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by Rosie T.

This is my gut response to the blog entitled "Benazir Bhutto".

Benazir Bhutto was an icon. There were only a handful of international female leaders in the 20th Century and out of all of them, Benazir Bhutto was the only one who was truly beautiful. She had class, she had style, she was brilliant and charming, and she was gorgeous. She showed the world an Islam that was sexy.

Benazir Bhutto was an example to everyone that a woman could be strong and powerful and feminine and alluring. She was a paragon of glamour. And she was as glamorous at 54 as she was at 35. Benazir Bhutto was an intelligent, articulate, HOT middle-aged woman.

Benazir Bhutto was magnificent.

I don't know that much about Pakistani politics and I don't know how corrupt she really was. And even if I did someone would tell me that I didn't. And I don't know the extent to which she was independent and the extent to which she was in cahoots with the "West" and even if I did, someone would argue that I was wrong.

But Benazir Bhutto went back to Pakistan knowing her life was in danger, and as it became clearer and clearer that it was true, she remained and continued to make public appearances. Because Benazir Bhutto had balls of steel. Benazir Bhutto was fearless.

I don't know exactly what Benazir Bhutto believed, and if I did someone would tell me I didn't. But whatever it was, I know she was willing to die for it.

Benazir Bhutto had an apartment in my city, New York, and she could have been strolling down Fifth Avenue shopping and living the high life, and she chose instead to live and die in her homeland, Pakistan. Because Benazir Bhutto was a patriot. And regardless of where she stood ideologically, she stood on her own two feet, and Benazir Bhutto is a hero. She is a female hero for the beginning of the millennium and in her death she remains an icon for all women everywhere and for all men who truly love women.

And I didn't hear what Mitt Romney said and I don't know who it was who killed her, and I am sure the analysis in the major US media is largely skewed but what do you expect from the major US media? I don't really care what they have to say, and especially not today. And with all due respect, I don't really care what anyone else has to say about what they have to say today. Tomorrow I will but not today.

Tomorrow or the next day I will care about a political analysis of Benazir Bhutto's death and how it is portrayed in the US media, but today I only know that she was magnificent. And like the Bamayan Buddhas and the Twin Towers, things that are magnificent should not be blown up.

Today is a day of mourning for the destruction of that most extraordinary of extraordinary creatures: a beautiful woman in the fullness and glory of her own power.

I hope one day I am as fearless as she.


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Rosie T.

To Observer

by Rosie T. on

How poignant that while you insist I crave attention, you feel a need to give me these details about your personal identity before you proudly declare in your anonimity your intention never to read me again.  If you change your mind, I should be around for a while.


I am an ex college professor and the head of a hospital lab...

by American observer (not verified) on

I am older than you...

I have never in all of these years had a problem with a patriarchal society. I do my job and treat others with respect. There is no need to analyze more.

If even a hint of who you are here is exposed at your university, I'm not surprised that you have had difficulties.

Anyway...go on...have this youself... It is bad form to constantly rip commenter from the original blog. On the sci fi boards, many people ask that people not start new posts on the same topic out of respect for those who come first. You obviously crave the attention so go for it.

To the Iranians.... again you are kind to put up with this. It shows signs of good manners. I am not reading any more of Rosie T....or her identities.

Rosie T.

To American Observer:

by Rosie T. on

Exactly.  You hit the nail on the head. You called me a perimenopausal woman, using my words, and asked "what perimenopausal woman has to promote her sexuality all the time?"In patriarchal society women are discarded as sexual beings once they pass child-bearing age and have outlived their function to produce heirs, preferably male, for the transfer of property and the fighting of wars. It is an essential part of the fight against partriarchy, which is the liberation of men AND women, that women be allowed to be recognized as sexual beings in their middle years and men and women untl the end of their lives. In the worst incarnations of patriarchal society, not only women but all elders are discarded once they outlive their usefulness as production modules and this is witnessed in the aged in the United States rotting away lonely and forgotten in subpar old age homes where their own families don't even go to visit them.

