“Asghar, we are really indebted to you!”


Soosan Khanoom
by Soosan Khanoom

A Letter from the Leading Actor of "A Separation" to Asghar Farhadi

Dear Asghar Farhadi,

I wanted to write this letter as soon as I came back from the Golden Globe ceremony and the meeting with Los Angeles film critics where I was present with you and our film. However, I was so busy preparing my first film, Snow on Pines, that I couldn’t do it.

When my film received the Audience’s Choice Award in the closing ceremony of Fajr International Film Festival, I remembered you; you who have always known, and still know, the value of your homeland, our homeland. I told myself, it is time to write this letter especially as we were just 10 days away from the Academy Award ceremony. I will tell you what is the relationship between that ceremony, that remembrance, and the value of people and their views.

A visual error of us, humans, is that when we see something from close range, we do not generally appreciate its grandeur. The recent trip and new experiences that I gained by seeing and hearing reactions to “A Separation” with you, have greatly helped me to avoid of making such error. I am sure that many Iranian people will be delighted after reading about these reactions, especially at a time that a certain group is trying to make a connection between the film’s success and politics on imaginary grounds. This is enough motivation for me to write and publish this letter.

Further reactions may also lead to rumors which are not very important. There is an old saying: “Only one thing is worth than having somebody biting your back: that you don’t have anybody to do that!”

In the early leg of the recent trip, when Mahmoud Kalari was accompanying you in eastern parts of America and was witness to appreciation given to the film by New York film critics, he called to tell me that the film is in for a very singular experience. I was really amazed.

Kalari said the main point was that we have lived with cinema and have been watching films and film ceremonies for long years; now we tell ourselves that we are going to see some big names in such ceremonies. Out of a sudden, we came to realize that this time it is them who are waiting to see us! This is the property of big films.

Past experiences, of course, decrease the amount of amazement or excitement that usually accompany such reactions, but never completely obliterate it. Later on, I felt the feeling which was hidden behind Kalari’s words bit by bit. When Woody Allen, whom you always saw as a source of innovation, sent you a message through his sister that, as usual, he cannot - or does not want - to attend the ceremony, but would like to meet us in New York and talk about the film, it was then that I realized the true meaning of what he had already said about the film: Allen had noted that for years, he did not expect neither our cinema, nor cinema in general, to create something which would have such a great impact on him!

When Thomas Langmann, the son of the famous and recently deceased French producer, Claude Berri, who is producer of The Artist and winner of many prizes, said that when everybody was lauding his film, he saw our film and he wished he had been its producer, everything made more perfect sense.

When Brad Pitt said on the night before press conference of the Golden Globe ceremony that he had watched The Separation on DVD [with Angelina Jolie] and in the middle of the opening sequence at court, Angelina Jolie has paused the film after seeing the fight between the couple, has been very touched, has waited for some time and watched it again, I became more confident. When Angelina Jolie asked you about your next film and plainly said she wanted to be in your film and when you answered her by saying that your leading actress would be speaking French and she said that she could learn French by the time you start making your film, I simply felt proud.

When Meryl Streep asked you about details of directing or acting in different sequences of the film and eagerly noted that she would like to work with you; when Steven Spielberg said he believed that A Separation would be the best film of the year with a wide margin; when David Fincher spent half an hour to talk to you and tell you about his viewpoints; when some famous filmmakers said they had not seen the film, but had heard a lot about it from Francis Ford Coppola and were very curious; when Alexander Payne, who won Golden Globes for the best film and directing, became your close associate of those days only due to his interest in your film and said both in the Golden Globe ceremony and in the critics session that he had been trying to send you positive energy when you were talking on stage; when other people whose names I am not allowed to mention here noted that they have put your film on the list of their favorite films of the past two or three year; I just realized what borders you have transcended and what summits you have captured in the hearts of people who see tens of great films or make one of two of them every year.

During the Critics’ Choice Award ceremony, when the great Bob Dylan was performing a very beautiful piece on the stage and we were talking about the pleasure that it gave us to see and hear his performance, we were told about the amazing comments he had given about our film. This is just part of what I heard and saw. Let the rest of it remain for another time, especially what happened between you and Robert De Niro whose story I wish Mr. Kalari will tell some day.

