Well, they may still be terrorists, but now they’re our terrorists.... LOL

Well, they may still be terrorists, but now they’re our terrorists....  LOL
by Soosan Khanoom


Bush not that long ago told the world, “We don’t differentiate between those who support terrorism and who harbor them”.....  AIPAC, however, found a loophole, One can rent one .  


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So clearly the USA is not Pursuing War Soosan, there is no

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

War to be Anti anymore, that is just a distraction from what the USA is preparing Iran for, using MeK and Sepratist, breaking up Iran, not a single us soldier on the ground.  //iranian.com/main/blog/amirparvizforsecularm...

Iranians need to be aware of what is being planned, or else Iran will be harmed in favor of oil companies.

iraj khan

Soosan khanoom,

by iraj khan on

You've posted a very interesting picture.

I like to give it a title: 'Hillary Under Influence'

One may ask: 'Under whose influence?'

My take would be 'Under Israel Lobby influence'

Soosan Khanoom

America after 9/11 is moving towards

by Soosan Khanoom on

the Larigani brothers rule of laws.   I wish I could separate these things but everything is adding up so perfectly .. It is hard to think otherwise.   I hope you see my points  otherwise why would I want to support anyone unconditionally especially in such a politically motivated environment? I know war is not an answer and I support Trita as long he is going to be antiwar...

But I try to cool down.   I just wish no war anymore ... Iranian mothers already have lost too many kids  ... Enough is enough .. We have seen it all.  Revolution .. War... Unrest ... Political prisoners and more ... Time to solve it rather than make a much more deeper hell by naively following the neocons agenda.  

Thanks for your comment dear Faramarz




Don't be so Hysterical Soosan Khanoom!

by Faramarz on



As hard as it may be, try to distinguish between Iranians' view of MEK versus an Appellate Court's decision which is completely based on the facts and the arguments that are made in front of it.

There is a thing called the separation of power in this country where one Larijani brother cannot tell another Larijani brother what to do.


Soosan Khanoom

Exactly ... I probably should have written

by Soosan Khanoom on

"They were our Terroists all along"

Also I have a feeling that those 3 terroists in the picture may well be here posting pro Daee blogs and comments on this site ...

Oh well .. since they are officially unleashed now, we should be expecting more User IDs show up in support of Daee and against NIAC ..

They are determined to shut any antiwar voices up and what better way to do it than by the character assassination... 

I thank both of you for your comments. 



In the eyes of vast majority of Iranians....

by Bavafa on

They will always be the traitor they are.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



The US & Israel have been supporting these clowns for years

by MaryamJoon on

They don't stand a chance of returning to Iran. 

They actually threaten the people in the diaspora.  Imagine - now you don't know if you are sitting next to Maryam Rajavi's uncle.  

The US wants to use them to do translation work, staff VOA, and to run terror operations into Iran.  

This is a must see video -- > Excellent video showing threats to Iran & their sources