2 Questions

by Souri

Dear all , I got two questions, please pay attention and answer me if you have any idea :

1) Where is Redwine ? We don't see him blogging lately. I remember, last time he said he had a health problem because he smoked too much. Hope all is well with him.

2) Where is Niloofar Parsi. She was a great lady blogger. We read good posts of her during (June/July??) and suddenly she disappeared. Does anybody know anything about her and why she doesn't come here anymore ?



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American Wife

I think it's simply a matter of getting burned out

by American Wife on

It's so intense here.  Unless you have nothing else to do, it's difficult to maintain a healthy mental attitude for work and home and iranian.com too.  Sometimes it's just too exhausting to do anything but read.  But I totally agree about the moderation.  I'm a very focal opponent of the policies as stated (or rather, NOT stated). I think the moderators are unfair, prejudicial and inconsistent.  I'm mixed on whether or not I think they should be identifiable.  If they are not paid, then probably not.  But if they are, then they are just as accountable as JJ or Foad or anyone else.  Moderation in itself can be abused.  No one has really left...lol.  After re-reading all the old posts from anonymouse a year ago, all those who spoke of leaving are still around.  I bet he is too... under a new name.  No one leaves iranian.com.  It's too addictive...:-)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Souri jan Doroud-e Faravan beh shoma .

Safar budam,in kar-e man injurieh va hesabi man ro mashghul mikoneh va juri bud keh nemishod ba 'tecnology' dar ertebat basham.

Cheghadar beh khodam mibalam keh eftekhar-e ashenaei ba shoma daram.

Khoda shoma va azizanet ro hamisheh hefz koneh va dast bus-e shoma hastam :=) .


Dear Q

by Souri on

About the moderation, I know what you say. I have been there too. sometimes I've got mad too. But on the other hand, it's a very hard job for the moderators and we have to give them the credit for that.

Not easy. I know sometimes it goes too much to extreme, but it's like that we have to accept the inconvenient sometimes as a whole package. Otherwise, this work will be unbearable for them.

Hope all of us  (me included) become more and more responsible and take good care of our words and meaning. Also sometimes we can talk to each other in order to calm a situation and prevent it from getting out of control.

I believe the climate is getting much calmer now, but we have paid a much expensive price for that. The price of loosing some good contributors. Hope this won't happen in the future. We should all try to keep this pages safe and sound.

Good luck.


It looks like people come and go...

by Q on

I don't know. maybe something about this place doesn't inspire loayalty.

I also think the mysterious "moderators" are becoming way too trigger-happy with the deleting of comments. I was supportive of deleting slander because it has real-world consequences, but I'm not in favor of censoring language or "mean spirited" posts.


Thanks Marge

by Souri on

Baaz ma ro khejalat dadid ! Sharmandeh. Mamnoon.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Souri you are so nice. Seriously, it's great that you're here.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You are such a kind person. You must a good friend to people who know you in person. Thanks for reminding us to be nice and thoughtful to each other. I noticed a lot of people are gone.... even in the comments sections there are less people. Everyone should be unemployed, so why aren't they blogging and writing to forget their 401K worries? 

 Thanks again Souri :)

News Goffer


by News Goffer on

Thank you Souri Khanoom.  I would also like to ask where Parham is.  He used to contribute news items and some blog entries until he stopped in July.  I have missed him in the News Section for many weeks now.

Thank you.