Administration have gone on defensive. They are quick to blame the Christians for this exaggeration and inconsistency. Where did the Christians get their data? It is only from the National spiritual Assembly of the various countries especially the NSA of USA. It is only the Baha'is and their officials who are to blame for the false-misleading reports on the wildly exaggerated Baha'i census. It is not the fault of the editors of Christian World Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia Britannica who relied on information given to them by the Baha’is.

One may ask, why didn't the NSAs , UHJ-ITC-ABM-CBC ever contact the Christian World Encyclopedia Editors, and request a correction? This is because the Baha’is wants to jack-up their numbers- for "public image".

Baha’i Population in Iran as claimed in the time of Abdul Baha

In case of the Baha’i population in Iran the Baha’is speak lies which puts to shame any lover of justice. Sometimes they say one third of the Iranian population is Baha’i and sometimes they propagate that half of the Iranian population is Baha’i. To my utter surprise during my visit to India in 2002, a Baha’i convert informed me that the whole of Iran has accepted the Baha’i Faith. I politely told him that the Baha’is have made a fool out of him .There are not more than 20,000 Baha’is.

Even the Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians of Iran are not being sparred from this onslaught of lie for which the Baha’is claim that all of them have accepted the Baha’i Faith.

Here are the Excerpts from the writing of Edward Brown,

  1. Ibrahim George Kheiralla says: "Abdul Karim, 1896, assured me that the believers in Baha were fifty millions. I wrote to Syria to ask. Sayid Mohammed, secretary of Abbas Effendi, said that the number was fifty-five million souls." Kheiralla afterwards denounces it as a gross deceit.
  2.  As to Persia, they place the proportion at one-third or one-half. Dreyfus writes, "Probably half the population of Persia is Baha’i." Incidentally the Baha’is claim that there are 3,000,000 (three million) Baha’is in Iran.
  3. The majority of Zoroastrians are recognized as Baha’is. On the contrary Professor Browne writes: "I had been informed that Zoroastrians were accepting Baha’ism. However after much discussion with the Zoroastrians of Yezd and Kerman for the space of three and a half months, I came to the conclusion that few, if any, had adopted the Baha’i creed." In India the proportion of Parsee-Baha’is is very small.
  4. As to Jews, Remey says: "In Hamadan there is a large Israelites following of Baha." A census made by a European Jew showed exactly 59 parents and with their children. 194 persons out of a population of 6,000 Jews. As to the United States, I give some particulars in the closing chapter. ." The inference is plain that no native of Israel had become Baha’i through sixty years of contact with Baha and his seventy followers.
  5. Abdul Baha gave the impression that many of the Christians of Persia are converts to Baha. Dr. J. H. Shedd wrote in 1894, "I have heard of no case of a Christian conversion to Baha’ism." Dr. G. W. Holmes wrote, 1903, "I do not know of a single Christian in Persia, who has been converted to Baha’ism. Some Baha’is who made a profession of Christianity turned back to Baha." Rev. J. W. Hawkes declares that in his observation none of the members of the Syrian (Nestorian) or Armenian churches in Persia have become Baha’is. I have known of one Armenian family in Resht and two men in Maraga, one of whom was a notorious, who kept up his opium using as before.

Population in Iran as claimed at the time of UHJ

From 3,00,000 to 4,61,351 followers. The percentage varies from 0.69 to 2%. This is unimaginable lie. The Encyclopedia Britannica and Encyclopedia of Christians have conveyed that the Baha’is have told them. The reporters are none other than Douglas Martin (former member of House of Justice) and Simeon Kohlman Rabbani (a Baha’i), who gave the information to World Christian Encyclopedia is a Baha’i.

There is one silver lining in the Baha’i census of Iran. It exposes the falsehood. Abdul Baha, leader of the faith (of lies), claimed fifty five millions at his time. UHJ is now claiming only 3,00,000 !!!

Presented below are certain eye-openers !!!

No.    Year    Population    %    Reference

1    1984    300,000        Ref: Hatcher, William S. & J. Douglas Martin. The Baha'i Faith: The Emerging Global Religion. San Francisco, CA: Harper & Row (1984); pg. 181.

2    1990    410,000        “Data transcribed by Simeon Kohlman Rabbani”
Ref: Barrett, David B. World Christian Encyclopedia (2001)

3    2001     463,151    (0.69%)    Data transcribed by Simeon Kohlman Rabbani.
Ref: Barrett, David B. World Christian Encyclopedia (2001)

Present Baha’i Population of Iran

The actual number of Baha’is in Iran is not more than 30,000. That should not make anyone who is a Baha'i very depressed. The Baha’is should know that exaggerating Baha’i census was the policy of Abdul Baha, Shoghi Effendi and now House of Justice.

What the Universal House of Justice should know, is that by making false claim of number of Baha’is or by parroting Anna’s presentation, no one will ever change his/her Faith. They can organize reflection meetings, deceptive children classes, launch fake Intensive program of Growth have useless cluster growth meetings - the Baha’i population will not grow. The Baha’i population will not grow by sending young Iranian Baha’i girls outside Iran for propagation of Baha’i Faith.

