Australian Senator supports Stop Child Executions Campaign


SCE Campaign
by SCE Campaign
Australian Senator Andrew Bartlett have signed the Stop Child Executions petition. Senator Bartlet met the co-founder of the SCE Campaign Nazanin Afshin-Jam at a conference examining the human rights situation in China in the leadup to the Beijing Olympics. The conference was held in Taiwn.

15242 Senator Andrew Bartlett Australia Senator for Queensland

In his personal blog Senator Barlett wrote: "One other interesting speaker at the conference was a woman from Canada named Nazanin Afshin-Jan. Unlike most of us at the conference, she was not a politician, a lawyer or an academic (although she is a graduate in international relations), which probably helped make her speech seem more focused on practically than some of the others. She is Iranian born, trained in the Canadian Air Force, and has used her profile as a former runner-up in Miss World and a singer and songwriter to campaign on human rights issues. One of her main campaigns is to stop child executions, although the main offender on that issue is Iran, not China, so she didn’t focus on that so much in her speech at this conference. She was also able to end her speech by showing a video of one of her songs , which was rather hard for the rest of us speakers to compete against."

Nazanin Afshin-Jam and SCE Campaign greatly appreciate Senator Andrew Bartlett's support of the Campaign to stop child executions in Iran and worldwide.

About Senator Andrew Barltlett:

Senator Bartlett has been a member of the Australian Senate for the state of Queensland since 1997, representing the Australian Democrats. A consistent and vocal campaigner for refugees and asylum seekers, Senator Bartlett is the only Australian parliamentarian to have visited every refugee detention centre in Australia, as well as those on Christmas Island and Nauru (detention centres off the Australian mainland) where he went three times to meet with detainees. Mr. Bartlett has spoken many times on behalf of those living in poverty, as well as the physically and mentally disabled. He also takes a close interest in the environment and animal welfare. He was a strong opponent of Australia's involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


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it's a shame

by IRANdokht on

that so many people show interest in human rights in Iran and some of our own compatriots take side with the violators of such rights and attack the wrong people...

it's not about the senator who joins the SCE campaign and shows interest in the Iranian people's well being, it's about the people! it's about the public hangings that took place so often, it's about the unfair trials and the young people who need help and are thrown into prisons to be hanged at 18!

when are we going to show common sense?  so many Iranians read these articles and still don't add their names to the petition! that's not bad enough? you have to slam the ones who do?



Australian Senator should be against RACISM in his country not .

by AM1 on

This idiot is better off if instead of mixing himself up in matters much bigger than his brain can handle, to worry about his own constituency, in particular with regards to rampend racism in his district. He is a MORON.


Please, don't denigrate Iran

by Kamangir on

Who says there're child execustions in Iran? Who says religious minorities are discriminated gainst in Iran? That our women are second-class citizens? The we kill and stone? We hang people in public?

This is propaganda against Iran. How could a country that has one of the most intelligent and aware presidents (antarinejad) be possibly doing these things?

Please, Iran is a democratic country where everyone is equal and human rights are protected by the constitution. Unlike the civilized West, Iran has managed to creat a very prosperous society where everyone has the basics, therefore no prostitution or drugs are present. After all we're the third exporter of oil in the world. Nowhere else has the religion and civil rights enjoyed such a beautiful and harmonious existance. The leaders of Iran makes us proud everytime they visit a foreign country, their manners, looks and ways are a reflection of what the great Persian kings were in the past (specially, antarinejad!)

Our last very democratic elections is the cause of deep envy among those who want to denigrate us. People should stop making up false accusations against the IRI.