Shoharjoonam, Happy Anniversary


Shoharjoonam, Happy Anniversary
by Sharareh Golshani

Shoharjoon and I are going to be celebrating another anniversary in a few days.  We'll be celebrating to mark another year in which we build memories we'll never forget. I've been thinking about our anniversary and even more about relationships and what they really mean...When shoharjoon and I had first decided to get engaged, my Father said to me "Marriage shouldn't be another step in your life, it shouldn't be a goal, or something you have to do, marriage is sharing your life with someone because being with them makes every second of every minute that much more beautiful.  Even when you are in disagreement.  A marriage will only be beautiful if two people can both realize and accept that it's only about the two of them.  Careers, bosses, families and friends are secondary pieces of life and should only be allowed to exist as long as they add to the beauty of that life.  You control what exists and what doesn't in your life, chose wisely."  He said "Bebin Sharareh, hich chizi ghashangtar az in nist ke dar piri daste mardi ke salhast uno behtar az khodet mishnasi ro begiri o kenare ham beshinin.  In mard entekhabe khodete, agar entekhabesh kardi dusesh dashte bash, ghabulesh kon, zendegi ro sakht nagir, ayandate, ayandat ro ham to khodet ba dastaye khodet misazi, agar barash ahamiyat ghael nabashi ayandeye jalebi nakhahad bud. "  At that time my Father's words were pretty and a little like "nasihat" but az time has passed and Shoharjoon and I have grown, his words are making more and more sense. 

I am fortunate to have met Shoharjoon.  He's my best friend.  And to make this next year memorable and beautiful too, I will remember that:

I love my Shoharjoon, he makes everything more exciting, more fun, more organized, more beautiful.  Even when he's mad and akhmoo.

I don't care what other people's opinions are and I dont' care if I offend them,  i will always try to do whatever it takes to make sure Shoharjoon is comfortable.  I will try to make him feel as if he's the most important person in the world everyday.

I won't take life too seriously, a lot of things we think are so worthy aren't really all that, so I will let go and not make a big deal out of  the little things.

I will try to put myself in his shoes before I make a judgment on his decisions or opinion.

I won't assume he knows how much I love him or how attracted I am to him, I will tell him so he hears the words.

When he compromises for me I will cherish that and show him my appreciation for his understanding. 

And I will start each day knowing that when he smiles I can feel how much he loves me. 

I still haven't gotten a gift for Shoharjoon...and since in the past we made our gifts, I wanted to dedicate this video of our memories, which is a gift I made a long time ago, to shoharjoon again.   I know that every now and then when he has time he reads my blogs so...


If you stop by here and read aziztarinami.  Goftane duset daram kheily kame, behet kheily eftekhar mikonam, man ghadreto midunam o darket mikonam.   Mersi ke Behtarin rafighe zendegimi. Tu badiha, tu khoshiha, to tekiyegahe mani.  Eshghe man, zendegi ba to kheily ghashange, az in hame khatereye ziba azat mamnoonam.  

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Thank you :)

by Sharareh Golshani on

 Red Wine joon thank you and thank you so much for visiting my page :) it means alot that you liked the paintings :)

Reader 1 joon   I think shoharjoon will tell you to re-think that at times LOLOLOL

Ali P joon what a great it

MPD joon what would I do without you? you know I got lazy LOLOL you're great thank you :)








Multiple Personality Disorder

In case he can't read Fenglisi, here is a conversion:

by Multiple Personality Disorder on


«تو عزیزترینمی.  گفتنِ دوسِت دارم خیلی‌ کمه، بهت خیلی‌ افتخار می‌کنم، من غدرتو میدونم و درکِت می‌کنم.  مرسی‌ که بهترین رفیق زندگیمی.  توی بدیها، توی خوشیها، تو تکهگاهء منی‌.  عشقِ من، زندگی‌ با تو خیلی‌ قشنگه، از این همه خاطره ات زیبا ازت ممنونم.»

Ali P.

Beautiful Couple

by Ali P. on

You don't marry one person; you marry three: the person you think they are, the person they are, and the person they are going to become as the result of being married to you.

- Richard Needham

You and all the Rest


Lucky your shoharjoonet!

by reader1 on

Wish all women were like you!


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Congra ...

Lovely pictures and lovely deklameh ... also i liked your site , A real of you already ...

Thank you .