I call myself a perimenopausal woman because even in the height of the libertine consumerism of American society, which is so threatening the planet that UN predicts massive global environmental havoc to begin in 20 years, it is still taboo to talk about menopause.  When I do this I know I am breaking that taboo and I consider it a political statement, both for women and for the aging. I considered calling Benazir a "hot menopausal woman" in this article but I decided to go with "middle-aged" instead because I did not think the discourse on this website was ready for the use of this term in this context. But I am using it here in my explanation. Benazir is a woman who broke the shackles of age, gender and sexuality and she is a symbol to me of the struggle for human freedom.  A freedom hot and spicey, as I envision it.  As Emma Goldman said, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be in your revolution."

I explained my reasons for posting my personal contacts on the thread to which you allude. Also, I do teach at CUNY and finally I find it extremely patronizing of you to  to thank Iranians for being "kind enough to 'play' with me". I don't view this website as a sandbox. I view it as a vehicle of change in the world.  The new world in which we live in which how we choose to use this technology will determine in no small part the common fate of humankind and the earth, our Great Mother.

Zendeh baad Benazir Bhutto, Paakistaan, Iraanrikaa va hame donyaa. Zendeh baad Maadare Bozorg. Zendeh baad zendegi.


The killing of Ms. Benazir

by Mr.Pakistani (not verified) on

The killing of Ms. Benazir Bhutto is surely shocking and a condemnable act. The government and its agents are responsible in this. Mr. Musharraf! You have failed. We need security and peace in the country. Never before the country has suffered like this and never ever faced such turmoil. Its time for you to say "Good bye". Maybe this will bring stability to the country. Go Musharaf Go!
She was indisputably one of the most animated and vibrant individuals in Pakistani politics, she was so full of life that death is a concept that doesn't really seem coherent with her image in the mind.
This is inhumane.. killing a woman who was fighting for her country, fighting for a country which took away her father and her brother from her. Surely, she has entered a better abode. May God be with her. I pray for her and her family and Pakistan at this hour.
I'm proud of my leader.... Benazir we are proud of you!!!


Being nice to Rosie T.

by American observer (not verified) on

I think the Iranians on this site have shown their kindess to Rosie T...the supposed professor... for a long time. I thought she was a nutcase when she put up the provacative photos and her phone number and address. She lives in another world and I suspect she has no life in that world.

Rosie's description of PM Bhutto was superficial and sexualized because that is who Rosie T is. I did a search at the University Rosie T. mentioned a while back and didn't get a match for Goldsmith. She really doesn't seem to me to be who she claims to be. Normally, I ignore her, but I am saddened by the death of Bhutto and I wanted to read the comments of Iranians on her assasination. is a playground for Rosie T and I'm glad that many Iranians are kind enough to "play" with her. What perimenapausal woman has to promoter her own sexuality all of the time? Think about this....


she was a courageous woman

by woman (not verified) on

God rest her soul, she was a courageous woman.
She knew she might get assasinated but went right ahead anyway.
* my silly mistake has been that I've alwys read her name as BEN-azir, since I'd never seen it written in Farsi.
Only today did I realize her name is "Binazir", in other words "Bee-nazir".
Khoda rahmatesh koneh.


Be' Hame Kos Khola

by Afrasiab - (not verified) on

Baba, Toro Hazrat Abbas Yek Kam Ehteram Be' In Bad Bakht Bezarid :) Hanooz Badanesh Sard Nashode !!


Women heads of State

by Farrokh lagha (not verified) on

Just an INTERESTNIG list of all the Beautifuls and Nots! ( Female Heads of States)
// some were/are beautiful some not. It really makes no
Khoda Benaziro biamorzeh.


to Ms. Irani

by Anonymous reader (not verified) on

I would much rather read Rosie's “inauthentic” article (as you think it is) about someone who has just died, instead of reading the authentic expression of your deep racism and anger.

Honestly, considering the irritated and neurotic tone of your personal attack on Rosie, you have just discredited yourself. It seems that even after 25 years of teaching in universities you haven’t still learned how to earn your own respect.


mahmoud bache yazd ........No, we are different women

by Sasha on

 Sasha and Rosie T. are different women. We uploaded our pictures to clarify any confusion. All you have to do is access my blue name to get to my bio and you will see my picture. I think Rosie T. called it my blog page.

