finglish to farsi.... very cool!!!!

by sarshar45

Google has launched a great new tool that lets you type "finglish" and it will translate it to Farsi/persian for you, this is not publicly announced yet , but the team has asked us to have our Persian speaking friends and family try it. Here is the link:


Tip: Type a word in finglish and hit space to get it in Persian text.  


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Very Useful

by R2-D2 on

Thanks :)



behnam deljoo

Type Farsi with english key board

by behnam deljoo on

من از سایت   استفاده میکنم، خیلی خوب و راحت، آسانترین روش تایپ کردن فارسیه


One more site

by capt_ayhab on

One more nice site that I found to be very useful. Try it.




Looks Like

by Cost-of-Progress on

web tools for this type of conversion are proliferating. So far, I had only known which is pretty good although it does have some short comings. I tried this as well and found it to be easy to use. Only more usage will reveal any deficiencies, if they exist.

By the way, this type of conversion tool is a great capability even if you CAN write in Parsi - most of us do not have access to a Parsi keyboard and even if we did, I'd imagine this is easier to do than typing in Parsi.

Thanks for posting this.