Baha’ism is now a failed attempt, a misfired plot to portray a man made religion to be counted amongst major religions of the world. Baha’ism is dying in its infacy. It will never see the light of the day.


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Marzia khanum

good work

by Marzia khanum on

your posting are very informative



by UHJ on

First of all, resalaye madaniye/secret of divine civilization is a totally mediocre piece of political literature whenever it was written, and the date of 1875 is one you Baha'is have insisted on. I remain to be convinced it was written that early, and besides Abbas Effendi completely backflipped on 99% of his positions in that epistle with his Resalah-ye Siasiye much later anyway. Akhunzadeh wrote far better material than that and he started writing in the 1870s.

Second, building Maydan-e-Shahyad/Azadi or administering an all girls school is not a significant contribution to the Freedom Movement of Iran. For one thing Abbas Effendi and then Shoghi Effendi barred you Baha'is from participation in the political process of Iran, claiming non-participation in politics, even though you did through your Habib Sabets and Karim Ayadis. Whereas you Bahais sat back and twiddled your thumbs, and generally made good with the authorities of the day to cover your own backsides and enrich your selves through your Pepsi Cola franchises and covet power for power's sake, the Azalis formulated the modern education system of Iran under Yahya Dawlatabadi, contributed to knowledge and pushed on with the suffragette movement. In fact the Shah's White Revolution was in word and deed a completely Bayani inspired event, whatever you want to believe.

Third, you people have done nothing for Iran other than demand all attention be focused on you! That is all you have done. As such the so-called sacrifices of the clueless cannon fodder of the Bahai leadership in Iran has really been for nothing -- and what sacrifices!? As for the number of Baha'is in Iran: I am with Ravian Bilani. It is questionable whether there are 300,000 Bahais in Iran. In fact it is highly questionable whether there is even a million Bahais wordlwide!




by UHJ on

and the haifan bahai fascist dictatorship has its covenant breakers (orthodox bahais, bupc bahais, ex-bahais, non-bahais, nur/wahidazal/nima hazinis, etc) in order to cover its own gaping weaknesses. all fascists are predictable creatures woven from the same cloth!


every fascist dicatorship needs a scapegoat

by fooladi on

to cover it's weaknesses.

Nazi germany had the jews.

islamic regime has: Jews, bahais, US, Israel, and a few more.

No prizes for guessing which one is the weakling amongst the two regimes :)


باز هم گله دارند! BAHAI POPULATION IN IRAN


از قلم   سمندر مشکی باف 


عرض کنم خدمت انورتان که بنده زمانی در زندان به

سر می‎بردم و روزی یکی از مسئولین بنده را احضار کرد و شروع به سؤال و جواب فرمود.  عرض کردم این مقولات که شما می‎فرمایید اگر بنده جواب دهم تبلیغ محسوب می‎شود.  فرمود، خیر؛ خیالت راحت باشد.  ابداً تبلیغ محسوب نیست؛ تو فقط جواب بده.  بنده هم به پرسش‌های ایشان جواب دادم.  چند روز بعد یکی از هم‎بندان را خواست و ضمن صحبت‎ها به او گفته بود که فلانی آمده اینجا و در جواب سؤالاتم قصد داشت مرا تبلیغ کند!

حالا وضعیت ما در این کشور اینچنین شده است.  اگر دست روی دست بگذاریم و هیچ کاری نکنیم، می‌گویند این بهائیان مفتخورند و ابداً دلشان به حال این آب و خاک نمی‏سوزد و قدمی در راه آبادانی بر نمی‎دارند (در بازجویی از بنده پرسیدند که مثلاً چه کار عام‎المنفعه‎ای انجام داده‎ای؟).  اگر قدم بر داریم که حجّت‎الاسلام روزبهانی متخصّص بهائیت می‎روند منبر و می‎فرمایند که بهائیت برای نفوذ در بین جوانان کار عام‌المنفعه می‎کند.  اگر در انتخاب شرکت نکنیم، می‎گویند اینها خودشان را از ملّت جدا کرده‎اند و در انتخابات شرکت نمی‎کنند که به نظام ضربه بزنند (یکی از اتّهامات بنده در زندان). وقتی بیت‎العدل می‎فرمایند اگر خواستید می‎توانید در انتخابات شرکت کنید، داد و هوار راه می‎اندازند که اینها که می‎گفتند در سیاست مداخله نمی‎کنند، لابد با این کارشان قصد دارند رخنه در امور بیندازند و اختلال در انتخابات ایجاد نمایند.  اگر در جواب ایرادهای ناواردی که می‎گیرند سکوت کنیم، می‎گویند جواب نداشتند بدهند خفقان گرفتند؛ اگر جواب بدهیم می‌گویند دارند تبلیغ می‎کنند و این تبلیغ هم از نوع تبلیغ علیه نظام است و واجب‎الاعدام است.  اگر با بهائیان خارج از ایران ارتباط نداشته باشیم، می‎گویند اینقدر بدبخت و تو سری خورده شده‎اند که حتّی بهائیان خارج از ایران هم اعتنایی به اینها ندارند؛ اگر با آنها ارتباط داشته باشیم، می‎گویند اینها جاسوسند و اخبار از طریق بهائیان سایر نقاط به اسرائیل می‏رسانند.  اگر سنگ روی قبور بگذاریم، می‎گویند چقدر پررو شده‎اند که روی قبرهایشان سنگ هم ‎می‎گذارند و با یک اقدام هماهنگ به تخریب قبرستانها می‏پردازند؛ اگر سنگ نگذاریم، می‎گویند اینها چقدر بدبخت و ترسویند که حتّی سنگ هم روی قبر مردگانشان نمی‎گذارند.  اگر در مقابل اخراج از دانشگاه عکس‎العملی نشان ندهیم، می‎گویند یک مشت بهائی بی‎سواد که فقط به یک دیپلم دبیرستان قناعت کرده‎اند؛ اگر دانشگاهی درست کنیم و فرزندان را به تحصیل تشویق کنیم، می‎گویند عجب جسارتی ورزیده‎اند که در ایران اسلامی دانشگاه بهائی درست کرده‎اند، پس باید تعطیلش کرد و جلسات امتحانش را به هم زد و اوراقش را مصادره کرد.

