Israel's proxy war against Iran

by rezashirazi

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and its neo-conservative supporters have been waging a propaganda war against Iran for some time now as evident from the recent events and obvious examples of Columbia University president's mouth washing of Israeli policies; Joe Liebermann's Senate resolution to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a Terrorist organization; Tom Lantos House resolution to place tougher sanctions on Iran; and Fox news channel's program called "Iran the Ticking Bomb".

In the meantime, Americans continue to fight and die for the Israeli lobby's Proxy wars against Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, and the so called Al Qaeda operatives.

It is also worth mentioning that the lobby operates in very subtle and clever ways to deceive the public by portraying its interests as parallels to those of Americas thus making it hard to distinguish that they are actually behind it. But to a keen observer it should be obvious how this lobbying network operates.

One thing that the American people should know and thank the Iranians for is that they are helping them understand how the Israeli lobby controls their Media, Government, academic community, relations with other nations, and their Democracy by corrupting the election finance campaign.

Reza shirazi



you could look at these links for more info.

by rezashirazi on

see these links for more details

The Power of the Israel Lobby in the United States //

I was lobbied by the 'Israel lobby'

Where Did AIPAC Come From? //


Reza Shirazi

by Farokh (not verified) on

Reza, AIPAC is for American Israeli Political Action Committee. As you said they are the ones working as the Israeli Lobby for the State of Israel basically.
You are correct that they are the ones running this country as well and eventually be responsible for the destruction of the humanity as we know it today.


What would be your foreign

by Samad (not verified) on

What would be your foreign policy approach toward Israel if you become the leader of Iran one day? I'll assume you'd try your best to make Iran a really democratic country based on pricinples of democracy. In that Iran - now that you are it's leader - how would you approach the question of Israel? Would you still pay palestinians while your own country is in poverty? Would you recognize Israel in UN? Just say how you would approach them and I believe the problem is solved. We are trying to reason Israel's response based on their reaction to Ahmadinejad's comments and as far as his comments are concerened, it is a buffet! all you can eat buffet!


yeah sure

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sure..whatever you say.


Israel's online opinion manipulation tool

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You have to look at this online tool:



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Here we go with the Zionist Web_surfers

by daryush (not verified) on

It is impossible to write something about Palestine or Israel without having a Zionist commenting on it. They just sit there and surf and get paid by the American tax payers. Freaking fascist are controlling the web like crazy.


Thanks Nazanin

by Q on

Good information, thanks.


one way or another

by Anonymous for now (not verified) on

mullahs must go. mullah bitches must also go. Nazanin must go and find a job or maybe sell her body to make a buck. USA will attack the Islamic Republic. And, in the process, if Nazanin, her family, and the likes of her get destroyed, I would say big fat hairy deal!?


Forward your feedback to the New Yorker

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

Why can't anyone be critical of Reza Pahlavi without his supporters typing obscenities? Or maybe that is RP himself as Anonymous? 

I've never accused him of stealing.
I am quoting articles that state sources of his funding as contradictory to what he has claimed. I have only accused him of having no qualifications aside from his DNA.
I wish we had an Iranian John Stewart. He would have so much fun with the expatriate opposition groups.


Israel's proxy war against Iran

by Peace in the world (not verified) on

The comments received from this person with, as it appears from his/her writing, unbalanced mind is the true representative of the mind set of those people who feel nothing but blind hate towards Iran and the Iranians. And this is what the Iranians have to confront and will be confronting for years to come. Meanwhile, I suggest those of us who feel disappointed with the way this person has expressed his/her views about Iran must find in our hearts to forgive him/her for lacking the ability to grasp or comprehend an obvious truth.


yes well iran has actually

by Anonymous_Flowers (not verified) on

yes well iran has actually materialized its proxy war against israel...hezbollah summer 2006, marine barracks...remember?


Check out this article

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

I would add to that list,
Reza Pahlavi and Rob Sobhani, who are
closely allied with the people you mention. Actually, their vitality seems to DEPEND on these organizations. Sobhani is the more honest of the two, though. He
has called for outright attacks. Check out that link and do a bit of research
about CDI and AIPAC to find out more about these sad figures.

He can't even buy plates in peace. In his defense, I'll add that he must have nice plates if he's going to be entertaining his freedom loving allies at AEI, AIPAC, VOA, CDI, etc..:

Pahlavi had C.I.A. funding for a number of years in the eighties, but it ended
after the Iran-Contra scandal. An Iranian-American who knows him well told me a
story that had made the rounds in Iranian expatriate circles: "Reza was
shopping in Nordstrom's, buying plates. A Persian woman came up to him, and
said, in Persian, 'I should shatter these plates over your head! Why are you
here, shopping, when you should be saving our country?' "


The NYer
article also contains rich quotes by Pahlavi like above. Here’s one
on his funding:

Hoveyda, a prominent Iranian exile (his brother was the Shah's Prime Minister),
told me that Pahlavi visited the emir of Kuwait, the emir of Bahrain, the king
of Morocco, and the royal family of Saudi Arabia to ask for funds, and was
successful. (Pahlavi claims that his funding has come exclusively from Iranian émigrés
and dissidents in Iran.)


On his moving speeches:

He appeared at the Washington Institute. An Iran
expert in the audience recalled, "He was polished. He seemed as if he
would be a nice neighbor-but he was not a charismatic guy who was going to lead
a revolution. It was Valentine's Day, and he began by saying, 'In case any of
you are planning to take your wives or girlfriends out to dinner, I hope you
have planned ahead and made reservations-I tried this morning, and it turns out
I'm going to be cooking.' I remember thinking, This guy wants to overthrow the
Islamic Republic and he can't get dinner reservations!"


We will not reach freedom and democracy as long as Islam is

by Lie Buster (not verified) on

"An Arab friend of mine once bitterly said, ‘The real Naqbah is video and audio tape. We can no longer hide who we are from the world and from ourselves.’"

Stop this stupid tactic. Iran is occupied by Islmaists. It is easier to work with west and Israel than backward Islmaists.

We will not reach freedom and democracy as long as Islam is in Iran.


So prove it!

by ?! (not verified) on

You make numerous assertions and accusations,
but offer no evidence or documentation.

If your statements are true, then publish a book
with credible documentary evidence backing them up.

Right now you're just another hit-and-run driver.

Serious accusations without proof are just symptoms
of a paranoid psychosis.


This article is the truth

by Anonymouswsdsdsfd (not verified) on

Thanks for not being afraid to tell it like it is. America and Iran dont want or need to be enemies - only the Israel lobby wants this and benefits from this.


hey idiot

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the problem is not israel. The problem is the islamic republic. islamic republic = aids virus. it must be detroyed. america will destory islamic republic as it destroyed saddam and his thugs sons. all the mullahs and bacheh mullahs must be destroyed. all the supporters of the mullahs (e.g., ali arab shirazi) must be destroyed.

long live israel
long live