Hate it but again, you can not stop loving it

Soheil Samouhi
by Soheil Samouhi

It is a bit complicated. When I moved to US, we lived in Long Island, New York. I went to high school there and then college and then grad school. I was working on a cool project when the whole dot com era tanked and I had to take on a contract job in Downtown, Los Angeles (big move ey!) So I packed everything into my car on a Friday and drove to LA to start the job that following Monday. Well after working there for 9 month and getting engaged in the process, I got an offer from previous boss down in Dallas, Texas. And here I am for the past three years. I loved living and working in LA given its traffic and pollution, but the weather, the hill tops, the ocean, the ...........But Dallas is so much more convenient. Big roads, less traffic, better food, nicer people, and of course, a red state. But now married and looking to have some family around us to start talking about kids, we need either go back to NY (near my family) or go back to LA (her family) and of course she wins. I interviewed with AT&T infrastructure unit for southern California and so far they have liked me (I am hoping to get that position). But now I don't know whether I want to leave Dallas (where I can have a decent life, house, car and....) or live in LA again with all the "attributes" that comes with it. I guess we will see in the next couple of weeks whether I get the job or not and whether I get to live among my Los Angelesian Persian people again.