Iran: Azerbaijan's Homeless Earthquake Victims Still Under Tents

by Savalan

More than 3 months after earthquake in Azerbaijani region of Iran, victims continue to live in tents or unsafe houses. One of the quake victims, "Despite the snow and freezing weather we are still living in tents. We don't have money to build house and government doesn't care about us".

Freezing temperatures and heavy snow in Iranian Azerbaijan are making life miserable for the more than 74,000 residents who were left homeless by the devastating earthquake three months ago and who are still living in tents.

Some of the survivors in tents are now placing plastic sheeting over their shelters to try to stay as warm as possible.


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Anonymous Observer

Regardless of your separatist agenda, I agree with you

by Anonymous Observer on

that this is aboslutely dispicable and shameful.  No other nation on earth would treat its citizens this way.  

What a shame... 


Really Sad,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It is a deep tragedy.