In Memory of My Loved Ones - Tehran & Shomal

Soosan Khanoom
by Soosan Khanoom


Roses were the same roses

Cemetery was exactly where I left it

The same old road

The same old benches

Only trees were grown to be as tall as the years that I haven’t been there

And there, beneath the trees, the bitter sorrow was anticipating my return.......

I sat and washed my mother’s tombstone with the tears of my heart

I placed the roses on it and kissed it a thousand times

I closed my eyes and let the old streets carry me to our house

Rushing to take one final picture from the old walls

The old fireplace

The old paintings

Even the century old walnut table didn’t hesitate to pose for me......

On my way to the Caspain Sea

I found the old teahouse where I used to snipp the tea of life

Oh, how, I had been missing its taste and its warmth.........

I reached the sea and opened the gate to the memories

The magnificent garden

The dazzling orange trees

The house, the stairways, everything remained intact

But the occupants were gone

I knew that I shouldn't have stayed away for that long.....

I picked roses from my uncle’s garden by the sea

And walked through the grandpa’s land to give it to their souls as a gift

Autumn and the raining leaves were singing a soothing song

I still carry that song in my heart ........


aka darya

Pictures that I took accompanied by a heartfelt old song.

In Memory of My Loved Ones / Tehran & Shomal


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Do Not Shoot Me

Yes, you fixed it.

by Do Not Shoot Me on

keep 'em comin sweetie.   Bless Us with more of your works.


Your poem is perfectly imagined and seen.

by Albaloo on

Your poem is perfectly imagined and seen. A touching and lovely blog. Somehow I am not able to see the Pictures that you put together. Judging by the comments on this blog the you tube presentation must have also been beautiful.

Do Not Shoot Me

Dear Susan

by Do Not Shoot Me on

I sent the link of your video to couple friends.  The link is not working anymore.  Could you please check it out? what's the problem? Thank You. 


All reminds me of shah and all those good old days

by Siavash300 on

It just bring tears to my eyes whenever I hear songs and whenever I travel to shomal. Iran with all those beauties is missing something and it is our late shah. Shomal is reminder of how happy our people were when shah was on power. Women could go to the sea with no restriction. All those lovely songs and darya kenar. God bless our shah's soul.

Soosan Khanoom

I am so grateful for everyone's presence at this blog

by Soosan Khanoom on

For your heartfelt comments.

For your deep understanding of the feelings we all share inside and for your honest hearts ....

Despite our occasional political differences I love you all and I wish you all peace and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. 




Very heartfelt blog SK

by Souri on

The poem, the text and the video ....all are very sad but a very true and honest reflection.

I so much liked your video that I shared it at faceboo.

God bless your loved ones souls.

Do Not Shoot Me

Susan darling,

by Do Not Shoot Me on

This poem is so vivid. I breathe it as I read it. The Same with the video. I don't know how I could express the beauty in your work.





Mohammad Ala

Jaleb bosti

by Mohammad Ala on

 Amara jaleb bosti.  Eepchech narahat beyim. 

Tee feda.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Music and the clips

Thanks for sharing. 

Emrooz ke ba shakheye sabzi

be didanam

nayay     che sood?

farda ba

daste goli    bar mazaram .

may all raftegan rest in peace 



Beautiful and touching …

by reader1 on

...  Don’t know when, don’t know how, but one day I hope to take the same route to my childhood home  to pick up fallen oranges on snow. 

Esfand Aashena

Better late than never. Nice reflections.

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred



by tissa on

Heartfelt and bittersweet.


با تشکر از شما سوسن خانوم


برای شریک کردن    ما در این لحظات و احساسات.



iraj khan


by iraj khan on

a trip to the past, a past long gone but still there.

It's also a state of mind for hundreds of thousands of Iranians who have left Iran.

Soosan Khanoom I found your video thought provoking and entertaining at the same time, thanks for sharing it.


Very touching and well done. Thanks for sharing.

by MM on

It is very hard to be away and not be able to say goodbye to the loved ones.


ghorbat sucks

by Sid Sarshar on

Very touching. Thank you Sossan Khanoom

Sid Sarshar

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Soosan Khanoom for a beautiful poem

by Anahid Hojjati on

Some of my favorite lines are:

Even the century old walnut table didn’t hesitate to pose for me......

On my way to the Caspain Sea

I found the old teahouse where I used to snipp the tea of life


Thanks for sharing.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

And you are so lucky to have experienced these moments. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful & sad poem.

by Azarbanoo on

Thanks SK for sharing your feeling with us.

P.s.  Great Song with great pictures.


I know how you feel

by kazem0574 on

I go back as much as I can, but when the Tehran and Shomal houses become empty I know it shall all feel the same for me as it does for you.

We live our lives as life hands it out, you didn't go back and at the time that seemed the right thing to do.

When our loved ones go, the outcome is sadly the same, for those who visited and those who did not.



Soosan Khanoom

Dear Amir

by Soosan Khanoom on

Going back to Iran after so many years had thought me a lesson ... Life is NOW.   We should enjoy the  " Present " cause tomorrow may never come. 

I did not find many of my family members where I left them. By the time I went back many were gone ... 

Thanks for your kind comment.   



very good Soosanak

by amirkabear4u on

I particularly like Rumi's poem.

khodavand mordeganeh shoma ra biamorzeh.