معلوم نیست، در این مرز و بوم تکلیف بهائیان چیست.  از آن طرف می‌گویند تار و مارشان کردیم و جلسات روحی‎شان را تعطیل کردیم و بازار تبلیغشان را کساد فرمودیم؛ از این طرف آقای روزبهانی می‎فرمایند که در برخی از شهرستانها جلسات تبلیغی برگزار می‎کنند و جذب عضو می‎نمایند و تعالیم خود را گسترش می‎دهند.

حال، بنده چند نکته و سؤال از این آقای روزبهانی دارم که امیدوارم جوابی عنایت فرمایند:

1-    مگر تعداد پیروان یک آئین چقدر اهمّیت دارد که شما سعی دارید تعداد بهائیان را کم جلوه دهید؟  مگر وقتی حضرت مسیح شهید شدند به جز یازده حواری و مریم مجدلیه کسی از پیروان وجود داشت؟  مگر مدّت سیصد سال مقهور رومان و یهودان نبودند؟  حال گیرم که بهائیان در ایران 300 هزار نباشند و به قول شما هشتاد هزار نفر باشند.  اصلاً همان هم نباشند.  این تعداد در مقابل شصت هفتاد میلیون نفر دیگر اینقدر ناراحتی ندارد که شما هی کتاب می‏نویسید و جلسات سخنرانی تشکیل می‎دهید و شماره مخصوص مجلات منتشر می‎کنید و رادیو و تلویزیون را به کار می‏گیرید و تهمت و افترا می‎زنید و عاقبت هم به اتّهامی دروغین به زندان می‎اندازید و برای محاکمه هم هی امروز و فردا می‏کنید.  اصلاً از فردا اعلام کنید که تعداد بهائیان در ایران به اندازه انگشتان دست است و بس.

2-    اعلام فرموده‎اید که فقر علمی و فرهنگی سبب رشد اینگونه فرقه‎ها می‏شود.  آیا بهتر نیست به جای افترا بستن به بهائیان، سعی کنید فقر علمی و فرهنگی خودتان را برطرف کنید و از غنای بیشتر برخوردار شوید تا کسی جذب بهائیان نشود؟ آیا بهتر نیست نقائص خود را مرتفع سازید تا مسلمانان، نه به سوی بهائیان، بلکه به سوی آئین‎های زردشتی و مسیحی جذب نشوند؟  این فقر فرهنگی و علمی جامعهء شما، که خودتان به آن اعتراف کرده‎اید، ناشی از آن است که خودتان را رها کرده‎اید و به این و آن چنگ می‏زنید، ردّیه علیه مسیحیت و بهائیت و وهّابیت می‎نویسید؛ ایرادهای خود را نادیده می‎گیرید و سعی در یافتن ایراد در دیگران می‎کنید.  حضرت مسیح فرمود، "چگونه است که خاشاکی را در چشم برادرت می‏بینی امّا چوبی را در چشم خود نمی‎بینی؟

