Koon quotes

Koon quotes
by Shorts

From Maryam J: i'm sure you've seen this but just in case i thought u'd get a kick out of it.

1. When you are excessively happy, tooye koonet aroosieh.

2. When you are teasing people, koonet mikhareh.

3. When you are lazy, koonet goshadeh.

4. When you are out in the cold, koonet yakh mizaneh.

5. When you loose something for no reason, koonet misouzeh.

6. When you work damn hard, koonet pareh misheh.

7. When you are scared and shaken, bargh az koonet mipareh.

8. When you are extremely frightened, an tou koonet Alaska misheh.

9. When you are damn tired, joon az koonet dar mireh.

10. When you are incredibly lucky, az koon shans myiari.

11. When you demonstrate disregard for someone, barash koon kaj mikoni.

12. When you give someone undue compliments, baad too koonesh mikoni.

13. When you have a very sharp vision, koonet ham cheshm dareh.

14. When you think very highly of yourself, az koone feel oftadi.

15. When something terrible happens, koone aasemoon zamin miad.

16. When you do not know what you are doing, saret ba koonet bazi mikoneh.


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It's not only an Iranian interest..

by Monda on

Italians have similar fascination and creativity with culo! 

I AM SEARCHING FOR THE JOAN BAEZ PERFORMANCE IN SF TOMORROW, 7/12 's ADDRESS. I search for Joan and I see her come up in all these sort of pieces that I had missed!:o) 

ebi amirhosseini

koon goshaad = Lazy

by ebi amirhosseini on

The reason I was late to comment !.

Koon Sooz(i) = hurting.

koon gohi = one who has done sth wrong.

Too koonesh aroosiye = He is very happy.He has been very lucky.

koon bache paak kon = baby wipe !!


Honar Nazdeh....

by Immortal Guard (not verified) on

Honar nazdeh Iraniaan hasto bas.


Darius Kadivar

by Derakhshandeh (not verified) on

Many years ago we were calling Connie Chung that name (koon chon tank :)

But I remember what you said from the 70s where it was actually a way to talk about people as in 2 beytee like the below but you can fill in the blanks:

Koon chon tank
oon chon mast

Koon chon tank
.... chon shah

Koon chon tank
.... chon mah

Koon chon tank
short chon tang!


Darius Kadivar

How About Koon Choon Tank ?

by Darius Kadivar on

The Sharky One ...


An old famous one

by ThePope on

Kerm-e koon daaree?!



by Majid on

What ever you say lil fish!

It was supposed to be a JOKE!!! get it?

Come back when you're ready to be a shark !


Pervert nation of Iran

by nemah (not verified) on

Iranian's obsession with ass has royal and religious roots....
Naseradin Shah va sorkh jamegan
Mulla and bache bazi


A couple of more...

by ThePope on

-khers-e koon soorakh (a fat lazy person)
-koon berehneh (bair naked, butt naked)
-koon berehnass (he's poor,,, has nothing)
-az koon aavordee (that was close,,, lucky)
-koonesho daari (are you courageous enough?)
-koonet paaras (you're doomed)
-aarvaaheh koonet (you wish)
-bereem too kooneh ham gereh bokhoreem (after making-up!!!) :)

Allo, koonpaanee!





Kooneh Lagheh hamatoon !!!

by jimzbund on

 typical tehrooni slang !

Bund, Jimz Bund


The lucky one

by One more (not verified) on

Baa koon rafteh to fesenjoon (he/she has been extremely lucky)



by shahram G (not verified) on

koonesh mikhare....he is asking for it


I went through these

by TheMrs on

I went through these quickly but I didn't see the most important one!