Dear Asghar Farhadi, in the press conference of the Golden Globe Awards, one of four or five times that the audience exceptionally applauded you was when you answered a question about how you have managed to make such a film despite all limitations in Iran. You said, “Nobody had forced me to make a film in there with all limitations. It was my own will and the story I had, which called on me to make the film in that place and under those conditions. And for making this film, you just imagine that everything was just the same way that I wanted them to be.”

You said, “I don’t want to say that filmmaking conditions are ideal in my country, but the image you have of filmmaking in Iran is also not accurate.” I remembered your words when, amid your conversations, works and different interviews, you told me about another film which you said you were going to make in Tehran in future and that you love it very much.

Another thing you said which elicited audience’s applause was when you pointed out that differences among people in various parts of the world were much fewer than their similarities, but it was more to the benefit of politics to exaggerate differences and gaps and put more emphasis on them.

These days when in Iran, news about your film serve as a means of expanding culture and even some people who are not usually interested in cultural events have been encouraged to follow up cultural news; these days when felicitations from every colleague, friend, passers-by in the street, and even at the hospital rooms when I went to hospitalize and discharge my father, inspire you with hope; I remember your words. Yes, differences among people and their human emotions in different parts of the world are very few. However, the benefit [of politicians] that you talked about has permeated everywhere so powerfully that this very people who saw me on the street kept asking me “Didn’t they bother you when you were leaving the United States?”

A banner in Iran congratulating Asghar Farhadi

During the ceremony, I was very happy to hear your speech like millions of other Iranians. Looking from the stage, you could see how all big names of cinema whose works you had seen through your life and about whom you had read many things, were staring at you; as if the love and energy of the Iranian people had helped us to stand firm in that place. The moment that you talked about your people, I knew that millions of people in our country are staring at us and you, supported by their love, mentioned them instead of talking about your loved ones; and to tell the truth Asghar, how pleasant it was to be an Iranian up there.

The value you attach to this people will become better related to you representing them when one remembers what an American critic had written about A Separation. He wrote if anybody wanted to threaten Iran, they better first watch this movie to know with what people they are dealing and change their mind.

When a film has such an achievement and such an influence, it means that you have fulfilled your duty to your people even more than what you said in eulogy of your nation. Now, it is not important whether the movie wins Oscars for the best “foreign movie” or the best “screenplay.” The more important thing is how this movie has inspired this people with hope, enthusiasm, and a sense of honor.

It is for the sake of that hope, enthusiasm and honor that I want to raise my voice hundreds times above the cry that I let out at Berlinale hall after you won your award from Berlin Festival and say, “Asghar, we are really indebted to you!”



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Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Thanks Soosan Khanoom jan for the response. And PS I really like your new logo! :- ))

Soosan Khanoom

Afsaneh jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am sorry for my late reply..  Somehow I missed your post.   

Yes, it seems to be from the lead actor and it has been published in many places.  

Now on your second question,

I can only guess here cause I am not the writer of this letter.

I think words can be expressed better if they are written. I have seen many who have chosen this method as a way of their appriciation. Think of it as a little " Thank You " note send to a friend.  





Hafez for Beginners

thanks + 2 questions

by Hafez for Beginners on

This is a very interesting letter, Soosan Khanoom! Thank you!

2 questions: 

- Is it actually from the lead actor, who was incredible in the movie in my view.

- Why did he write the director a letter, rather than speak to him directly? I don't get that. 

Soosan Khanoom

you're welcome Sean

by Soosan Khanoom on

: )


Thank you Soosan Khanoom

by Sean-K on

very much. It reads so much better in Farsi

Soosan Khanoom

The letter in Farsi

by Soosan Khanoom on

اصغر فرهادي عزيز
از زمان بازگشتم از مراسم گلدن‌گلوب و حلقه منتقدان لس‌آنجلس كه همراه با تو و فيلم‌مان در آن حاضر بودم، مي‌خواستم اين نامه را بنويسم؛ اما تلاش براي آماده شدن فيلم اولم «برف روي كاج‌ها»، مجال مناسبي باقي نگذاشت. در مراسم پاياني جشنواره فجر، وقتي فيلمم جايزه بهترين فيلم از نگاه مردم را مي‌گرفت، ياد تو افتادم. تو كه هميشه قدردان مردم سرزمينت، سرزمين‌مان، بودي و هستي؛ و با خودم گفتم حالا وقت اين نامه است. به‌خصوص كه كمتر از 10روز ديگر به برپايي مراسم اسكار مانده؛ و خواهم گفت ربط اين ماجرا با آن ياد و ارزش مردم و نظرشان چيست. 