3-    فرموده‎اید که بهائیان در جلسات تبلیغی سعی در جذب نیرو دارند؛ آقای روزبهانی مگر لشکرکشی است که نیرو جمع کنیم؟  مگر ما با شما سر جنگ داریم که بخواهیم بر نیروی انسانی خود بیفزاییم؟  یک بار بیایید و اندکی بی‎طرفانه بنشینید و گوش بدهید ببینید صحبت بهائیان با غیربهائیان چیست.  آیا جز این است که می‎گویند این راهی است که ما یافته‏ایم؛ شما خود دانید، خواستید بپذیرید نخواستید نپذیرید؟ مثال جالبی شنیدم.  یکی از بهائیان به یکی از مسلمانان می‎گفت، "سفره‎ای است که همه غذایشان را در آن نهاده‎اند.  یکی مسیحی است و یکی زردشتی؛ یکی مسلمان است و یکی بهائی؛ یکی از صابئین است و دیگری یهودی.  هر یک از آنها می‎گویند غذای من این است و مشخصّاتش آن. حالا، اگر یکی از آن میان برخیزد و شروع به پرخاش و اهانت کند که چرا مشخصّات غذای خود را گفتی، لابد قصد داشتی غذای مرا بد جلوه دهی، آیا کارش صحیح است؟  عکس موضوع را نیز ملاحظه فرمایید؛ اگر کسی مشخصّات غذای خود را بیان نکرد، آیا دیگری معترض نخواهد شد که چرا مرا بی‏خبر گذاشتی؟  هیچکدام دیگری را مجبور به خوردن غذای خود نمی‏کند.  با یک استثناء که اگر مسلمانی بخواهد از غذای دیگری بچشد، مرتد حساب می‏شود و مجازاتی سخت در انتظارش است.

4-    جناب روزبهانی، اینهمه ردّیه نوشتید؛ اینهمه دروغ و افترا سر هم کردید؛ اینهمه مردم را از ارتداد و غیره ترساندید؛ اینهمه محرومیت ایجاد کردید؛ دیگر ترس از چه دارید؟  از فقر فرهنگی و علمی خود؟  آیا تصوّر نمی‎کنید با اینگونه سخن گفتن از موضع ضعف وارد شده‎اید؟  آیا تصوّر نمی‎کنید وقتی به جای بیان نقاط قوّت اسلام، تمام وقت و نیروی خود را صرف ایراد گرفتن به دیگران می‎کنید، نشانهء آن است که خودتان هیچ در چنته ندارید که عرضه کنید؟ 

5-    بنده در پایان تقاضا دارم به جای اینگونه حملات یک جانبه به بهائیان از در گفتگو وارد شوید و بگذارید هر دو طرف آزادانه سخن خویش بیان کنند و مهربانانه سوء تفاهمات را برطرف کنند. بگذارید مردم خودشان از این گفتگوها نتیجه بگیرند. همهء ما بندگان یک خداییم و همه در جهت عرفان او و اطاعت از خواستهء او گام بر می‎داریم و همه هم در پیشگاه او مسئول هستیم؛ هیچکس مسئول دیگری نیست مگر در بیان حقایق باورهای خود.  هم شما می‎خواهید اهل عالم با یکدیگر مهربان باشند و هم بهائیان.  بشنویم شعری از فریدون مشیری که به زیبایی سرود:

ما که می‎خواستیم خلق جهان              دوست باشند جاودان با هم

ما که می‏خواستیم نیکی و مهر           حکم رانند در جهان با هم

شوربختی نگر که در همهء عمر                  خود نبودیم مهربان با هم

ای شمایان! که باز می‏گذرید              بعدِ ما زیر آسمان با هم

گر رسید آن دمی که آدمیان               دوست گشتند و هم‎زبان با هم

آن زمان، با گذشت یاد کنید                یادِ نومید

 رفتگان! با هم


  سمندر مشکی باف 


Nima Hazini/Wahid Azal/NUR/U fool no one

by faryarm on

Nima Hazini/Wahid Azal/ NUR/ and U fool no one HJ...

As I said,

You can go until blue in the face, naming past "names" and polticians ...and try to provoke /incite  others against Bahais with your signature machinations..

It remains to be seen as to who and what will have  benefited Iran in the long run.... 

Bahais , who have suffered, sacrificed  and given their lives for Principle and for the good of all. 

What sustains them is belief and faith in the words of Baha'u'llah and the Promise of a glorious future for Iran  through loyalty, peaceful endurance, and steadfast service to their communities.

Only time will tell, as to which road will lead to the ultimate Unity and Progress for Iran.

Unfortunately The "Freedom Movement" you claim is still a dream...

and  the poisonous lies and machinations of Azalis, of whom you are a modern day version will continue to resort to NOTHING.

For any one unfamiliar with the history:

In 1875, Fifty years before any kind of freedom movement in Iran, Abdul Baha, The oldest son of Baha'u'llah wrote the following in  from exile without divulging the identity of the writer. This caused quite a stir amongst the free thinkers and intellegensia and in retrospect can be seen as a major influence and catalyst in the advent of the eventual constitutionalist movement.

The Bahais were at first encouraged to participate in the political process, but when the Bahais started to become political tools and scapegoats by both sides and the political process degenerated into infighting and partisan bickering, Abdul Baha asked the Bahais to remove themselves from any partisan political cause, that is not in accordance with the Bahai principle.

The Azalis, of course took advantage of this to further their schemes; to label Bahais as unpatriotic etc, as Nima Hazini/Wahid Azal/NUR/ etc etc still tries to do.

Fortunately almost a hundred years later, we have the luxury of being able to look to  the past to make the proper judgment, in terms of success or failure; not to mention  the people, their motives and their legacy and contribution to what resulted in the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the last thirty one years and counting.

