For three minutes, listen to me with your heart


For three minutes, listen to me with your heart
by Soosan Khanoom

I have come to appreciate Rap music may be because I like poetry. Rappers are poets and are one of the wittiest most clever writers with incredible punch lines as well as having versatility with their words. I love the beats. A good one soothes the ear and distresses the mind.

In today's Iran, Rap music is the music of choice for the youth. For the majority of them who are born after the revolution and who are simply struggling to live, Rap music has become a voice. These poets are young and they are singing for their own generation by speaking their hearts. A vibrant and soulful culture does not just follow its traditional roots but also steps into new and forbidden genre.

What the youth are experiencing in Iran and what they are trying to achieve are not even close to what we, the West residing older generation, are thinking. If we stand too far from the truth, I am afraid, we cannot be of any help.


aka darya

P.S. " A boy selling flower " picture is taken in Dec 2011 while visiting Iran.

Album: In Hope of Iran

Translated by Rooznamehdivari

YAS - Be Omide Iran p.

For three minutes, listen to me with your heart
So I can show you Iran and the people's true colors
These stories are about today and yesterday, so stand up
Iran has become a prisoner of a deadly virus
We don't need anymore political speeches
We don't need anymore foreign enemies
Now there is a mental war inside Iran
Everybody's at each other's throat, whether wise or insane
You go with a tired, pounded and withered body
To wrestle the difficulties of life
When we are facing each other, we are friends and companions
But when you leave, we swear at you and your family
Our eyes are full of spite when we look at each other
We no longer listen to our conscience's feelings
We're just going with the flow
He's with you only while you're useful to him
Girls, from the moment they hear the name of a merchant,
Say: this is the best person for marriage
What's love? Forget it
Say "Hi" from us if you ever saw it
So many dads who've had to spend all that they had
'Cuz the children think their father is the Oil Minister
Everybody only thinks of himself
These aren't progress, this is a setback
My heart is filled with every pain
And the reason goes back to seven years ago
The days of weeping, tears and mourning
Me, being worried about food for the guests
I told one of them: "At least you man-up
It doesn't matter if you owed my dad a lot of money
Be somewhat fair and pay at least half of it
He said, The one I owed to was your dad and he's dead now
These are the memories that I write in my notebook
The words flow as I write them
All of this fills my throat with such spite
It blocks the oxygen from my mouth
Maybe you don't see a connection between Iran and my story
I just mean that I have a bad memory from here, but
This is my country and my homeland
Iran is the only reason for my existence
Now, the way of our relations and attitude
Is becoming even filthier than the air in Tehran
Some say, Iran is a cage and you have to
get out of here to feel free again
They say, this goes back to our ancestors
But this is the influence of gas and oil's money
Which is the cause of our financial insecurity that
Makes us betray each other in the hard times
You have to stand up and rebuild yourself; you can do it
Why are you torturing each other for money?
My fellow-citizen, I'm content with your success
So let's break these parallel lines
I know that
The pride of us Iranians
Is our past
It is our history
But I swear that's over now
What are we now?
What do we have for our future?
Come my fellow-citizen, let's take each other's hands
So that the future of Iran can take pride in the name of you and I.


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Do Not Shoot Me

You funny girl !!

by Do Not Shoot Me on

Soosan Khanoom

Ahhhh Simorghe,

by Soosan Khanoom on

That was touching !! For my pass time, from now on, I am going to switch from the Iranian Rap to the " Fielder on the roof sound track"  and I'll promise to make donation to AIPAC as my only hope for the destruction of child labor and poverty in Iran. Furthermore, I am going to pray to the God Of Israel and beg for the coming of the Messayai.

I am not hullicinating but I am starting to see the BiBi's face on the moon ... Wait a minute is he the " Messayai" ?  

From now on I am also going to swtich from reciting " Mahdi beeya .. Mahdi beeya " to BiBi beeya BiBi beeya "

SImorghe jan, 

Unplug your ears and stay out of the propaganda , Though, this may be too complicated for you ".  



by Simorgh5555 on

Iran has become a deadly virus.......

The abject misery of Iranians has had one positive effect and that is to enrich to win Academy Awards and make interesting rapid music. You hate to admit it but you wallow in the misery of others and become you past time. Sosan khanom, when you went to Iranian did you give any money to the children? Did you travel to the areas of Tehran that look like shanty towns that are described in these rapid songs.
Once you have diagnosed the problem you have to find a treatment even if there are side effects. When it comes to actually come to do anything about it such as arming opponents of the regime, military action or any kind of material support to Iranians the answer is BAD BAD BAD ISRAEL AMERICA NEOCON Etc.
The prostitutes, drug abusers, political prisoners have become a modern day freak show for middle class Iranians travelling to Iran and stay in their plush north Tehran appartments and are not willing to support any action against the IR terrorists who take the lion share of blame for all of the problems of our compatriots.

Soosan Khanoom

Thank You Iraj Khan

by Soosan Khanoom on

: )

iraj khan

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

by iraj khan on

A great shot of the boy selling his flowers in the middle of nowhere.

One may claim: "anybody can take that picture, all one needs to do is 'to go' to that location and snap a few shots of the boy".

The respond may be: "being there on that road at the time, makes this picture great"

Soosan Khanoom

More than People

by Soosan Khanoom on

We should blame the government of Iran for this. For not being responsible for the underage children...  

We have poverty in the Western countries as well  but you cannot find one young kid in the streets begging. At least, in the West, the government shows much more responsibility  when it comes to the children.  In Iran both people and the government do not care about these kids.  They are forgotten while these childeren are the future of the country. 

Soosan Khanoom

Azarbanoo and DNSM

by Soosan Khanoom on

Thanks for stopping by and listening... 

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Mohammad Ala

by Soosan Khanoom on

Indeed that cute little boy and his condition and everything about him was so sad..  I asked the boy if he goes to school and he said yes but I do not think so he told the truth... It was cold and his hands were freezing ... i just wanted to hug him and never let him go ...

I have many pictures taken from these kids. There are many kids in the streets begging or selling something.. It is extremely sad..  Once I took one of them to a sandwich shop and bought him everything... the shop owners told him to go out and eat there.  I was literally going to beat the hell out of the shop owner.... People in Iran have seen too many of these kids that they do not give a damn , they are used to it and they do not even think anymore that these are just kids...  and THAT IS TRULY SAD.   


Do Not Shoot Me


by Do Not Shoot Me on

Another good one! I especailly like the Hafez poem and the way they mixed it with the Rap.  

Mohammad Ala

Nice and sad picture

by Mohammad Ala on

Nice and sad picture of the boy selling flowers.  With so much resources that Iran has one should not see these pictures.  Thanks for sharing.


SK, Thanks for Posting

by Azarbanoo on

This great blog with a plea to listen.  Great & Sad video and song which talks about unfortunate Iranian youths' situation.