White House calls on Iran to allow rally


Soosan Khanoom
by Soosan Khanoom


Ok now, again I can't help it.I am posting some comments people are making on yahoo in reply to the following article: ) 

 White House calls on Iran to allow rally



All hail as the great chief has spoken 

Does Iran have enough stones to penalize that many protesters? 

I'm sure that Iran is going to really take to heart what any American administration tells them. After the way they have been treated. Even through the Iraq/Iran war the Americans were always on the side of their opponent. Can anyone forget our pal Iraq who we gave weapons and military intelligence to and they turned around and invaded them for WMD's 

What about the WH supporting a rally in the US??? 

The White House called out Iran? Wow I bet that shook them up 

I'm just afraid if we piss Iran off they will declare war and we will have to ask China for another loan and they republicans will cut more uneployment benefits. Does the USA have a good enough credit score to get another loan? They have already mortgaged our children. Will they mortgage our great grand children as well? 

History will record george bush as the george washington of the middles east..bringing freedom to ALL.. 

The Gov't of Iran doesn't give a rip about what America says. 

Testing do you hear me 

LOL, maybe we should send over some large cages so they can have a Free Speech zone like we have here in our free speech country. That's Freedom, American Style. BTW Iran is you happen to put in another Democracy that nationalizes your oil you can be sure we will replace it with a dictator, calling it Operation Iranian Freedom. 

Truth is so important! John 8:32 
What I woulld like to know right now is? 
Can The People in Iran read Yahoo? 

The US is just pissed because Iran is too smart to fall for the old okie doke of CIA's protest machine. 

Bush must be Obama long lost brother... 

Don't we live in a cool country.....There is an article about Iran about to tell barack obama again that he is weak, and right next to it is an article about too many chihauhas in Los Angeles. What is really cool is that more liberals will read the dog article. 

The 300 

I wonder what restrictions Israel would put on Israeli Palestinians (Palestinians who did not flee when the Israeli tanks rolled into Jerusalem) if they wanted to hold a rally. 

You ignorant leftists should click the Report Abuse link and report yourselves for being so shockingly clueless. 

Iran does not take crap from anyone. 

Palestinians should have the right to rally too. 

We need to bring back dictators Bush/Chaney 

So Iranians should have the "universal right" to demonstrate, yet those in the Tea Party should shut up and go home? Oh, and they're racist too right? 

Bloomberg (the jewish mayor of New York) forbids rallying in New York city too. 

Ahmadinejad says he supports what's going on in Egypt. Look who's talking! 

Oprah & her lost Sister just Farted 

meanwhile you got that other idiot general at the pentagon going to jordan trying to stop riots there..... LMAO 
how hypocritical is that? 

Since when did we gain the moral high ground in regards to Iran? We helped reinstall the Shah and helped keep him in power even though he used secret police versus his own people. 

After all the years of Iran calling the US government hypocrites it is so satisfying to read a perfectly worded right back at you, "By announcing that they will not allow opposition protests, the Iranian government has declared illegal for Iranians what it claimed was noble for Egyptians," 

Iran encouraged plenty of rallies when they illegally kidnapped our diplomats! 
It's nice to know that Islamic leaders (spiritual and otherwise) wear their corruption on their sleeves. 

Birth certificate 

Ahmadinejad should be a stand up comic.He never ceases to make me laugh. 

Sorry.....thought I was on the Lohan article 

i think the administration should say, iranian citizens if you go to the streets you will have our complete support. without question and without hesitation. we will condem all acts of violence or initmidation against you. we will help carry your voices worldwide. we will hold your government accountable for oppressive action against you. any attempt to silence you will be exposed. human and civil rights abuses will not be tolerated. our technical exepertise is at your disposal to organize and plan. 

Libs only know what they study. They talk a good talk but walk off a cliff when they walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I was hoping 
a)that the internet in Iran is still operational...and 
b)that we would receive some post's from Iran 

the liberal idiots will continue to jerk off to their messiah Husain Obama until the US is trampled by even north korea 

Better Obama then a Republican nut job. It is funny how the Republican homophobic nut jobs like to blame democratic presidents for disasters the Republicans create. Democrats, like always have to clean up their mess, Democrats cleaned up the mess that Reagan left behind and now Democrats have to clean up the mess that Bush left behind. 

millions demand that obama bin kenyan step down and leave the country..like mubarek, he ignores and goes golfing. 

a lot of stupid conservatives here lol 

And then that one "He did well, didn't he?" "I think he did, don't you?" "GW Bush wouldn't have done as well". Is Bush still president? Someone should tell these guys. I agree Obama's NOT, but W isn't. Maybe Biden knows, why don't you guys go ask him? 


"Pretty please with a cherry on top" is not exactly a demand. 


Iranian's and Cubano's have no balls or ovaries....they already shown they gave up and allow their leaders too dictate instead of lead.....there are more people than that of leader's. I was so hoping before when Iran rose to the fake elections, but they all gave in. 50 private police out wit 50.000 people. Can you imagine 50.000 people on top of 50 police.....lol oh well they still have fear. 

