"Exiles in the Country" from "The Early Years"

by Sepehr

About 30 years ago, right after the Iranian revolution, I wrote this song "Exiles in the Country" when a friend of mine had moved here from Iran and his wife was unhappy and wanted to go back, he had lost his job and didn't know what to do, and even though he was "in exile" here in the States, he yearned for back home. They finally broke up and she returned and he stayed.  

At the same time the Iran-Iraq war was going on and every time Saddam would lob a scud missile into Tehran and the phone lines would go down, I would try to call to see if my parents were alright, but couldn't get through, so we had to watch the news at 6 pm that night to see "if family's alright" as I sing in the song.  Made me think of all the people that feel that they are neither from where they left, but also don't feel they belong in their newly adopted country.  That's why I call them "exiles IN the country", since one is usually an exile OUT of a country.  I used to tell these kind of stories before we would play a song at a concert.  

Anyway, its from the recent release on iTunes and Amazon mp3 etc. from the album "The Early Years" since I wrote it and recorded it long before the S&S days. Hope you enjoy, and if you do, pls share with friends and exiles! 


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Maryam Hojjat

Nice song with nice voice

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for sharing.