Congressman Seeking to Deport Iranians

Congressman Seeking to Deport Iranians
by sonofcyrus

If you are an Iranian in the US on a work visa or a student visa, Congressman J. Gresham Barrett (R-SC) thinks you are a national security threat and should be deported.

Rep. Barrett announced this week that he plans to reintroduce the Stop Terrorists Entry Program (STEP) Act, which he originally introduced in 2003. If passed, the bill would deport all Iranians on student visas, temporary work visas, exchange visas, and tourist visas from the United States within 60 days. It would also make it illegal for Iranians to travel to the United States, though some exceptions may be made for medical emergencies and political or religious asylum after extensive federal screening.

According to Rep. Barrett, he is reintroducing the STEP Act in response to the Fort Hood shooting, carried out by an American citizen, and the Christmas-day attempt to blow up an airplane over Detroit, attempted by a Nigerian national. The bill, however, targets citizens and residents of Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and Syria, along with Yemen.
At a time of increasing repression in Iran, this proposal may pose even greater burdens on Iranians seeking refuge abroad. Iranian Americans must unite to tell Congressman Barrett that this legislation is offensive to American principles, harmful to US interests and discriminates against Iranians and Iranian Americans.

Tell Congressman Barrett that you object to the STEP Act and call on him to reconsider his support for this shameful legislation. We encourage you to add your own personal story to the letter below and send it to Congressman Barrett today.

Send a letter now!


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

NIAC at its best

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


This shows NIAC at its best. This and a preservation of Persepolis artifacts. That is why I am going to support them. NIAC is not the right organization to bring democracy to Iran but it is the right one to defend interests of Iranian Americans in USA.

I urge others to sign NIAC's petition and work to prevent this asinine law.


Thank you Niac. Khoda avazet

by vildemose on

Thank you Niac. Khoda avazet bedeh agha


Rep. J. Gresham Barrett (SC-3) & Baha'is

by Nur-i-Azal on

Please note this is the same US House of Representatives member whose name is at the very top of the list of signatories 'resolving' against the Egyptian government on the Bahai question in 2008:


It appears that where this congressman is concerned human rights is only a one way, free flowing street when it applies to Baha'is, but a cul de sac when it concerns Muslims and Iranians. Such is the legendary hypocrisy of Uncle Sam and the various actors/patsies it uses to Wag-the-Dog in the Middle East.

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nip this draft bill in the bud - ACT NOW

by MM on

Next week, a stack of electronic letters, sent through NIAC and others, will be delivered to each congressperson.  It is still not late to join others in protesting this draft bill.  Click on the link and send the electronic form-letter of protest. Stop Terrorists Entry Program (STEP) Act  (took me ca. 1 minute)


You do not like NIAC?  Then, copy their form-letter and sent it yourself to your congressman.  Or, find another venue to protest. 

You want this bill to pass?   Well, still write, but just vent your anger properly.


David Elliott

NIAC wrote the story and mobilized IAs

by David Elliott on


I love your question, since what you just read was written by NIAC. NIAC broke this story and alerted our community of this discriminatory legislation. (See my article here: //

We've also helped over 1,500 speak out through our action alert. Join in: //


HG: I agree. But this kind

by vildemose on

HG: I agree. But this kind of shenanigans should stop. We need to let them know we are present and watching their every move.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

this congressman wants attention.  do you remember the senator from south carolina who interrupted obama in his state of the union speech last year and yelled at him "you lie"?  he raised a million dollars for his re-election campaign in just one week even though he was pressured by the g.o.p. to apologize.  that's how the right-wing south carolinians and republicans reward their politicians for this type of behavior.  this legislation is going nowhere and there are a lot of crackpot legislation by congressmen to give the impression to their consituents that they've been working against terrorism.


NIAC is actually involved

by Cost-of-Progress on

see the link






Where is NIAC and Where is

by vildemose on

Where is NIAC and Where is Reza Pahlavi?

Has anyone contacted this Cogressman? Is he aware of the ongoing holocaust in Iran?? This has nothing to do with terrorism. It's pure racism on Mr. South Carolina.


Please contact his office and try to shame him on exploiting the terrorism issue to enforce his racist immigration agenda. Is he aware of what's going on in Iran??

Be nice though.

Kamran Ramyar


by Kamran Ramyar on

Without further ado....Congressman Barrett can kiss my hairy iranian ass! 

Alice In Wonderland

lol that's weird.

by Alice In Wonderland on

from 11 sept. 2001 each terrorist attack done was from arabic/african groups....yeah iranian government is terrorist/garbage etc......but iranian people are not terrorist! I can't understand why they consider iranians like that.....I hope that this bill will not pass!


Dear mannya - vent your anger into the right channel

by MM on


I see where you are coming from.  However, Camp Ashraf and the names of all those MKO tugs have been in the hands of the State Department since 2003.  Right now, MKO is in the list of terrorist organizations and it is even harder for them to get in here than my brother.  However, if they wanted to make an exception for MKO to come in, they do not need Barrett's law and will make a proviso to let them in.  Instead of venting your anger towards all Iranians, please do write your letter to Barrett, thank him for his concerns and ask him to target the list of the MKO members in the State Department, the list of suspected AlQuada members, the known IRI government agents as well as anyone else you have concerns about.    


I have a lot more respect for the brave people of Iran whose ancestors gave the world its first human rights document 2500 years ago and whose descendents want nothing more than to be free. 

Mola Nasredeen

Deport Congressman J. Gresham Barrett (R-SC) to Iran!

by Mola Nasredeen on

Said Hazrate shotor.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There is nothing legitimate about IRR which is an Tazi occupation "government". It is because of them that we have to do damage control. If Iran had a legitimate and democratic government there would not even be an issue.

