Iran is the Reason the UN Arms Trade Treaty was even Established

Iran is the Reason the UN Arms Trade Treaty was even Established
by SofiaM

The Ayatollah Khomeini is giggling in his grave at the news that the Islamic Republic has been elected to the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty post. Even post-mortum, his sinister goals of undermining and destabilizing the international community, continue to come true. I try my best to avoid debate for or against the UN, but in moments of absurdity, my voice mustn’t falter. Undoubtedly, this is one of those very moments. Iran today is the epicenter of weapons-smuggling. The Regime has smuggled weapons into the hands of Assad’s armies who continue to massacre Syrians, but has also been caught smuggling weapons to Hizbollah in Lebanon, and to militants all over Eastern Africa, including in the Sudan, home to this generation’s infamous Darfur Genocide. Yet with this knowledge, the fanatical regime is simply welcomed into an international committee monitoring the sales and trade of weapons internationally… is this a joke? Lets make sure we are on the same page, before I go on. This is the same Iran illegally building nuclear weapons, the same Iran that just a few days ago tested its new long-range “Shahab” Missile, the same Iran threatens to crush the West during every Friday morning sermon, the same Iran that has gotten caught time and time again trying to transfer arms and missiles to terrorists, and the same Iran who more often has succeeded in transferring those very destructive materials. Most regrettably, the same Iran that used, continues to use, and as long as the Regime is in power, will likely continue to use live artillery to calm its own peacefully protesting citizens. Good call UN, way to bring more stability to the world.


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