News Goffer

I've got one!

by News Goffer on


How about:


"Yaroo az khosh-hali ba koonesh Pepsi-Cola baaz mikoneh?"



by Anonymous-Koon (not verified) on

Soorakh-koon -> Asshole
Koon-deh -> (term of endearment netween (Male) friends)
Koon-Tabaghi -> Ass so wide you can carry stuff on it
Az Koonesh Pool Mirizeh -> Wealthy
Koon-Pareh -> Working Hard


Here is my last one

by امیر کبیر دست به یخه با آخوند محل (not verified) on

And my last one is

:کون کش

which means a "Gay Rights Activist".... LOL...just kidding


Here's a few more...

by ThePope on

-an dareh koonet geer kardeh (a slow walking/driving... person)
-mesleh kooneh bacheh (complementing a good clear skin)
-koonesho jer meedam (threatning someone)
-Az koon gijeh (dumb person)
-moosh too koonet balghoor shodeh (someone who's too silent)
-saret beh koonet penalty meezaneh (to a clumbsy person)
-koon golaabee (politely calling somenone an ass)
-koon-koonak baazi (homos in action!)
-koon taghcheyee (complementing a nice huge ass)
-koonesh gohee (a guilty person)
-az koon masteh (a dazed and "confused" person)
-az koonesh'am meekhoreh (he's in love!)


American Wife


by American Wife on

that looks like it hurts.


با اجازه



سرش با کونش بازی میکنه......( حواس پرت )

دندون‌های کونشم دیگه ریخته.......( خیلی‌ پیر )

گوز رو باید با انبر دست از کونش در آورد........( خیلی‌ بی‌ حال )

به کونش میگه دنبال من نیا، بو میدی...........(از خود راضی‌ )

از کون کیفه...............(مشدی مشنگ )

اگه کون من ده داشت که تو کدخداش بودی......(وقتی‌ یکی‌ بهت میگه ک....ده ) 


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

و البته، كون ليس.يعني چاپلوس.يعني ... (سانسور)


Here's one more...

by Anonymous-Koon (not verified) on

Az Koon Rafteh => He's too high

Party Girl

A Teachable Moment!

by Party Girl on


Shorts and JJ and Amirkabir, my three favorite Iranian.com characters, talking "harfa-ye bad-bad!"  I'm all ears and learning as we speak!  Truth be told, I'm also copying, pasting, and forwarding!  What can I say, I never miss an opportunity for "bad-amoozi!"


P.S.  My favorite related expression?  "Yaroo az khoshali tu koonesh naghareh mizaneh."



امیر کبیر بعد از حمله آلتزهایمر دوباره بیاد میاورد (not verified)

برو توی کونم تا سگ نگیرتت(خطاب به کسیکه از حد مجاز خارج شده)
کونش را بطرف ما کرده (به ما احترام نمیگذارد)
کون گهی (شخص وازده )
کون تلق تولوق (از اصطلاحات جنوب تهران بمعنی آدم عوضی)
از کون خوش است (آدم ساده لوح)
کونت را تکان بده، (خطاب به آدم تنبل)
کون گنده کردن( کسی که به تنبلی عادت کرده است (مثل مظفرالدین شاه قاجار))



امیر کبیر در کتابخانه ملی برای خدمت به میهن (not verified)

این هم چند تا گفته دیگر که جمع آوریتان کامل شود:

برو در کون خودت را بیل بزن(ناصحی که مرجعیت ندارد)
با کونش شیپور میزنه(خیلی خوشحال است)
با کونش نقاره میزنه (خیلی خوشحال است)
کونش را با شاخ گاو در میاندازه(خطر کردن و دل بر آب زدن)
زیر کونش علف سبز شده(انتظار طولانی)
برو در کونت را بگذار(خفه شو)
به کون عمه ات خندیدی ( به کسی که اغراق میکند گویند)
کونش را گذاشته طاقچه بال(خودش را گرفته)
کون آسمون پاره شد (باران گرفت)
کونش را ندارد (عرضه ندارد)
کون لقّش (فردی که بر او ترحم نشاید)

Jahanshah Javid

What a collection!

by Jahanshah Javid on

I had heard these all before but not all in one collection. Pretty hilarious, this Iranian obsession with ass. (Is it particularly Iranian?)