Who Wants to Be Free beyond Their Wildest Imagination?


Who Wants to Be Free beyond Their Wildest Imagination?
by Shazde Asdola Mirza

On another blog, one of the IRI shitheads proclaimed that Iran became free 31 years ago, and has ever since been the freest nation on this earth! I couldn’t believe my eyes, but tried to close them for a second and imagine what is exactly “free” in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  

1. You are free to drink a sip of water or a piece of bread? Mostly, except for one month a year, when you can get in jail and be lashed 74 times for that.  

2. You are free to sleep as long as you wish? Technically, not if you are a Muslim! All Muslims should wake up bright and early for the Morning Prayer. If you publicly deny that duty, your punishment will again start with those 74 lashes, and can actually go to beheading!  

3. You can say what you want to say? Wrong! You can actually say precious little, before getting into some real trouble. For example, you can’t say that you don’t like fasting in Ramadan. You can’t say that you don’t approve of the Clergy Rule. Use your imagination, and you can easily write ten books about all the things that you can’t say in Islamic Iran.  

4. You can wear what you want? LOL, that’s a good one! Especially women are completely free with their clothing! Men are theoretically free, but try wearing short sleeves or tie to any public building.  

5. You can invite friends to your home for a party? Well, as long as they are all men or all women, you can. Otherwise, they have to be segregated, or you run the risk of a “morality police” attack.  

6. You can drink a spot of alcohol, have a bit of ham, enjoy your choice of music, read the books you like, write blogs, chat freely with friends, have candid phone calls to overseas, hold a girl’s hand in the park, go swimming where you like, speak your mind in the university …? Well, of course the answer is one giant NO FUCKING WAY!  

So what is it that you and I can do in the Mecca of Liberty, the epicenter of freedom, the most democratic country in the world, the point of aspiration for all the Muslims and the dispossessed, which other people elsewhere cannot even dream of doing?  

A- You can sign up to participate in suicide bombing missions (Amaliyaat Esteshhadi).  

B- You can receive guerrilla war training to get ready for global Jihad against the infidels.  

C- You can marry four wives and have as many poor and desperate girls and women you can afford, as temporary (Sigheh).  

D- You can beat a girl in the street, if she is not fully covering her hair, and get paid for that too!  

E- You can form vigilante gangs and receive training and arms from the government, to kill, maim and torture, whoever you deem un-Islamic.  

F- You can rally in the streets, howl like rabid dogs, beat yourself with chains and dagger, and then expect the government to feed you at a kingly feast.

Hey, I guess IRI is the "land of the free" after all, because there you can do such exotic things that we can’t even imagine here.


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If you pay the way

by Darveesh on

count me in, otherwise talk is cheap.

way too many revolutionaries in this site, in words only of course.



Shazde - Another Bulls Eye

by Mamane-Omid on

You done it again. Right to the heart of the matter. With all none-freedoms you mentioned, I would add an express one:

What happens to you, if you're an athiest and state so. I bet even some IC participants have to consider that before deceiding how to react, let alone IRI. 





by Rea on

You've got a mighty pen there. I know you can do better, so do it ! 

PS. It's not up to us, non Iranians, to write. We just follow the ride. ;o) 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

لطف دوستان زیاد

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Mardom dear: they are perhaps trying to destroy the West from within, e.g. like some sort of sleeping cell??

AI: thanks, you are too kind.

Divaneh jan: Sepaas for your extended list and good obeservations. One day, IRI will add to those freedoms and may even become another Somalia, Ensha-al-Shaytaan!

Rea dear: Here is the flute ... if you can play better, be my guest;-)


Love the picture ;o)

by Rea on

As for the rest, I'd like to see something new, original.


More freedom

by divaneh on

Shazde Jan there are plenty of other forms of freedom to add to the list and in support of the comment by the freedom loving IRI supporter:

- The freedom to spend the oil revenue and national wealth in any form that they wish without any accountability.

- The freedom to make up the number of votes instead of counting.

