Green Movement Exposed

by Researcher

I don't agree with the so-called Green movement. I like positive change for my country too but not through violence or even demonstrations when there is really no valid reason for it. I also don't like lying about the conditions or exaggerating. Part of my viewpoint has been expressed in this video.


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finally truth speaks


Thank you for this post, researcher. Your straight forward responses are a breath of fresh air. In the USA, the mullahzadeh who are lounging in the best universities, continue to hide the truth... the truth shall set us free.

Zendebash Researcher. Afarin.  Long Live Iran.


Yes nut job I need

by nojanthegreat on

Yes nut job

I need exercise , but guess what I cant loss weight but you cant fix stupidity of yourself.

Everyone here is talking about the mushrooms and LSD and pot and….so I think that’s why you guys do , that kind of explain it all. ( kafar hameh ra be din khish beshnasad)

And about more research, they more I do I find you guys more out of touch with reality .



by Nur-i-Azal on

dude,  if you researched as much as you smoke pot, you'll be einstein.


Now what if you researched and smoked pot, or trained your mind to research while smoking pot? And speaking of LSD and Mushrooms, if more people took these hallucinogens, the less problems we would have in the world - especially if we gave such hallucinogens to the mullahs and the members of the regime.

I think that Youtube video is probably a bad attempt at humor, maybe by the IRI itself, so kindly pass the dutchie from the left-hand side...

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Looks like you could benefit from the same regimen there, nojan.

yek do se chahar!, yek do se chahar!, yek do se chahar!... 


sargord pirouz are you

by nojanthegreat on

sargord pirouz are you talking about the same royal army ( artesh )

that give the country away in 12 days ? one of the military requirment is being nutts that i guess you are a proud member of this artesh.


I disagree irandokht ! the

by nojanthegreat on

I disagree irandokht ! the new event in Iran known as green movement is a laughable .
Its does amuse me that after 30 years people come to the same place that they left .
Lets riot, let burn buses peacefully lol let trough stones at our law enforcement and call it political movement .
Burning trash cans and vandalizing the city .
These young student were not in their classes, they were in the city street and assaulting the law enforcement .so they got arrested like any were else in the world . Doing you see Denmark in past days and they don’t even protest against the monarchy , they just are in protest against global climate .
So people who left Iran after last revolution in Iran which was the same thing , now come out to support the movement , well that’s very funny .
How after 30 years protest , mossavi is the best that you can come up .

Sargord Pirouz

couch potato

by Sargord Pirouz on

judging by his apparent (lack of) physical fitness, I think it's safe to say this "Researcher" spends a LOT of time on that couch.

Fulfilling his military service requirement in the Artesh would solve this (and a few other) obvious shortcomings. 

yek do se chahar!, yek do se chahar!, yek do se chahar!... 


what a shame...

by IRANdokht on

What's going on in Iran is no laughing matter! Peaceful people who were not asking for anything extraordinary but their rights and their voices to be heard have been beaten up, imprisoned, tortured and killed. Young Iranian students are still in jail and mothers who have lost their kids are mourning every day.

What's there to laugh about?  How can these events amuse people?



Researcher you must be from Mars dude!

by Khar on

You Wrote: "even demonstrations when there is really no valid reason for it"

Dude where were you living for the last 30 years? You must have lived on Mars all this time, come on don't deny it! I've done some research myself and find out the Mars atmosphere is really thin and it affects the brain in weird ways, just like taking the hallucinogen Mushrooms or LSD!

hamsade ghadimi

one bong hit, two bong hit, three....

by hamsade ghadimi on

dude,  if you researched as much as you smoke pot, you'll be einstein.  and you wouldn't make the crap claims you made in this .... what do you call it, blog.

Big Boy


by Big Boy on

You need to do a lot more research on the topic rather than posting a video of some uninformed kids discussing an issue and claiming the green movemnet has been exposed.  A LOT more research.