يكي از خطاهاي ديد آدمي، اين است كه وقتي چيزي را از نزديك تجربه مي‌كند، متوجه عظمت آن نمي‌شود. سفر و تجربه‌هاي اخيري كه با ديدن و شنيدن واكنش‌هاي مختلف نسبت به «جدايي نادر از سيمين» در كنارت داشتم، به تلاشم براي اينكه دچار اين خطاي ديد نشوم، بسيار كمك كرد. مطمئنم خيلي از مردم ايران از خواندن اين واكنش‌ها شادمان خواهند شد. خصوصا در روزهايي كه عده‌اي تلاش دارند، موفقيت‌هاي اين فيلم را به دلايل واهي به سياست ربط دهند و همين انگيزه براي من كافي است تا اين نامه را بنويسم و منتشر كنم. واكنش‌هاي ديگري هم كه پيش مي‌آيد، ممكن است حرف‌هايي را در پي داشته باشد كه چندان اهميتي ندارد. از قديم مي‌گفتند هميشه بدتر از اين‌كه پشت سرت حرف بزنند، اين است كه پشت سرت هيچ حرفي نزنند! همان اوايل سفر اخير، وقتي محمود كلاري كه در شرق آمريكا و در تجربه تحسين شدن فيلم در حلقه منتقدان نيويورك همراهت بود، در تماس تلفني به من گفت كه تجربه بسيار عجيبي در مورد اين فيلم در انتظارمان است، به قدر كافي تعجب كردم.

كلاري مي‌گفت نكته اساسي اين است كه ما با سينما زندگي كرده‌ايم و سال‌هاي سال فيلم و مراسم سينمايي را ديده‌ايم؛ و حالا به خودمان مي‌گوييم قرار است بعضي از نام‌هاي بزرگ را در اين‌گونه مراسم ببينيم، در حالي كه اين بار در كمال تعجب، آنها منتظرند تا ما را ببينند! و اين خاصيت فيلم‌هاي بزرگ است. تجربه‌هاي قبلي البته ميزان تعجب يا هيجان آدم را از اين واكنش‌ها كمتر مي‌كند. اما هرگز آن را از بين نمي‌برد. حس پشت حرف كلاري را بعدا ذره‌ذره لمس كردم. وقتي وودي آلن كه هميشه در نظرم سرچشمه خلاقيت بوده، به واسطه خواهرش برايت پيغام داده بود كه طبق معمول نمي‌تواند - يا نمي‌خواهد - به مراسم بيايد ولي دوست دارد در نيويورك ما را ملاقات و درباره فيلم صحبت كند، تازه فهميدم آنچه از قول او درباره فيلم شنيده بودم، چه معنايي داشت: آلن گفته بود سال‌ها بود نه‌تنها از سينماي ما، بلكه به‌طور كلي از سينما انتظار نداشته كه در اين دوران بتواند چيزي بيافريند كه چنين تاثيري روي او بگذارد! 

وقتي توماس لانگمن پسر كلود بري، كارگردان و تهيه‌كننده مشهور و تازه درگذشته فرانسوي كه خودش تهيه‌كننده فيلم آرتيست و برنده انبوهي جايزه است، مي‌گفت همه دارند از محصول من تعريف مي‌كنند اما وقتي فيلم تو را ديدم، آرزو كردم كه كاش من آن را تهيه كرده بودم، همه چيز داشت معناي كامل‌تري پيدا مي‌كرد. وقتي براد پيت مي‌گفت شب قبل از برگزاري جلسه مطبوعاتي گلدن‌گلوب، دي‌وي‌دي جدايي نادر از سيمين را در دستگاه گذاشته‌اند و در ميانه‌هاي همان صحنه دادگاه اول فيلم، آنجلينا جولي با ديدن آن جدل زناشويي فيلم را نگه داشته، متاثر شده، فاصله‌اي انداخته و بعد از چند لحظه باز تماشا را ادامه داده‌اند، اطمينانم بيشتر شد وقتي آنجلينا جولي درباره كار بعدي‌ات پرسيد و ساده و راحت درخواست كرد كه در فيلمت بازي كند و در پاسخ حرفت كه گفتي شخصيت زن فيلمت فرانسوي زبان است و گفت تا آن تاريخ مي‌تواند زبان فرانسه ياد بگيرد، من غرق در غرور شدم. 

