An article I wrote on in 2002 about Russian made aircraft. Here we go again!

by Sepehr

Here is the article, it was titled, "Made in Russia, another piece of crap"



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by capt_ayhab on

I mind you that I am not defending the airplane since I do not own the factory ;-) I personally have traveled on all types of jetliners, including Topolev. Yes it is one basic piece of machinery, but according to stats is one sturdy aircraft. This specific model has got millions of mile/passenger/per year and is on service in 42 countries. It has, according to data, served over 1/5 of entire globe.


Click on the link on my first comment for all relevant data. There are all sorts of stats on every jetliner, even commuter planes.

FYI: in past 2 months or so there has been 3 fatal accident including this one, two of which were Airbus series, not to mention the Southwest Airlines latest, in which a Boeing 737 lost cabin pressure due to a large hole that occurred in the haul of the cabin. Fortunately no one was hurt.






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The number of accidents per plane type is meaningless if the total number of flights per given period is not taken into account.  Also the age of plane, distant and geographic area travelled needs to be factored in, at a minimum.



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Not that I am found of Russian made air planes BUT just a little bit of research before any blog will be nice. 

Since 1950's the partial list of air crashes by type are as follows:

Airbus    35 Accidents

Boeing       176 Accidents

McDonald Douglas     89  Accidents

Topolov+Yakavlev     32  Accidents


According to statistics followings are the causes of crashes:

55%: Flight crew error

17%: Airplane

13%: Weather

7%: Misc./Other

5%: Air traffic control

3%: Maintenance

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What Good ever came out of Russia ????

by javaneh29 on

I read your article and yes you are right about the acquisition of arms and artillary from Russia pre 79.  I cant think of many good things that came out of Russia, except Vodka and a few poets (most of them not surprisingly suicidal) and it does leave one with worrying thoughts about potential disasters.  Javaneh