- The freedom to decide what god wants and force it on people.

- The freedom to kill and rape.

- The freedom to confiscate people's property with different excuses.

The list of freedoms enjoyed in Iran is endless.

Artificial Intelligence

I love your blogs Shazdeh!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Good Stuff.

Mardom Mazloom

Dear Shazdeh,

by Mardom Mazloom on

What I cannot catch is why if IRI is the epicenter of freedom on earth, these IRI lovers are all parked in Hell (the West)?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Red Wine

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

I have just checked that message. It is magnificant. Please post it on I.C. - people will love it.

Thanks for your kind attention to my petty request.


not me, Jesus has saved me

by Darveesh on

I wanna have all the vices of the world in my finger tips, and I already have them.

best and excess of everything.

Then  Jesus will save me from my sins, or imam 12 for that fact.

I am SAVED, oh lord I am saved,  no worries.

maziar 58

mc coy

by maziar 58 on

let's put a referendum  first   IRR   OUT (na ye kalameh kamtar,na ye kalame bishtar).       

the only real democracy will be in pulgatorio as Dante put it in his divine comedy  and its called  INFERNO!!  ENTERATE.            Maziar

خلفای راشدین

"God is a Reasonable entity"

by خلفای راشدین on


But even a reasonable God won't forgive those who have reduced him to a"commodity".

It's a divine blessing for me to have people like you around, Shazdeh.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Brother Khalifeh

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Thanks for your book reference.

As for the "watch and the watch maker" logic, you can refer to the rebuttals provided by e.g. Kant and Russell (//www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0415325102).

Logic cannot prove or disprove God. More importantly, such a "proven" god cannot be God anymore! Faith in God belongs to the realm of spirituality, not logic or science. It is something that we feel, not something that we see or can prove with senses or logic.

For example, I believe in the God of Life and Reason, with no proof and no need for a proof whatsoever. That God keeps me almost sane and secure in a humane belief, and sometimes guides me in what I do. I don't talk to him and he doesn't talk to me. I don't believe that he has "talked" to anyone, or scribed any books or edicts, other than the reasonable book of life.

But I believe that God is within all of us at all times; is what we refer to as the being or Life. I also believe that God is a Reasonable entity, one that we can feel its presence through our ability to reason. But we cannot, or even need not prove its being, by our ability to argue.

Real McCoy

My pipe dream, VPK

by Real McCoy on

I like your political model. My ultimate wish, however, is living in a truly democratic society.

I have never lived under a democratic regime, all my life. Iran was and is a political dictatorship, and here is run by a financial dictatorship.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Real McCoy

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Not just monarchy and IRI. I am not an expert in writing referendums. If it ever gets to it I like to see a Secular Democracy. Personally I favor a parliamentary system with proportional representation. With a PM that has the power and a figure head president. All elected for terms between 2-6 years. Maybe an upper and lower house.

One thing I don't want it any vetting of candidates. No more disqualifying people just because someone in power does not like them.


I handed to you Sargord

by Khar on

You are an emotion-less supporter of Islamic rapist republic of masjid-o-mostaraah, you and people like you in Iran are killing with out any emotions and you asking why people of Iran are filled with emotion after 31 years of Rapes and killings, I guess we should get use to it as you are. 

Real McCoy

"One like Benross wants"

by Real McCoy on

Choosing between IRI, and monarchy? With no other option on the ballot?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Lets assume the referendum 31 years ago was valid (which it was not). Does that mean that for the rest of eternity IRI gets to be in power? Most of Iranian people were not even born there. Must they suffer for the stupidity of their parents? How about a new referendum?

Seriously I challenge IRI and its supporters. How about a new free and internationally supervised referendum. One like Benross wants.


Excellent as always. I

by vildemose on

Excellent as always. I would add a 4 more items to the list.

