Video: Scenes from Tehran and environs

by Sepehr

This is a video of some scenes I shot in Tehran, Darakeh, Darband and outside the Bazaar in Tehran, added my own soundtrack.



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Heech ja vatan nemisheh !

by Shemirani on

love the atmosphere of your video and the song is beautiful too, thanks for sharing it .

Iran belongs to all of us and noone should be ban from going back to his homeland, quel injustice !! its very unfair to my compatriots :(



by yolanda on

This video took me to Iran! Thank you for sharing! Great job!

Immortal Guard

This guy is just overtaking himself!

by Immortal Guard on

I just sat back and WATCHED!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

You've been very lucky to visit Iran! I took more than 32 years away from my hometown ... Shemiran.

Thank you for video .