I Smell You Mother

I Smell You Mother
by Soosan Khanoom

I smell you mother
Far from our home 
Your scent
Your good,
great scent
Is more delicious
than any other smell in my nose; 
Your voice
Your melodious,
musical voice, 
that calls me
In the way nobody has ever called,, 
Is a note of support,


A song of familiarity,
forgiveness in my ears;
And your face
Your beautiful,
sorrowful face
Is the most elaborate picture in my memory
Is a mirror in which
I see Me.
Oh, Mother!
No matter how far away you are
I kiss you
In a poem,
and in silence
Since your love in my heart
Doesn't know any border Or distance.

By Nima Yooshij  


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Soosan Khanoom

OMG !! Doctor Mohandes

by Soosan Khanoom on

I searched by her name and found all the old ( funny ) treasures by her ... Thanks a bunch  : )

Me and my firends used to try singing with that accent ... it was halrious ! 

Gole Sangham 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

That would be Emel sayn or sayen.

faramarz's ex main squeez:))))

Awsome poem:0

Soosan Khanoom

The only Turky singer I

by Soosan Khanoom on

The only Turky singer I listened to was the one who came to the Gharib Afshar's show singing "Aziz Joon" ... which sounded so funny !  I can not even remember her name ...

Spring is a beautiful season to enjoy life .... cheer up dear RW . 

: ) 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این ترانه برخواسته از آن احساسی‌ است که شاعر به مادرش داشته است و چون نزدیک به احساسِ خواننده بوده،آهنگ به این زیبائی درآمده است.

بلی سوسن خانم جان،همان است که لطف فرمودید و به انگلیسی ترجمه کردید،اولین بار در آن زمان که در ایران بودیم،این ترانه را شنیدیم... زبانِ زیبای ترکی‌ استانبولی،به اضافه هنرمندی توانا چو زکی مورن ... آنچنان زیبا به گوش می‌‌رسد که حد و حساب ندارد.

مادرِ مادرم (که ما ایشان را خانم جان می‌‌نامیدیم) زیاد با این قضیه ۱/۸ آذری و ترکِ خاندانِ پدری ما رابطه خوبی‌ نداشت اما با این خواننده (موسیقی‌ کلاسیک؛ مجلسی ترکیه) احساسِ خوبی‌ داشت... دل‌ گیرانه است یاد آوری این خاطرات... افسردگی کامل در این بهارِ نه چندان بهاری شکل... راهِ حل چیست ؟ ... تصورِ لبخندِ مادرم که ایشان بسیار زیبا هستند و با این لبخند صد چندان.

با سپاس از شما ...

Soosan Khanoom

Red Wine Aziz

by Soosan Khanoom on

Just got a chance to listen to the music. What a beautiful song. Thank you.

I don't know turkish so I searched for the translation ...Is that it?  it has powerful meaning!

Like a memory that stayed in the past

Open your mercy arms to me

The nights are very cold, silent and dark

I'm cold, cover me mother

Mother, I'd like you to be with me

I would sleep on your knees

You are prayer on my tongue, dream in my eyes

I want you so much, I'm yearning for you mother

I woke up and looked for you

I looked at my left and my right

Üsüdüm, üstümü örtsene anne





A very touching poem.

by Albaloo on

A very touching poem. 

Do Not Shoot Me

Sosan Iranian men aren't that angle when it comes to MIL

by Do Not Shoot Me on

Soosan Iranian men aren't  that angle when it comes to MIL !

Q:  What do you do if you miss your MIL??




Soosan Khanoom

Good point dear anglophile !!

by Soosan Khanoom on

Women especially Iranian women are simply jealous... It is ok for them to love their own mothers and they make sure that their husbands love her as much too. Unfortunately when it comes to their mother-in-laws, they not only hate them but they make sure that their husbands hate their own mothers as much too ... so this poem if it's read by an Iranian man is going to be a weapon of marriage destruction .. lol

As an Iranian woman I hate this side of us ...  I truly do !

I actually happen to believe that if a man loves his mother and sisters and respect them he will be doing the same towards his wife.  But the jealousy among iranian women has made us blind.  

Soosan Khanoom

Faramrz jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

That is why I like this poem so much .... it is about a mother that we all have.. . 

The best thing ever that happened in anyone's life... 

thank you for stopping by and thank you for the heartfelt comment

: ) 


The Scent of a Mother

by Faramarz on

Soosan Khanoom,

Thank you and a great job.

Your translation of the poem reminded me of the first time that my mother came here to visit me after I started college.

Her room smelled like Iran, her suitcase like childhood memories and my kitchen like Sheeveed and Shanbalileh!

Soosan Khanoom

Everyone thank you for

by Soosan Khanoom on

Everyone thank you for taking your time, reading this beautiful poem, and thank you for your comments.

Dear Divaneh

I have actually done some translational work on a few persian poems. An American poet friend of mine once told me that I should be doing it more often. I will do so if a poem truly touches my heart.

Anyway, If the work is done by me I will mention my name as a translator but, in this case, I have not.  I am sorry that I have not been more clear on that. This is not my translation but I agree in every word that you have so kindly stated. This poem has been beautifuly translated. I do not know who is the translator otherwise I would have mentioned his or her name. I came across this poem in 2004, I made a print of it and since then I have it hanged on my office's wall.    Most people at work who read it happened to love it.  So I thought why not share it with you all here for this occasion. So I thank you and every one else for stopping by and commenting. 

Afsaneh Jan
, I am also hoping someone find the original in Farsi and post it ... I would love to read it.  



میگم اگه زناتون این بلاگو بخون ...



جوابشونو چی‌ میدین؟

Do Not Shoot Me

Happy Mother's day

by Do Not Shoot Me on

Thanks for posting this timely poem.  It is beautiful. 

Hafez for Beginners

Happy Mother's Day

by Hafez for Beginners on

Lovely, Soosan Khanoum jan: Would you have the original? What a lovely painting too! Happy Mother's Day.


Excellent translation

by divaneh on

I think translating a poem must be the most difficult type of translation, and you have done that so skilfully.

Thanks for sharing and happy mother's day.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

به غیر از پدر و مادرم که بسیار سالخورده هستند و دلتنگ اما سلامت..هیچی‌ دیگر در این دنیا دلم را خوش نمیکند.

مادرم زنِ بلند و قد و بلند مقامیست بی‌ نظیر،آنچنان که از چشم‌هایش لطف و محبت آنچنان تراوش می‌کند گوئی که این زن فراتر از ما آدمیان است و مانندِ مادرانِ دیگر به دنیایی خاص از فرشتگان تعلق دارد.

مادرم را خیلی‌ دوست دارم،برای من هر روز..روزِ مادر است.


ترانه‌ای از خواننده بزرگِ ترکیه،زکی مورن  Zeki Müren، Annem به نامِ مادرِ من .


با سپاس از سوسن خانم جان.


Happy mother's day to all mothers around the world...

by Bavafa on

You have well earned it.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



سوسن نام مادر(مهدی) است


نرجس یا نرگس‌خاتون ملقب ‌به «ریحانه»، «سوسن» و «صیقل» و «ورداس» در روایات شیعه نام همسر حسن عسکری، یازدهمین امام شیعیان و مادر حجت بن حسن (مهدی) است



happy mother's day

by مآمور on

 یادم باشه فردا به مادرم زنگ بزنم

I wear an Omega watch