وقتي مريل استريپ درباره جزييات كارگرداني يا بازي صحنه‌هاي مختلف فيلم مي‌پرسيد و با اشتياق گفت دوست دارد با تو كار كند، وقتي استيون اسپيلبرگ گفته بود كه اعتقاد دارد جدايي نادر از سيمين با فاصله زياد بهترين فيلم امسال دنياست، وقتي ديويد فينچر نيم‌ساعت وقت گذاشت تا با تو حرف بزند و نظرهايش را بگويد، وقتي چند سينماگر سرشناس مي‌گفتند كه فيلم را نديده‌اند اما تعريف‌هاي زياد فرانسيس فورد كوپولا را درباره آن شنيده‌اند و خيلي كنجكاوند، وقتي الكساندر پين كه خودش گلدن‌گلوب فيلم و كارگرداني را گرفت فقط به دليل علاقه به فيلم تو در طول آن روزها به يكي از نزديك‌ترين دوستان هم صحبت‌ات بدل شده بود و در هر دو مراسم گلدن‌گلوب و حلقه منتقدان لس‌آنجلس مي‌گفت در طول حرف‌هايت روي صحنه سعي مي‌كرده انرژي مثبت به سمت تو بفرستد. 

وقتي ديگراني كه مجاز نيستم نام‌شان را بياورم، از فيلمت به عنوان يكي از محبوب‌ترين‌هاي فهرست شخصي‌شان در دو، سه سال اخير ياد مي‌كردند، تازه درست دستگيرم شد كه فيلم در دل آدم‌هايي كه سالي ده‌ها فيلم بزرگ و تاثيرگذار مي‌بينند يا يكي‌، دوتايش را هر سال مي‌سازند، چه مرزهايي را درنورديده و چه قله‌هايي را فتح كرده است. در مراسم برگزيدگان منتقدان آمريكا
(Critics’ Choice Award) كه باب ديلن بزرگ قطعه جديد بسيار زيبايي را روي صحنه اجرا كرد، ما از لذت شنيدن و ديدن اجرايش حرف مي‌زديم و به ما گفتند اگر مي‌دانستيد خود باب درباره فيلم‌تان با چه لذتي حرف مي‌زد، چه مي‌گوييد.

 و اين تازه بخشي از آن چيزي است كه من شنيدم و ديدم. باقي‌اش بماند براي روزگاري ديگر، مخصوصا داستان تو و رابرت دنيرو كه اميدوارم آقاي كلاري روزي تعريفش كند. اصغر فرهادي عزيز، در جلسه مطبوعاتي ويژه گلدن‌گلوب، يكي از چهار، پنج باري كه حاضران به شكلي استثنايي در ميان حرف‌هاي تو دست زدند، در جواب سوالي بود كه مي‌پرسيد چطور با محدوديت‌هاي توي ايران چنين فيلمي‌ساخته‌اي. گفتي هيچ‌كس مرا مجبور نكرده بود آنجا با وجود محدوديت‌ها فيلم بسازم، خواست خودم و قصه‌اي كه داشتم، طوري بود كه بايد همانجا و با همان شرايط ساخته مي‌شد و براي ساخت اين فيلم شما فكر كنيد همه چيز همان‌طور كه من دلم مي‌خواسته فراهم بوده است. گفتي نمي‌خواهم بگويم شرايط فيلمسازي در كشورم آرماني است، اما تصويري هم كه شما از فيلمسازي در ايران داريد، خيلي دقيق نيست. اين حرف‌هايت وقتي يادم آمد كه لابه‌لاي حرف‌ها و كارها و مصاحبه‌هاي مختلف، به من راجع به طرحي مي‌گفتي كه قرار است در آينده در تهران بسازي و آن را خيلي دوست داري. 