1. Free to be a pedophile and marry 9-year old girls

2. Free to stone women and men

3. Free to line your  pockets with oil revenues and Iranian national wealth and invest in Canada or Dubai.

4. Free to stay unfree and ignorant



by humanbeing on

point taken. i did know that, but didn't think of it, and it is true.

 i suppose it is all relative; at the height of refugee intake the condition of women in afghanistan was much worse, and personal safety of women in iraq is among the worst. and i bet even now the health and technology situation in iran is much better than iraq as well as afghanistan. it's all relative.

you are right to give credit where it is due.

however, (as i continually insist about my own country) i also think that rather than rest on laurels and settle for 'ok' or 'better than the worst', one ought to strive for the ultimate, and in the case of iri at a minimum to do away with tenets a-f. at least in the opinion of the blogger and of many of the commenters on this thread.

of course i cannot speak for them or their opinions, but merely my impression of them.

and so, i maintain what i said in previous comment, and add that paidar iran's comment is very cleverly put.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

i enjoyed your blog and the artwork. this character was either making a joke or he meant that iran is "the freest nation for clergy to kill, rape and plunder." 

also very astute observation by iran paidar.

Red Wine

Shazde Asdola Mirza Jan

by Red Wine on

I sent you a thing in your e-mail,please check it.

Thank you .

Real McCoy

قدیمیا خوب گفتن

Real McCoy

چوب رو که ور داری، گربه دُزده می‌ترسه...

Sargord Pirouz

Is this a response to a

by Sargord Pirouz on

Is this a response to a comment I made on another blog? If so, you've misquoted me. (No surprise, given this emotional rant of a post.) What I said was a revolution and democratically installed form of governance already took place 31 years ago. Do you dispute that? If you do, well no sense arguing with you: you're either ignorant or simply blind with hate.

humanbeing, that's an excellent suggestion! But you know what? In the case of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there have actually been millions who have signed up for "green cards" and have immigrated there. They have come from Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, millions. And even though its been a burden, and the accommodations not exactly perfect, the Islamic Republic did it based solely on humanitarian grounds.


خلفای راشدین

Brother, VPK

by خلفای راشدین on

I hear you my brother. The well of superstition, and heresy has an emergency climbing system; if you look down, you'll see it. We are all brothers, and sisters after all. Some fortunate enough to be led, some misled. Allah will save us all Insha Allah.

BTW, brother VPK, whenever, you type my name in its abbreviation, watch your fingers very carefully, please!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

  • What is this brother thing anyway?
  • I put an Imam in the well last night myself and pulled out the rope. How did he get out? Did you pull him out! If so DON'T do it again. I need to keep up my Prophet image. The Imam was a part of my prophet act. Now please be a good KR and quit messing up my act will you?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

yolanda khanoom  that rule during Ramazan can easily be broken with a CRISP $ 5.00 bill for food or $20.00 for a 6packs delivered to your hotel room and the rest billed to your tab, telling you what I experinced in mamlekat Islami pakistan......

and I heard is the same in Iran;Hopefuly you will visit FREE IRAN and none of those rules will exist.           Maziar

خلفای راشدین

Oh brothers, there is no imam in that well.

by خلفای راشدین on

Your thoughtful comment then, might give rise to the doctrine of "Evolution of God". There is a not-so -bad book with the same title.

Since I only assume you are in Canada, I post this link.

In my mind there is one thing  for sure: It's hard to believe that if you throw all the parts, and pieces into the air, a Rolex® will eventually fall down into your hand.

What else can I say? What else can I do?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Khalifeh

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

I don't have any problem with agreeing to your premise that "Shia is a sect based on fallacy, superstition and heresy", if only you would consider that:

Islam itself is a crazy sect, based on a distorted version of the old and dumb Jewish religion!



by yolanda on

It is very sad! I hope the person, who said Iran became free 31 years ago, read this blog! I wanted to see if I can survive over there....but I can't even get thru #1.....I have to eat every meal, everyday, and every month, simple food is OK. I will definitely find a chance visiting Iran ('cause people are great and there are many beautiful historical sites), but it won't be during Ramadan! It is too hard!

Thank you for your list!