If you can read and understand classical Persian here is a pdf link to Resaleyeh Madaniyeh 

or its modern English Translation:

The Secret of Divine Civilisation


An excerpt from Secret of Divine Civilisation written,sent and widely distributed in Iran in 1875.

       "O people of Persia! Look into those blossoming pages that tell of another day, a time long past. Read them and wonder; see the great sight. Írán in that day was as the heart of the world; she was the bright torch flaming in the assemblage of mankind. Her power and glory shone out like the morning above the world’s horizons, and the splendor of her learning cast its rays over East and West. Word of the widespread empire of those who wore her crown reached even to the dwellers in the arctic circle, and the fame of the awesome presence of her King of Kings humbled the rulers of Greece and Rome. The greatest of the world’s philosophers marveled at the wisdom of her government, and her political system became the model for all the kings of the four continents then known. She was distinguished among all peoples for the scope of her dominion, she was honored by all for her praiseworthy culture and civilization. She was as the pivot of the world, she was the source and center of sciences and arts, the wellspring of great inventions and discoveries, the rich mine of human virtues and perfections. The intellect, the wisdom of the individual members of this excellent nation dazzled the minds of other peoples, the brilliance and perceptive genius that characterized all this noble race aroused the envy of the whole world." 


O people of Persia! How long will you wander? How long must your confusion last? How long will it go on, this conflict of opinions, this useless antagonism, this ignorance, this refusal to think? Others are alert, and we sleep our dreamless sleep. Other nations are 13making every effort to improve their condition; we are trapped in our desires and self-indulgences, and at every step we stumble into a new snare. God is Our witness that We have no ulterior motive in developing this theme. We seek neither to curry favor with any one nor to attract any one to Ourselves nor to derive any material benefit therefrom. We speak only as one earnestly desiring the good pleasure of God, for We have turned Our gaze away from the world and its peoples and have sought refuge in the sheltering care of the Lord. “No pay do I ask of you for this… My reward is of God alone.”  Those who maintain that these modern concepts apply only to other countries and are irrelevant in Írán, that they do not satisfy her requirements or suit her way of life, disregard the fact that other nations were once as we are now. Did not these new systems and procedures, these progressive enterprises, contribute to the advancement of those countries? Were the people of Europe harmed by the adoption of such measures? Or did they rather by these means reach the highest degree of material development? Is it not true that for centuries, the people of Persia have lived as we see them living today, carrying out the pattern of the past? Have any discernible benefits resulted, has any progress been made? If these things had not been tested by experience, some in whose minds the light of native intelligence is clouded, might idly question them. On the contrary, however, every aspect of these prerequisites to progress have in other countries been time and again put to the test, and their benefits demonstrated so plainly that even the dullest mind can grasp them."


...and remember this was written in 1875. 

The Question is can we name any other forward looking progressive document, that lays out with such love and candid sincerity for God and Country the basic blueprint of how to transform and pull Iran from the depth of poverty,ignorance and the rampant corruption  of the infamous Qajar era.

Such was and still is the vision of  Bahais for a civil society in Iran.





by UHJ on

@faryar whenever haifan bahais have no answer for the sources that to this day discredit them as a bloodthirsty and vicious cult they resort to allegations of such sources being discredited. none of those sources have been discredited anywhere other than in the fertile imaginations of cultists who believe night is day and day is night. can faryarm tell us who of comparable scope did the bahais ever produce in iran like yahya dowlatabadi, prime minister forooghi, ali akbar dehkhoda or muhammad ghazvini? that is some obscruity. these azalis have contributed more to iran and the freedom movement then any other single group. you bahais have contributed nothing other than to insert yourselves as 5th columnists into iran's political process under every government and regime, do mazloom-namaa'ee and pretend to be sheep when you are really wolves.

@mona19, if your friends in the cia, the british government and the us jewish lobby weren't writing you blank checks every year you baha'is wouldn't be a distant mention or footnote anywhere. your organization, ideology and creed is on the life support that you get from them. otherwise you people wouldn't exist let alone just fizzle out. and the light of people like avarih, sobhi, niku and similar is still going strong where it counts whereas the only publicity you can get is the one you people have to pay for or strongarm people into silence with, and generally lie about,  like your spitting images ruling iran right now.

@A.S.Mostafanejad, nadeem khan beat me to responding to you. but can you tell us how many baha'is recently were tortured at kahrizak or other facilities of the regime following last year's election? can you tell us who the last bahai was killed by the regime and when?  you have only 7 bahais in iran imprisoned pending a trial. from all the information they are being treated pretty decently by the regime as compared to real opponents. 7 people is not the tiniest infinitesimal fraction in iran's overall population. please get specific with names and incidents. maybe there is something concrete you know that others don't. also not everyone who mistrusts you bahais is a supporter of the regime. there are people here on ic who are sworn enemies of the islamic republic but wouldn't give you the time of the day either.

@Anvar, those covenant breakers you like to demonize are more and more being considered as heroes far and wide where it counts and you people as the villians that you are. take that on board.




Use of Discredited Azali Fakes and Forgeries as Legit Sources...

by faryarm on

Use of Discredited Azali Sources...

