Sepehr Music "The Early Years"

by Sepehr

Dear Friends, a few months ago I found a reel to reel tape I had recorded in the 80's before the Shahin & Sepehr days, of some songs I had written and performed, 3 of them in Persian and 1 in English, two of them with poems by Forough Farrokhzad ("Buseh" &" Asir") and one of them with lyrics written by a friend about how much I missed Iran called"Anja" (it was right after the revolution). The last song on the tape was a song called "Exiles in the Country" which I wrote and sung in English about all the people that are exiles here in this country from their own countries, for whatever reason.

I had the reel to reel digitized in a studio and re-worked the songs and finally have released them as a package of 4 songs on an album I entitled "The Early Years" (they are of course available as single songs too).

It has just been released on iTunes and Amazon mp3, Napster, and other online music stores worldwide.

Here is a link to iTunes and Amazon.

If you like the songs, please share with friends.

I will also be posting music videos


Thanks for your support and Happy listening!




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Great to see where it all started!

by bahmani on

As a longtime fan(atic) of Sepehr both as an outstanding artist in his own right, and as part of Shahin & Sepehr, it's awesome to be able to see and listen to where it all started.

From the angst of Forough that has touched all of us so deeply, transported back to us as if magically through space and time, to early 70's ballad rock, right straight into today, through a lost reel to reel tape, that chooses to make it's presence known to us today. Almost and as if on purpose.

I'm opening a bottle of red wine tonight and sitting back and listening in deep enjoyment to this! Maybe 2 bottles.

Love it.



by mahmoudg on