Family of Amir Hekmati speaks out


Family of Amir Hekmati speaks out
by Shorts

We are deeply concerned that Amir is not receiving a fair trial and has not been afforded due process.

It has been 126 days since Amir Hekmati was detained by the Iranian government after having been granted permission by Iranian authorities to visit his beloved family. As stated before we believe the allegations made against Amir are false and believe that the purported confession was not voluntary and was made under severe duress.

Since his detention in August 2011 Amir’s mother and family have made every conceivable effort to try to cooperate constructively with the Iranian government on the matter. Unfortunately our effort has been met with general silence and no reciprocity. Today, we continue to hope for Amir's safe return to his home and country of birth.

We have sent personal letters appealing for his release to Iranian officials including: the President, the Human Rights Commissioner, the Head of the Judiciary; all with no response. We have visited the Permanent Mission of Iran to the United Nations in New York, as well as the Iranian Interests Section in Washington DC. Our plea's for basic human rights and due process for Amir have been unanswered. We have been asked by Iranian authorities to remain silent, and were told that Amir would eventually be released soon. After the reports of events of the past week and reports that a verdict is imminent we can no longer remain silent.

Our family has been forced to sit idly as Amir awaits an uncertain fate, defenseless behind closed doors. Recent Iranian press reports have revealed that Amir is in the midst of a closed secret trial.

Today Amir’s only advocate in Iran is a government appointed lawyer who he first met on the day of his trial. Under any standard this is not acceptable due process of law.

We have struggled to provide Amir with an attorney in Iran. We have sought to hire at least 10 different attorneys in Tehran to no avail.

Amir has not been allowed to speak with his mother and family in the United States.

Our family was shocked to see the video of Amir, who now appeared pale and emaciated. We fear for his health and safety.

Every waking moment, our family is agonizing over Amir's fate. We had been silent to the media, working and praying for a quiet resolution, and our cries for Amir's rights have fallen on deaf ears. We continue to hope, struggling to reach out to Iran and abroad for Amir's the ones who have hearts, and the ones who can hear. We will not stop hoping and praying for justice, for peaceful dialogue with Iran, and for Amir's safe return home.

Amir Hekmati's family


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No Matter What His Intentions.....

by Ahu-ye-Zamendar on

Amir's approach has been quite careless and and irresponsible.  Most Iranians who have lived in and worked for the US government,  when traveling  to Iran are cautious. How could this young man dare to travel so nonchalantly from Afghanistan through Dubai to Tehran and not expect to become a suspect?

Simplest solution would have been filing a petition to immigrate the grandmother and avoid walking into a trap. 


My prayer and sympathy for your family.

by faryarm on

My prayer and sympathy for your family.

IR is desperate,,, 


Another Hostage and Prisoner

by Faramarz on

I wish his family patience and I am sure that the State Department is doing all it can to bring him home to his parents.

Maryam Hojjat

I am sure He is Innocent But

by Maryam Hojjat on

Bastards IRR/IRI need daily attention by torturing innocent IRANIANs or others or treatening the world.