حرف ديگرت كه باز به تشويق حاضران آن جلسه انجاميد، همان بود كه گفتي تفاوت‌هاي مردمان نقاط مختلف دنيا بسيار كمتر از شباهت‌هايشان است، اما به نفع سياست است كه تفاوت‌ها و فاصله‌ها را بيشتر جلوه دهد و بر آنها تاكيد كند. اين روزها كه در ايران خبر جوايز فيلم تو حتي مانند نوعي گسترش فرهنگي عمل مي‌كند و از جمله، گاهي حتي طيف‌هايي را به پيگيري اخبار فرهنگي وامي‌دارد كه به طور معمول هيچ كاري به اتفاق‌هاي هنري نداشتند، اين روزها كه تبريك‌هاي هر همكار و هر دوست، هر رهگذر خيابان و حتي هر بيمار اتاق‌هاي بيمارستاني كه براي بستري كردن و ترخيص پدرم به آن پا گذاشتم، اميد را در دل آدم مي‌كارد و مي‌پروراند، ياد همان حرفت مي‌افتم. بله، بين مردمان مختلف دنيا و احساس‌هاي انساني‌شان، تفاوت‌ها ناچيز است. اما آن نفعي كه گفتي، آنقدر همه جا رخنه كرده كه همين مردم اين روزها در گذر و خيابان از من مي‌پرسند وقتي از آمريكا برگشتي، كاري با تو نداشتند؟ در خود مراسم، چه حال خوبي بود وقتي من هم مثل ميليون‌ها ايراني حرف‌هايت را موقع دريافت جايزه شنيدم. از آن بالا كه چشم مي‌انداختي، مي‌ديدي همه بزرگان سينما كه عمري كارهايشان را ديده‌اي و درباره‌شان خوانده‌اي، بهت زل زده‌اند؛ و انگار عشق و انرژي مردم ايران باعث شده بود ما آنجا محكم بايستيم. آن لحظه‌اي كه تو از مردم ياد كردي، مي‌دانستم ميليون‌ها نفر در كشورمان هم به ما زل زده‌اند و تو به پشتوانه عشق‌شان، به جاي هر عزيز ديگرت از آنها ياد كردي؛ و راستش اصغر، آن بالا چه حالي داد ايراني بودن. قدر و منزلتي كه تو براي اين مردم قايلي، زماني با آن نمايندگي كردن به‌درستي پيوند مي‌خورد كه حرف آن منتقد آمريكايي را به ياد بياوريم؛ كه در يادداشتي بر جدايي نادر از سيمين نوشته بود: «اگر مي‌خواهيد تهديدي نثار اين كشور كنيد، بهتر است قبل از آن اين فيلم را ببيند، تا بدانيد با چه مردماني روبه‌روييد، تا در تصميم خود تجديد‌نظر كنيد.» 

اينكه يك فيلم بتواند چنين دستاوردي، چنين تاثيري داشته باشد، يعني اينكه تو بارها بيشتر از آن جمله‌هايي كه در ستايش مردمان ديارمان مي‌گويي، دين خودت را به آنها ادا كرده‌اي. حالا ديگر واقعا مهم نيست كه فيلم در يكي از دو رشته «فيلم خارجي» و «فيلمنامه» كه نامزد شده، جايزه آكادمي را بگيرد يا نه. مهم‌تر اين است كه اين فيلم در طول اين مدت به اين مردم اميد، اشتياق و افتخار بخشيد. براي همين اميد، اشتياق و افتخار است كه مي‌خواهم با صدايي صد بار بلندتر از آن فريادي كه بعد از جايزه گرفتن‌ات در جشنواره برلين، در سالن برليناله پالاس برآوردم، فرياد بزنم: «اصغر؛ خيلي چاكريم!»

Soosan Khanoom

Nevermind... I found it

by Soosan Khanoom on

It is weird. There are several versions which I took a quick look at... perhaps there are more than just one letter ... but the one I am going to post is the one ....


Soosan Khanoom

Good Question Sean ...

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Last night I ran into the the English translation of the letter on Payvand news but I didn't think to search for the original Farsi.. I have just searched online and I am not able to find the entire letter in farsi ... There is perhaps part of the letter or if not another one which I found in Farsi. I am going to post separately ... 

And thanks Everyone for taking your time reading and commenting.   




Soosan Khanoom

by Sean-K on

do you know where i can find the original farsi version? Of course I am just assuming that the original is in farsi.

thanks in advance

Do Not Shoot Me

Incredible letter

by Do Not Shoot Me on

Now I am curious to know what happened between Farhadi and Robert De Niro. It must have been another great exchange.   

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

I found time to sit and read this letter.

I quoted a couple of paragraphs from the letter on a different thread (Aynak's).

Reading this letter made me smile, thanks for posting it here.

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

The value you attach to this people will become better related to you representing them when one remembers what an American critic had written about A Separation. He wrote if anybody wanted to threaten Iran, they better first watch this movie to know with what people they are dealing and change their mind. "

Soosan Khanoom

To Admin

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I know ... I know .... but let this heartfelt letter stay in my blog rather than be moved and get vansished in the pages of the news section.  


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