For Sattar Beheshti

by Roozbeh_Gilani

The family of sattar, 35, a  simple working man, pro democracy activist and the sole bread winner of his family, who was arrested by Islamist regime's security forces just over ten days ago, had an unexpected phone call yesterday. It was from Evin prison. the message was short and simple:

"Tell sattar's mother to buy a plot at the cemetry, and come collect his body from us tomorrow morning."

The other prisoners of the ward 250 of Evin, where sattar spent most of his time, have testified that he was so severly tortured that "there was  not a single part of his body left unmarked"

This video clip is dedicated to our dear Martyr   Sattar and hundreds of thousands of other unknown and known martyrs of noble cause of struggle to overthrow the islamist fascism from our land once and for all. Their blood will not be in vain. The day of justice, people's justice, is not far off....



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Rest in Peace

by Rebecca on

We will never forget all those who have given their lives for freedom and democracy in Iran. May they all rest in peace. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Death to Islamic Republic of Mollahs.


Which one

by MRX on

of these boneheads Ahmadi Nejad or khatami was the one that said there are no  political prisonsers in Iran!