Much of the atrocities committed against Bahais, in the last 150 years has been due to the animosity of the followers of Subhi Azal, who resorted to fake and forgery to defame Baha;u;llah and Bahais, in trying to stop the rising prestige of Baha'u'llah, the growth and spread of the Bahai Faith throughout the world, while Subhi Azal, faded into obscurity and eventually died and was buried as a Muslim Cyprus; so much for the one who claimed to be the successor to The Bab.

A modern day example of the type of character who promotes this kind of  hatred is ,  "one" who has even changed his last name to "Azal. He has often used and  given as proof  links  to decades old discredited sources, quotes whose credibility can be easily ascertained by the character, integrity (or lack of) and hidden motives of its writers.



Hmmm, 1400yrs of enltnmt and 1.2billion believers later

by Waters on


you still shame the prophet by using his name his book his law all sanctioned, to accomplish nothing in the land but pain.


Your legacy is nothing short of a nightmare for humanity....

you shame the prophet, it is not my saying, ask him, you have to get off the refer first though. 


nadeem khan

@ mustafanejhad

by nadeem khan on

You said baha'is do not kill torture etc etc

they kill

read this


for torture read this


For fights between different sects read this


For Statistics exaggeration in India


For hidden "Ruhi" agenda



nadeem khan


by nadeem khan on


when a member from NSA of Canada sexualy abuses his patients doesn't he brings shame to Prophet Baha'u'llah? When a counsellor India forges duplicate passports and documents for some benefit of faith doesn't he brings shame to Baha'u'llah and abdul baha? 

@ others

I am opposed to the opperssion commited to the minorities in Islamic Iran. But I am also opposed to the opperession committed by the Haifan Baha'is to those not believing in their version of Baha'i faith. Their social boycott system. and their deceptive ways of teaching.

The point raised by Bilani is very important. You cannot just ignore it by saying "even if three baha'is" the matter is not the numbers, the matter is the behaviour of Baha'is, and when they are shown the mirror, they start lobbying and try to divert the readers to the persecution issue which is ofcourse very popular on the internet and wich gave good fame to the Bahais throughout the world.

Bilani is doing commendable works. I have read all of his blogs and he has presented them nicely.

The question that remains unanswered still is that why the baha'is want to show to the world that they are in great number? Why they want to exaggerate their population. Even for India they are doing the same, in afghanistan check the figures of Baha'is, check the number of new converts in America?

This question still remains unanswered

"Sayid Mohammed, secretary of Abbas Effendi, said that the number was fifty-five million souls". Why did he said so? What was the HIKMAT?

This blog on proves that is not biased and it is a place for every iranian to present his views.




You aren't special

by A.S.Mostafanejad on


You said: 

"when you are prepared to respect and give the orthodox bahais, bupc bahais, tarbiyat bahais, unitarian bahais, bayanis, ex-bahais, non-bahais the same right. until then what goes around comes around. "

Well first of all Baha'is did not imprison, torture, kill, etc., any of these people whose cause you seem to champion.

Secondly if divisions amongst another group's adherents are your excuse for your barbarity then you don't really need any excuse, you have a reason, namely your hate and bigotry.

If divisions in belief were to be reason for killing and terrorizing then the various Moslem branches would be doing that to each other. Oh, they already are? well, never mind.



by Rea on

"MY personal opinion is that numbers are absolutely of no importance;" - couldn't agree more.

The reason for my asking is rather simple. When you talk to people on the net telling them what is happening, people tend to ask figures. Particularly, if they are not familiar with the issue. Briefly, I asked for others had asked me.

PS. thanks for the link, hélas, I'm not a Farsi speaker. My native language:  //  :)


There are only 3 Baha’is left in Iran (even if)

by Anvar on

The Baha’i Faith originated in Iran, but it is a global faith and not exclusive to Iranians.  In fact, the vast majority of Baha’is are not Iranian and have never even visited Iran.  

According to multiple sources, including The Britannica Book of the Year, the Baha’i Faith is already the second most widespread (does not mean population) religion in the world (after Christianity).  Its followers are made up of over 2,000 ethnicities who reside in about 250 countries and territories all over the world.

Even if the current number of Baha’is in Iran is 3 (!), how does that discredit this global wild fire of the hearts?  Baha’is have never had a chance to freely practice or discuss their religion in Iran.  

There are over 4.5 billion Hindus, Christians, and Muslims in the world (not to mention the billion atheists) and they’ve had thousands of years to transform humanity.  Still, we are where we are.  It is inconsequential whether, at this juncture, there are 3, 30,000, or 300,000 Baha’is in Iran.  

Here’s the appropriate question that everyone, in their heart of hearts, should contemplate:

Given the state of humanity on the planet, and what you know of Baha’i Faith, do you think the world, including Iran, would benefit if the percentage of Baha’is increased or decreased?  It’s that simple.


PS: *Ravian Bilani* - By constantly regurgitating Ravi Kumar’s materials, you are depriving us of the pleasure of getting to know the real you better.