Rosie                               Sasha

Jewish-American                Mexican-American

48 years old?                    39 years old




PS: Now, may we focus on what really matters. Like the death of the Prime Minister. Thank you.



? who's who?

by mahmoud bache yazd (not verified) on

isn't Sasha the same gal as Rosie? im totaly confused, dude :-)

Jahanshah Rashidian

As I followed  German TV

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

As I followed  German TV News early this morning, a group of Al Qaeda was quoted taking responsibility for Bhutto’s death. If the news is correct, then Bhutto was probably assassinated by Islamic terrorist suicide bombers of al Qaida who hated any woman daring breaking the taboo by acting or calling for gender equality in an Islamic society.

Islamists have largely proved to be the carriers of death and self destruction in the name Allah.  Their suicide bombers are being brainwashed in a number of Pakistani  Madresseh (Koran schools) . While a “bad veiled” woman is a symbol of un-Islamic culture and can be legally harassed or punished in Iran by the Morality Police of the IRI
, it goes without saying that Islamists in Pakistan would not accept a "bad veiled" woman as a PM of a Muslim country.

Niki Tehranchi

Another Hollywood Movie

by Niki Tehranchi on

I am willing to bet some asshole in Hollywood is currently already concocting yet another epic bio movie and this one will star Angelina Jolie and get her the Oscar.


Ms. Irani ........what is the point of.........?

by Sasha on

 What was exactly the point of posting the same comment under several separate headlines or was it a computer glitch?


I also, must say that I am glad none of my university professors ever behaved in the toxic manner that you are currently doing so in part of what you posted.  My professors did their best to teach their students to be objective and logical thinkers. Also, to constantly work on improving their critical thinking skills.


Part of your posted comments  sound more of a personal attack on Rosie T. than an educated and logical explanation of your view point on the matter.




What I don't like about you

by Ms. Irani (not verified) on

What I don't like about you is your hypocrisy and inauthenticity. You sexualize Bhutto and when confronted on that, you say that *she* sexualized herself. You speak exactly like a shark lawyer. any intelligent person sees through your inauthenticity. As for all your "knowledge show-off", rest assured that I have been teaching the stuff you throw around(and more) at university for the last 25 years. So, don't get too exited. Readers need you as their clown now that Hajiagha is not around to make misogynistic statements or make them laugh. Stick to this role alone! You're not good for anything else! Shalom!

Rosie T.

Ms. Irooni...

by Rosie T. on

You got my number.....uneducated...just working on getting my GED. If you do not believe that an archetypal FEMININE exists as anything other than a patriarchal construct, suggest you look at the Venus of Wollendorf and other fertility goddess statues of pre-Indoaryan, that is PRE-patriarchal Eurasia.  Your terror of the "eternal feminine" is based on nothing more than REACTIONS to your patriarchal indoctrination, and as such is inextricably bound to it.

This is not to say that sexuality is not a spectrum, but there IS an eternal feminine and Benazir embodied it...with BALLS. As indeed, the Great Mother has mucho balls. Witness her volcanoes. Now seriously, would you REALLY liwant me to say that Benazir had overaies of steel?


To superficial Rosie

by Ms. Irani (not verified) on

Stop patronizing me! I know "having balls" is a metaphor, but the problem is that it is a *Patriarchal Metaphor*. Unfortunately you are too ordinary and too superficial to understand that. Keep your "views" to yourself, I'm not interested in your uneducated drivel.


Mrs. Bhutto

by Keyvon (not verified) on

May she rest in peace.

Rosie T.

To Grieving and Saddened,

by Rosie T. on

These are complex issues which you raise and it would be impossible for me to respond to them briefly and do them the justice they deserve, but if you asssure me that you are interested in my views on the questions you pose, I will write about it in a blog or an article. Just let me know.

In the meantime all I'll say is I did not sexualize Benazir.  Benazir sexualized herself.  That is why she wore all that lipstick and eyeliner.  And still was a lioness in the political arena.  And I thnk that's fantastic. As for my saying she had balls of steel, it is a metaphor.  The same cannot be said for her choice in cosmetics. It was not a metaphor. I wonder what perfume she wore. I'm sure it was very expensive.


Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on



In the loving memory of Binazir...

by Reza San Diego (not verified) on

I would like to share with you Deepak Chopra's speech at the United Nations just recently on December,18.2007.
His Loving message/ lecture must be shared amongst masses around the world, in order for tragedies such as Binazir's assasination not to ever be repeated again!
God bless her soul...


Khodadad Rezakhani

In what way?

by Khodadad Rezakhani on

In what way was this a "gut response" to my blog about Benazir Bhutto??? Did I say anything about Ms. Bhutto herself? I have no problems with all you said about her, although as someone interested in Pakistani politics, just take it from me that she was not the best example of a politician, man or woman.

In any case, one should certainly mourn her death, as all deaths and particularly murders and assassinations, and I have personal and family reasons to do it particularly. However, this mourning and her status as a woman should not really blind us to who she was as a politician and why people wanted to get rid of her. All of my blog was about why she was killed and barely had anything to do with who she was.


Re: I'm fed up ...

by DeeplySaddened (not verified) on

Grieving Ms. Irani,

I agree with you! I used to have faith in Rosie's wisdom and good judgment in her writings, but her recent views (Elena, and Binazir) have surprised and disappointed me!

Rosie, what has gone wrong with you?


I'm fed up with violence out there, and sexism in here

by Grieving Ms. Irani (not verified) on


I am appalled that you have sexualized a major female politician – notwithstanding her politics.

In a Tabloid magazine style, you speak of Benazir Bhutto using phrases such as “feminine and alluring”, “paragon of glamour”, “as glamorous at 54 as she was at 35”, “She showed the world an Islam that was sexy”, “HOT middle-aged woman”, etc!

For a woman to be “feminine” or for a man to be “masculine” is not a positive trait. Putting people into two boxes of “feminine” and “masculine” is repeating the patriarchal clichés. We have enough Iranian male chauvinist commentators on this site to do that. The reality is that there are as many genders as there are people in the world.

And worse than anything else, you say, “Benazir Bhutto had balls of steel?” What? Why are you imitating backward sexist men and identify a woman’s fearlessness with her having balls? We women have ovaries and womb and are givers of life. Am I suggesting to use the expression “having ovaries of steel” to express Benazir’s courage? Of course not. And do you know why? Because unlike men, women don‘t think that their courage and strength is situated between their legs.

Grieving Ms. Irani


Benazir Bhutto was a symbol

by DeeplySaddened (not verified) on

Benazir Bhutto was a symbol of intelligence, courage, dedication, patriotism, strength, determination, and yes beauty. She will be remembered as a shining example of a nationalist who could not be stopped fighting for her country, not by intimidation and destruction of her family and her name but only by death. Her half-Iranian blood should be the pride of every patriotic Iranian. May God bless her soul!


Roohash Shaad

by Shahpoor Bakhtiar (not verified) on

Khanoom Beenazir Vaagheaan Beenazir Bood, hast va khahad maand...
Khoda konad ke JJ oo raa ham mesleh ma as in site PAAK va CEnsor Nakonad...
Shahpoor Bakhtiar
PS. Aghaye Farookhzaad ham Salaam meeresanand...


she is just jelous, tell em

by candyman (not verified) on

she is just jelous, tell em Nazanin give em a poem like this,
i aint aint aint jelous
havya forgotten me or else
feel just happy and dandy
gimme some of yo candy

just wana see your reaction

Rosie T.

Please what, canadai? / PS Topgun

by Rosie T. on

Please explain. 

You purport to speak for many who will follow you but yoyr comment is very open-ended.  What is it you find objectionable in this blog?
Do you know of any other women leaders who did not sacrifice their female allure and held onto it iinto menopause and were willing to face assassination? Do you think this is a small thing for women?  And if so why? I recall some of your blogs and posts being quite erotic.


PS Topgun, I did not know nzanincanadai and nazanin were the same person.  Is this true? Are you sure? I find it rather surprising.



by TopGun (not verified) on

LOOOOL, you are so funny, where have you been?



by Ghobad _R (not verified) on

Toro Khoda Dobare "Mean" Nasho :) - This is not the Time !!