Come , Let's Fall In Love Again


Soosan Khanoom
by Soosan Khanoom

 I am very much into studying the spiritual aspect of all the religions. ........ By doing so I have come to this conclusion that almost all the religions, abrahamic and non abrahamic , have so much in common to the point that one can say they all are one...... Truly, religion’s goal, and the reason religions were formed, was to support the innate striving to be human, to be closer to the ideals of humanity. I believe religion and faith come from the heart, that religion is not about dogma, but about treating others the way you want to be treated, about forgiveness, and about love . 

I am also  saddened by the literalist/ extremist interpretation of the holy books in general. The holy books have enough subtleness to allow some people to highlight specific words and twist them to support their ideas and take sentences out of context....... Why did they have to be so subtle that the average person may be sucked into that literalism? That is my biggest problem with religion....... The idea that it takes a higher level of understanding and for lack of better description “brain power” to understand what religion wants us to do............

Sometimes I ask myself what is the use of it if a bigger percentage of people are going to take it wrong and use it to kill each other?....... Why couldn’t the creator be more clear to lessen the sadness and suffering in the world?.......Why allow millions to be killed in his/her name? ......  

Having said that I should also say if all the actual figures who brought us the abrahamic and non abrahamic religions were alive today, they sure would have been standing together hand in hand singing the song of Love & Peace.........  That is the main point of their teachings.  Let us hope to be among those that only see the point and struggle to live based on that.  

After all there is only ONE God and we are all ONE.  

let's fall
in love
let's turn
all the dirt
in this world
to shiny gold

let's be
a new spring
a love reborn
find our aroma
from the essence
of all who
emit heavenly fragrance
like a fresh tree
bloom and spread
all the blessings

right from inside






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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”-- Mohandas K. Gandhi


Love, peace and health

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Love, peace and health are interconnected.  The major challenge is that one has to love himself first. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”-- Mohandas K. Gandhi