The first song I got my mom to sing in the recording studio

by Sepehr

This is a song called "Negahe-Yar-e Man" that was written by my uncle, and I got my mom to sing it a few years back and recorded it. She sang it free-form and I had to add the music later which was very difficult, but I was happy how it turned out.


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Khaili ghashang bood. Nice

by vildemose on

Khaili ghashang bood. Nice voice and great lyrics...thanks.

Anahid Hojjati

سپهر جان ، چه زیبا بود.

Anahid Hojjati

خیلی‌ دلنشین بود. هم موزیک، هم صدا، هم ویدئو. مرسی‌ از اینکه در سایت گذاشتی.


This is so beautiful song

by comments on

This is so beautiful song and voice.  I know many Iranian housewifes who have beautiful voices, but only song for family.  Thanks for sharing.

p.s. when I was a teenager I always wished my name to be Sepehr:)