That was mere foreplay

Soosan Khanoom
by Soosan Khanoom

“That was mere foreplay. Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings" Heinrich Heine

Heine had a good vision because he stated this one century before Nazi rise to power. We all know that the two major things that Nazi did were : burning books and burning people. The Nazis didn’t burn just any books. They burned the books of Jews, communists and socialists. Nazi thought those books were advocating ideas which they believed would undermine the safety of the society and then they burned people because they strongly believed those people would also undermine the safety of the society.

With the amount of hate that I see in this type of behavior I will not be surprised to see that one day they burn muslims too. The entire idea is wrong. Ignorant, radicals, and fanatics are come in all shapes and colors . Khomeni straight went to the people burning part by giving the Fatva for Rushdie's head. The only difference is this is an isolate act of an individual but that was an act of the leader of a nation. If we do not educate people of the wrong nature of these isolated acts then we may end up seeing these events turn to an ideology. Then the result would be much more catastrophic than just burning a book ...


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Burning a book would not

by Soosan Khanoom on

Burning a book would not make God mad and it should not make any muslim mad either. Although I should say that books in general are there to be read and to be understood not to be burned. One can agree with the writings or can dismiss it.  Unless. one thinks that the content of the book is a threat then that threat won't go away by burning the book. Then you see that very same people who burn the book will then burn people if they have been given the power to do so. 

We are all free and yes in a democratic country one should be free to do anything including burning a book.  But if these minor acts get not addressed in the right way and through right channels then it can become a serious issue.   Ignorant and radical acts will unfortunately bring ignorant and radical reactions ....... 

This book is no more or less than any other holly books or even any other books in that matter and if there is a God up there he is not going to end the world for just burning the book . He has more important things to take care of :)




There is a difference between what the

by mahmoudg on

Nazis, an ideology and a system of governance, did in going about burning books and then humans.  Burning a Quran (note a), is only an act of proving that burning this book will not bring the wrath of god, or a thundebolt, nor should it bring the label of "mohareb" and so forth.  The idea is not to burn all Qurans or Islam, but to show that here in the West (or wherever it is that the book was burned), we have enough freedom to do so and the side effect is NOT that God will be pissed at us and split us in half.  Once we come to this realization that the Quran IS NO MORE AND NO LESS, important as let's say "Mein Kampf", "Satanic Versus", "Huck Finn", "Hamlet", etc. etc. then we can live in harmony and believe and not believe in what we desire.