PPS:  *Total Eclipse* - In your long list of those who’ve been allegedly wronged by the Baha’is, you left out the one group that’s really the core of your personal problems, didn’t you CB?  Have enough courage so that you don’t have to hide behind others.  Don’t pretend that you care about anyone else.

Mona 19

and it will fizzle out sooner or later :)

by Mona 19 on

بله، هرکی‌ حرف حساب زد به شما بهائیان "نور" شد!



by faryarm on

with respect,

MY personal opinion is that numbers are absolutely of no importance;

3 Bahais , 30, or 30,000,000 BAHAIs in Iran, what is important is what after all these years their friends and neighbors have come to know and respect them for...

When you hear a Bahai home is firebombed, and the police and Fire Brigade don't show up, it is as reported the negbours eir who come out in numbers to their aid.. 

If you were to read the emails and the voice mails that Iranians leave with


you would realize the level of sympathy and  interest in what Bahais have to say ; no wonder the relentless anti Bahai campaign that The IR is pursuing, internally as well as externally on the web, some of which we may be witnessing here in newly registered IDs. masquerading, blending with  Bahais, ex Bahais etc etc..


"you aren't special"... we are all special including you!

by Waters on

stop selling yourself short by bringing excuses left and right and take responsibility. And for gods sake learn from Imam Hussain, he never impersonated to deceive. He was Hussain to the end. 



you aren't special

by UHJ on

"persecution, the desecration of cemetaries, confiscation of property,
the beating and disrespect of students, the imprisonment of brothers,
sisters, mothers, fathers, grand parents, the execution of children and
is happening to all iranians and has been happening to all iranians for 31 years. you aren't special. get over yourselves!

"how many before you give them the same right of conscience and belief
that you enjoy?"

when you are prepared to respect and give the orthodox bahais, bupc bahais, tarbiyat bahais, unitarian bahais, bayanis, ex-bahais, non-bahais the same right. until then what goes around comes around.



by UHJ on

wikipedia lies. the numbers are official bahai numbers and unverifiable.



by UHJ on

بله، هرکی‌ حرف حساب زد به شما بهائیان "نور" شد!


How many?

by A.S.Mostafanejad on


So how many Baha'is have to exist before you stop the persecution, the desecration of cemetaries, confiscation of property, the beating and disrespect of students, the imprisonment of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grand parents, the execution of children and adults, how many before you give them the same right of conscience and belief that you enjoy?


Nadeem Khan, you sound really familiar!

by Tahirih on

You just remind me of this user by the name of Nur, which was blocked due to his bigot remarks to innocent Bahais. Could it be that you are the same person just with a new user name?

I am just curious why you always use bahai inspired names? It does not matter to people who are not bahai or not familiar with Bahai names! And for us Bahais we recognise you in any dress!

I think it has it's root in your inner desire to be a Bahai! You know our subconscious is a strange thing. Well anyone with Psychology 101 can see my point.



nadeem khan, the cheap shot is

by Waters on

your lack of courage to stand up to those shameless monsters who bully with lies slanders and deceit. 

Read his shameless insults, he does evil and speaks evil thus he must follow evil even if he claims he follows a prophet. That is how he brings shame to the prophet he claims to know and follow.



Thx, faryarm

by Rea on

Appreciate your answer, straight and telling at the same time. That's all I needed. 

@yolanda, we can all go to various internet sites. I did. But nothing is worth insider's view.



by yolanda on

Wikipedia says there were 350,000 Bahais in Iran in 2004:


According to The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2004:

The majority of Bahá'ís live in Asia (3.6 million), Africa (1.8 million), and Latin America (900,000). According to some estimates, the largest Bahá'í community in the world is in India, with 2.2 million Bahá'ís, next is Iran, with 350,000, and the US, with 150,000.



by Ruhi on


I can count about 2000 Baha'is in a little town in the province of Isfahan among my relatives and acqaintences.

We teach the Bahaí Faith not to gather more members, it a a sacred duty. The expansion is a result of that effort.



by faryarm on

Dear Rea,

The 300,000 to 350,000 is an approximate figure, and this is from 30 years ago..




Nothing sinister about "administrative" part

by faryarm on

Unless you are someone who insists on creating doubt and conjuring up images of some secret Bahai society/cult etc etc..

The administrative past of the Bahai Nineteen Day Feast, is only one part of a monthly gathering comprised of Three parts.

Bahá'ís see the Feast in both practical and spiritual terms. It is both an administrative meeting, and at the same time it is an uplifting spiritual event, and thus it has a central purpose to the Bahá'í community life.

The Nineteen Day Feast serves to increase the unity of the community, and spiritually uplift the community members by having a devotional program, where readings and prayers from the Bahá'í holy writings are shared, and a social program where community members can socialize.

"As to the Nineteen Day Feast, it rejoiceth mind and heart. If this feast be held in the proper fashion, the friends will, once in nineteen days, find themselves spiritually restored, and endued with a power that is not of this world."
`Abdu'l-Bahá: Selection from the Writings of `Abdu'l-Bahá, 

As an administrative meeting, the Feast provides an opportunity for the community to report news, or other salient items of interest to the community, and allows for communication and consultation between the community and the Local Spiritual Assembly.