Instead of taking care of Iranian people IRR prefers to spend its effort deliberately baiting US and the West.  The reaction is not a surprise. Anyway people of Iranian origin are actually very peaceful and have a great record of being law abiding in general. The big exception is the MKO terrorists who are a danger. I would not put it past them to try something and then try to hang it around IRRs neck. Lets hope it does not happen.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Reactionary and stupid "congressman"

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Not all but some people from the south have a need for bigotry. Since they were told they can no longer discriminate against blacks they are looking for a substitute. Unfortunately radical Islam is providing them with an easy target.

Of course there have never been any Iranians involved in airplane
related terrorism. But trying to explain that to a redneck from SC is a waste of time. Thankfully he is just one person and needs to get his bill through congress. 

We should respond  through organizations like NIAC and PAAIA. All the people who trash NIAC: this is just the sort of thing it is there for. To protect our interested and prevent unfair discrimination against Iranians.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

هر کسی‌ که نوکر جمهوری اسلامی است و در امریکا به نوکری و کاسه لیسی‌ مشغول است،باید به ایران پس داده شود !


Iranians source of concern- for real

by mannya2001 on

with President Obama's initiative to open a line of communication & dialogue with the rightful and internationally recognized government of the Islamic Republic of Aria Land, it is of particular concern to me that certain individuals in the United States have taken a sharp and aggressive stand against this dialogue.

It is particularly alarming to me that such individuals of Iranian origin might in coordination with the Mujaheddin Khalq Org. ( a terrorist grouplet per US State Dept) arrive in the United States under the pretext of  students, tourists, temp workers, religious/politcal asylees to the land of George Washington. 

In the not too distant past, Al Qaeda took advantage of relaxed visa requirements to send over 19 terrorists from Saudi Arabia and Egypt  to send a strong message to the US public and government  its strong opposition to US foreign policy.

It is my fear, that in coming months and years, particularly during Mr Obama's presidency, certain Iranians might show a proclivity to terrorist actions against United States interests in and outside of US territories.

Hence, I kindly ask the Congressman to temporarily halt all US visas to Iranian nationals and halt all US legal permanant residency applications from Iranian nationals.  Until further notice from US Homeland Security Department regarding terrorist threats from certain thrid world countries, we urge you to fast track and speed this amendment.

yours sincerely,

manny a.b


Stop this discriminatory act by writing a letter/email - ACT

by MM on

Barrett introduced a similar bill in 2003, 2005 and now 2010.   

Stop this discriminatory act: Let's stop this nonsense by sending electronic form-letters or emails to your congressman objecting to this bill.  The link in this blog has a form-letter that can be sent in less than a minute.  And, tell your friends to stop this guy also.  You are welcome to write the email/letter yourself without NIAC, but please ACT.


Question of the day

by Proud_To_Be_Anonymous on

Now that the Underwear bomber has blown up his nuts, how is he going to deal with 72 virgins?!  LOL


As Yugi Berra said "it is Déjà vu all over again"

by MM on

There was a similar draft bill in ca. 2005 that was co-sponsored by my congressman regarding the deportation of all Iranian visitors, H1, F1 and other Iranian visa holders as well as banning the issuance of ALL visas to persons of Iranian origin.  We had an electronic form-letter writing campaign to the members of Congress, and I personally wrote a 2-page email to my congress about this issue.  Needless to say, the bill never got off the ground.

Now, we see a similar bill pop up again "it is Déjà vu all over again".  I think we will do a similar writing campaign, but this time I will provide a proviso in my letter for folks like mannya2001 and .......

PS, If you are wondering, Yugi Berra is a famous baseball player with quotes that look wrong but make perfect sense 


First thing first

by bahram9821 on

Rep. Barrett lets stop people like Underwear bomber first who was trying to blow up 250+ innocent people then worry about Iranians. Let see what happened, 1- He paid cash for his ticket 2- He had no luggage, 3- He bought a one way ticket 4- His name was on the list  5- His daddy call the Embassy saying my little boy is a terrorist 6- He boarded 3 different planes without any problems 7- He set his nuts on fire,then passengers stopped him. I believe nutcases like him are a lot more dangerous to this country than a poor Iranian student.



by Faramarz_Fateh on

Islam before Iran or Islam before U.S. results in a regime like the IRI and an act like 9/11

The only thing mixed up here is someone like you who in the second decade of the 21st century believes in 1400 year old stuff, highly modified by a bunch of morons called akhoonds, ayatollah and hojattolislam etc. 


Constituents consumption

by Proud_To_Be_Anonymous on

He is saying this for his constituents consumption.  After all, he is from South Carolina.  What we should be concerned about is having some idiots amoung us like Faramarg who do not understand the issues and mix everything up.


By similar logic, we'll throw you and your whole alien clan

by Hovakhshatare on

out of Iran, manny2001

Meanwhile, the only bill that'll accept your support is the one that'll go up your you know where.


i will support this bill

by mannya2001 on

they have the right.  Afterall, everyone that comes over to the US has no plans to go back. 

it';s their country!!! Duh!



It won't work, however it should never get to a vote and we can

by Hovakhshatare on

stop it by doing what was done to Harman not long ago: //

who after making remarks on dividing Iran, was forced to apologize and back pedal and admit that goh khord as we say.


Anyone who puts Islam

by Faramarz_Fateh on

ahead of the U.S. should be stopped from entering U.S.

As a matter of fact, even U.S. citizens who put Islam ahead of U.S. should be deported back to an Islamic country of their choice.


What's next?

by sonofcyrus on

Numbers tattooed on our wrists and being placed in internment camps?