April 25th Is Just Around the Corner!


April 25th Is Just Around the Corner!
by rosie is roxy is roshan

April 25th is just around the corner. And I can't wait!

I am attending the gala. I even have a date. I am flying in all the way from New York just for the weekend. And I am so excited about finally being able to shake hands with many of the pixels--I mean people--I have come to know and love during the past year and a half of living in a box with  you. I am especially excited about meeting the people I don't get along with. And there are quite a few. (Actually I think there are now a few more since the past few days). I just can't wait.

So here's the thing. I know many of you live in LA, or other places in California and environs, and many of you are not planning on attending the gala. But I am here to tell you that if I can so can you. Think about it.

I have been told that most people in the southwest drive. I do not drive. I am a native New Yorker. But I am told that it is possible to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back over a weekend. I have driven from Monterey to LA. (Well, actually, someone has driven me).  I also believe that since we are one big happy family and so many live in Bay Area that someone would be delighted to put you up for a night or two.

So many possibilites. Think about it. You could carpool to save on gas and have more drivers to make the run. For those who are wealthy, you can fly in and stay at a hotel. Then there are Frequent Flyer miles and those last minute cheapo specials on orbitz if you get lucky.  Hey, you could even fly in from the East Coast like me. Or Montana. Or Mexico. Even Europe. (Well I guess that's stretching it a bit). Do you know if there are any Iranians in Montana? 

I also thought it might be a good idea to take up a collection and fly Nur in from Australia.

I have also been told that there is a lovely bus called the Purple Turtle which travels up and down the West Coast. I hope to take this bus sometime this year to travel between my close friends in LA and Portland, Oregon. So if I can take the Purple Turtle, so can you. Think about it.

And I have been told by a blogger or two, oddly among the most loquacious and argumentative onsite (just like me), that they are preternatually shy in person (unlike me), and they only blossom in Cyberspace. I am here to encourage you to come anyway. The theater should be dark during the performances, and before and after I'm sure no one will mind if you hide in a corner. I will join you if you feel lonely. And anyway, who knows, I may have some reasons to hide too.

So fly, drive, take the Turtle. Hitchhike if you must. Whatever it takes. Don't be stingy, lazy or shy. If I am coming to San Francisco, so can you.

Here is a sneak preview of the show.





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rosie is roxy is roshan

well, excellent!

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

so we'll see each other at the talent show. and khar we'll see your donkey face and hear your braying all night long, in tune with the music. of course.at least i will...

ps s...yep...as the spanish poet machado says: all things must pass and all things remain/but it is our lot to pass on.

take care.




by shirin k (not verified) on

I'm trying my best to get there
to see everyone and Faramarz A.
Good reminder.



by just S (not verified) on

Hi Rosie!
I'm answering you here 'cause it's your blog.
Thanks for the kind offer, but as it has been
said this too shall pass.
As it has in the past with Gods help of course(not that many still believe in this, but I do)
What got me yesterday was that sometimes 'we' get upset over things that 'we' think people should react to in a certain way... and if they don't 'we' get upset and angry!
Helpless for me is when you cannot help yourself nor others; both parts hurt.

I really appreciate the offer!

Good luck amd have fun on your trip!


Dear Rosie

by Khar on

It's an awesome idea to travel there and show our support for the site that day in and day out contributes in so many ways not only to the Iran and Iranian nation but in its own ways to the humanity as a whole.

I wash I was able to make it but work these days is a “Dog and Pony Show”. Sometimes I catch myself working 11, 12 hours a day. But I tell you what, I will be there with all of you in spirit and thoughts. Hope you all have a great evening on April 25th filled with humanity and love and most of all generosity with our donations to Iranian.com.


rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Yep. Chamberlain. That's me. And who will invade Poland? Any ideas?

Anahid Hojjati

Good suggestion

by Anahid Hojjati on

Rosie jan, you have excellent points.  People who live in southern California should be able to make it with little effort.  I just read that Ziba Shirazi and her band will also perform and MC will be "Elham Jazab". Two more reasons to show up. In my extended family, when there are major family gatherings, sometimes relatives from Bay area travel to LA just to participate in the gathering and vice versa. So I am thinking that LA Iranians who are writers of IranianDotCom or frequent readers, should be able to make it to April 25th concert.  


Your beast feeding avatar is back again,

by Anonymous Us (not verified) on

...so is your appeasing mood.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Actually I kinda had this idea while I was writing this blog,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

that this thread might be as good a place as any for people who do want to carpool or who can't drive or need a place to stay to hook up. People who'd like to offer a place to stay or just take passengers with them couldpostere too. I mean, I really am serious. The last i.c. event was last April so a pattern appears to be emerging. This could be the only time for a year that people could really get together from all over the place. I know it's a little bit awkward for me to suggest this, being I've been on a rampage on the website for the past few days. But hey, as my mother would say, that's what makes horse racing.

And anyway, if the idea catches on, I may finally have a well-commented thread.