What will happen to the internet in Iran? 

as much as i dislike iran and since obama has stirred up as much scat as he can for all the other nations it's only fair that iran get their blessings from obama. 

The Iranian leadership is scared. 

O' Lord...... stop the rally in Iran..... we don't want anything to do with Iran.... Let Obummer keep his Muuuslim mouth shut........ and tend to the business of getting jobs for the un-employed hear in this country where is his brain at anyway,,,i na basketball parked somewhere.... he will never learn a thing. 

Having worked and been in business with Persians (Iranians) I can say that whether they are anti-west of pro-west, don't trust any of them. They don't think like other people. What you might think unethical is normal to them. Can't say the same about the women though. They are great. By the way, they are not Arabs. 

Republicans can't rejoice over the freedom and democracy in Egypt because they'd be celebrating Muslims! {gasp!} 

I'm so glad the president in the White House respects ALL people including Muslims cause you know - if a Republican were president, by now he'd be finishing Bush's middle east plan to bomb Iran, Syria, Jordan..... 

Republican senators are already beating the war drums for IraN! 

Learn to spell, learn history, and don't post comments until you increase your IQ above an ape. 


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You're Completely Out of Line

by ayatoilet1 on

Dude, you are completely out of line, and way off...

First of all - don't talk about trusting Iranians, when US history is littered with how the "white man" lied and cheated (not least of it to red indians, promised them peace and land and then right afterwards killed them and stole their land). You are not the paragon of virtue. You are not Sister Teresa - and we will not hold our breath waiting for you to be annoited a sainthood.  From what you have said and the way you say it - so disrespectfully - maybe people should not do business with you. And its probably a good idea, no matter how good the deal is - to walk away from you. I am sure many sharp Iranians dealing with you figured that out. Iranians are very smart -- very smart.

Secondly, why is it that if someone attacks the Tea Party or the Christian Right - they are automatically a leftist. Many INSIDE the Republican party hate them too. And I guarantee that if Sarah Palin runs, she will lose...republicans will vote for Obama - just like they did in Delaware when Tea Party Hero Chris O'Donnell ran (who wanted to ban masturbation, make america a christian republic ...you name it).

People on both sides of the political spectrum in US and in Iran value their freedom. People are correct to stand up for it...whether its in Egypt or Texas or Tehran. Somehow in your book if someone fights for freedom (individual rights, freedom of speech, freedom from religious tyranny) - they must either be a leftist or better yet a muslim fanatic!!??

No we will not sit still, and let a religious theocracy take over in the US and deny American basic freedoms. And no, we will not sit still and let the religious theocracy stay in power in Iran and deny Iranians basic freedoms.

It was morons like you that worked for Reagan and the two Bushes that set in place the strategy to put in religious fanatics in Iran, Afghanistan etc. and wrote constitutions to form Islamic republics in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan ... Why don't you read some history and learn what lies have been told by these same administration to the American people.  How American democracy was stolen by a back room deal to keep the US hostages in Iran - so Jimmy Carter would be humiliated and Reagan voted in.

So much for your monopoly on absolute truth and rightousness.

It is not a 'leftist" statement to say freedom and democracy should be protected everywhere. In fact, freedom is a concept that not only involves freedom of speech, or freedom of religion - but also very importantly involves free enterprise! They go hand in hand. Its a very capitalist concept to fight for small government, and freedom of enterprise too.

One last thing, and very objectively. Obamas administration has actually got some big feathers in its cap. It looks like the US government will make a net profit of $20 Bn from saving GM, and they have already sold off most of their interest in the company (that they saved...along with all the jobs at GM and vendors that sell to GM, the dealers etc.); The Health Care plan is actually going to save billions of dollars for businesses throughout the US and actually lead to a significant growth of the Health Care industry with an additional 18 Million people coming into the market (GM was spending $2200 a car - more than the cost of engine - for health insurance!!), the sacking of Mubarak and freedom in Egypt is actually a big win for freedom, free enterprise not only in Egypt but throughout the middle east (these economies will grow and become very large markets for US products, and even better allies than a corrupt dictatorship stealing all the money - and resulting in tremendous poverty in Egypt). Freedom in Egypt is actually in America's long-term interests. Freedom everywhere is the antidote to fantaticism. It is freedom in America that is the anti-dote to idiots like Sarah Palin and Christine O'donnel.

It was Bush Jr. that tanked the economy. Obama has actually saved the country from ruin. Never forget that. Just cause he is african american with a muslim middle name - does not mean you are right. You should put him down without logical sensible facts. That's racist, and stupid. 

Be objective be decent. Like I said your post is way off.


ایشون به اون ددر دودورشون خنده ملیح فرمودند


One day, someone should remind the fellows in the White House that they should stay out of our "national matters". Period.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.