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Soosan Khanoom
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Fox news is a direct face of the international bankers one world government. It claims fair and balanced and in reality it is totally unfair and totally unbalanced........ Neither party is good anymore. After assasination of JFK US has not had any presidents that have been acting independant of the big bankers...........Please watch Inside Job, a documentary by Charles Ferguson and Matt Damon. This documentary gives a clear picture of  the financial collapse of the world.  If you're not enraged by the end of this movie, you haven't been paying attention ......... 

Oscar Best Documentary award-winner Charles Ferguson began his acceptance speech by reminding us that three years after our worst financial meltdown, the subject of his movie, "not a single financial executive has gone to jail."  Let's take action!


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Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


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