"...The main purpose of the Nineteen Day Feasts is to enable individual believers to offer any suggestion to the Local Assembly which in its turn will pass it to the National Spiritual Assembly. The Local Assembly is, therefore, the proper medium through which local Bahá'í communities can communicate with body of the national representative..."
From letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States and Canada, November 18, 1933

While attending the Nineteen Day Feast is not obligatory, its importance is stressed since it allows for consultation between the individual members, the community and the Local Spiritual Assembly, as well as increasing the unity of the community.

"In regard to the Nineteen Day feasts, Shoghi Effendi is of the opinion that the believers should be impressed with the importance of attending these gatherings which, in addition to their spiritual significance, constitute a vital medium for maintaining close and continued contact between the believers themselves, and also between them and the body of their elected representatives in the local community."
Letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, 22 December 1934 ]Structure

The Feast should, if possible, begin on the first day of the new month of the Bahá'í calendar. Attendance is considered a spiritual responsibility, but is not obligatory. The meeting can vary in style between any two communities, but each must have the same format - a devotional portion, followed by a community consultation, followed by a period of socialization. Quite often there is food served, though this is not a requirement. The different portions should not regularly be given undue weight. However, Shoghi Effendi cautioned against too many set forms, or allowing any particular cultural form to become rigid:

The further away the friends keep from any set forms, the better, for they must realize that the Cause is absolutely universal, and what might seem beautiful addition to their mode of celebrating a Feast, etc., would perhaps fall on the ears of people of another country as unpleasant sound - - and vice versa.
From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States and Canada, July 20, 1946
Devotional Portion

The devotional portion is seen as a means to uplift the spiritual character of the community, and put the members in a spiritual frame of mind, for their own sakes, and so that this spiritual atmosphere may permeate their consultations. The devotional portion usually consists of the reading of prayers and excerpts from the Bahá'í writings. The arts, especially music, have been highly encouraged by Shoghi Effendi in this portion.

...the Feast is opened with devotional readings, that is to say prayers and meditations, from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh, the Báb and the Master. Following this passages may be read from other Tablets, from the Holy Scriptures of previous Dispensations...
From letter of the Universal House of Justice to the Hands of the Cause of God, August 25, 1965
Administrative Portion

Bahá'ís are encouraged to consult on all important matters, and the Nineteen Day Feast provides an opportunity to do so. The members also report news, or other salient items of interest to the community. This portion is also the primary outlet of communication between the community and itsLocal Spiritual Assembly, and recommendations to that body are often consulted upon in the Nineteen Day Feast.

During the administrative portion Bahá'ís are asked to consult in a specific manner, termed Bahá'í consultation, where people put aside prejudices and personal attitudes and rather fully explore the matters under consultation.

The Feast is a critical arena for democratic expression within a Bahá'í Community. Bahá'ís from other communities may freely attend, though they may not vote on any recommendations that the community may put forward as recommendations to the Local Spiritual Assembly.

Previously if a non-Bahá'í attended the Feast, guidance was given that the administrative part of the feast should be omitted, or the non-Bahá'í was asked to step outside of the room during the administrative portion of the feast. more recent guidance from the Universal House of Justice has since allowed for the administrative portion of a feast to take place should a non-Bahá'í attend.

"The House of Justice has decided that, in such instances, rather than eliminating the administrative portion completely or asking the visitors to withdraw, those conducting the programme can modify this part of the Feast to accommodate the guests. "The sharing of local and national news and information about social events, as well as consultation on topics of general interest, such as the teaching work, service projects, the Fund, and so on, can take place as usual, while discussion of sensitive or problematic issues related to these or other topics can be set aside for another time when the friends can express themselves freely without being inhibited by the presence of visitors. From a letter of the Universal House of Justice to all National Spiritual Assemblies, May 17, 2009
Social Portion

The social portion of the feast is normally accompanied by some refreshments although refreshments can be served at any point. It is the responsibility of the host to provide and personally serve something, even if this simply consists of water.


nadeem khan

Dear ASG

by nadeem khan on

You are a pure soul, really.

For the baha'is they are like a "private limited company". They have membership system you see. They will not allow any non-baha'is to attend their NDFs. Specially the part which is most interesting in the NDFs i.e. the Administrative part. They won't allow any non-baha'i to attend this part otherwise you are welcome to the other boring parts of the NDFs. The administrative part is only for the declared, card carrying baha'is. This is an order to them from their most supreme and infallible 'all male' body, the UHJ. 

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

I have a suggestion

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

The Bahais should open their gathering to all non Bahais like Christians. I understand in some countries like Iran, it is not wise to invite non Bahais to their gathering, but in USA it is OK. Open all your instituts and gathering to non Bahais, if the goal is the Unity of Mankind  Love and Respects. In Iran, the Moslems ( some of them) are badly against Bahai without any education about Bahais. So they are not well come in the Bahai gathering, but in USA there is not such an action.