Farshid Amin's song for Obama

by Souri

Iranian composer Farshid Amin has writen a great song called 'Pray with me' which was performed at a gala for Barack Obama two weeks ago. Lionel Richie and The Pointer Sisters also submited songs but Farshid's was chosen .He has been invited to perform the song on election night at the Democratic Victory Gala in Orange County. He is the first Iranian singer ever to perform on election night. Please watch the clip and pass it to all your friends who want a positive change.


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American wife, I am enjoying myself!

by MRX1 (not verified) on

I am having fun! a year from now I will still be happy. which one you would be the first to post six months from now your disappoinment and disillusion in BO the messiah!
you are right I am going to sit like a good boy and enjoy myself for the next four years!!!

American Wife

"gritty insight"

by American Wife on

so lacking in Americans?  Perhaps you'd enlighten me as to what the hell that means.  I really would appreciate an example!

MRX... you just sit there and wait like a good boy... :-)


Don't worry Iranian reader

by MRX1 (not verified) on

I can't wait for BO to become president just to see the disappointment in the face of his new followers!
wait till the messiah leaves them with change in their pocket and see how angry they will get. wait for BO press conferance during which he would say "well due to change in the situation on the ground, troops have to be there for an extended period..." wait a second he already said it, he will pull troops from Iraq to put in afghanistan!
I can't wait to see the list of corrupt politicians mr change will put in his cabinet. Now that would simply be priceless!!!! he already offered secretry of state position to the corrupt rahm emanuel.who will be next?

Next four years under BO will be fun. can't wait to hear from his followers "oh he betrayed us, but,but....no, but...."
I simply can't wait!!!!


Dear Iranian Reader

by IRANdokht on

Make I suggest some soothing music, a glass of wine maybe? or a massage treatment,  even a bubble bath?

you sound too wound up and way too frustrated. 

The atrocities and horror happening in the world right now had 8 years to grow and flourish, GWB didn't start them all but he sure gave them opportunity to get out of hand. I am not about to vote for someone who will continue the same policies for 4 more years.

Sooooo "you betcha" I am excited about Obama! I have the right to hope, to believe that he would do something positive for this country and the world. He's young, he's not corrupt like the rest of them, he's intelligent, he has an open mind and is a much better choice for president than any other.

It sounds like your problem with the song was with the "pray" part and the "muslim praying" in particular. Now, should we just call that prejudice? hate? islamaphobia? I understand how some iranians think all their problems are caused by islam. I don't agree with them because I believe they themselves are the root of their own problems. The mentality, the closed mindedness, the prejudices and racism we feel that will not allow us to unite. I find these elements more disturbing than any religion in particular.

I am against all religions, I don't discriminate!  but I will not allow my feelings towards syndicated religions become an obstacle and hinder clear thinking and learning.

calm down and take care of yourself




by Iranian Reader (not verified) on

no offense intended. Certainly no imposition of my views intended. I just wonder how anybody can be more moved by schmaltzy "change" talk right about now than astonished at the horror and irony of what is going on. And if the horror and irony does indeed register (to which I suppose Obama supporters lay equal claim and will go on saying that's why we should vote for him etc) I don't see how their hearts can be so touched by this sort of thing. I can't believe all these sophisticated Iranians going all soft and mushy over those hands in prayer in this video. WTF...? What then is wrong with all those rows of butts sticking up in sojood?

I guess as a rule I expect a kind of gritty insight from Iranians that is virtually nonexistent in Americans. By all means, vote for Obama. I do think he's better than McCain. But, you know, I don't believe in this democracy here any more than I believe in the democracy in Iran. No, I do a little bit more, but not enough to get all excited about voting for tweedledee vs. tweedledum.

And anyways, bad music is bad music. I know to all his or her own etc etc -- but bad music is bad music. Crooning sentimentalities to elementary chord progression and highschool-band level of composition virtuosity is bad music. Repetition. Imitation. So what the guy has an Iraniain name?



Iranian Reader

by IRANdokht on

Please enlighten us! 

how would you vote to stop what's going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa etc?

Your vote for McCain will make the world a better place?


So you like Namjoo and Arash Sobhani, and that's wonderful. Do you have to hate everybody else's music? If it's not what you like, it's just not worth listening to or getting excited about?




I really don't mean to be a jerk...

by Iranian Reader (not verified) on

but, come one, guys, what is this schmuck? Pray?!! Bring the troops home -- no mention of the much greater blood and pain on the other side? I understand a lot of people want change and that's a very noble sentiment. But apart from his skin color what in the world is different about Obama? You know who his advisors and sponsors are? What bring the troops home...?!! Heard what's going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Heard about Africa? Heard that Russia is not rolling over and playing dead in Central Asia? What in the world makes you -- especially you, my fellow maar-gezieh Iranians -- put your faith in schamltz like this?

And you call this music? Nazy says he can write gher music. Good for him because this is derivative, canned music here. You guys like 127 and Namjoo and then get all dewey-eyed about this piece of crap?

Badbakht Arash Sobhani, badbakht Namjoo, badbakht all the serious musicians who are trying to inject some talent and intelligence into the music scene.


change is coming

by PANTEA (not verified) on










Time to UNF**K the world !

by Majid on

I wish Wed. morning the whole world wakes up to the good news of "The 8 years of F.....d up policy is behind us, now let's go to work and UNFUCK United States of America, and the WORLD"

Thanks Souri khaanoom and......dam e Farshid Amin garm. 



by Souri on

No, you were not mistaken at all ! Well said. It was just so cute, I really like to hear this from the people other than Iranian.



American Wife


by American Wife on

I know what it "literally" means... (warm breath, long life, etc.) but we use it amongst ourselves to mean:

Great job! or Way to go!

Am I mistaken or did I use it incorrectly?

Irregardless... it was a great song.


Thanks everybody

by Souri on

I'm happy you enjoyed it.

American Wife : I love when the non-Iranian speak Persian !

Do you know what " damet garm " means ? I believe you know it, but anyway, it means : Long live, or Stay alive...or something like that.

Thank you, dear. I wish my husband could say at least some words     in Persian :O) like you do.

He only knows " salamati " and " mobarak" which he uses in every occasion !

American Wife

Thank you soooooo much

by American Wife on

for such a wonderful post!!!!

Damet garm Souri!!!


obama will lose

by Anonymoussss (not verified) on

who is obama ? loool .,. he will lose and we will laught.by the way, very very bad song.

ebi amirhosseini

Souri Jaan !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Already sent it to all B.H.O lovers.


Azadeh Azmoudeh


by Azadeh Azmoudeh on

Say it out loud: "Change is good!" Congratulations Farshid.


Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

What a great song! And what a talented musician Farshid Amin is! Here's a young Iranian musician who can do 6/8 music like no one else and can also write such a good piece of music for an audience that is as big as the world.

Thanks for sharing Souri Jan. I shared it with others for my part. //www.nazykaviani.blogspot.com/


World class music, lyrics and video

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.  Congrats to Farshid Amin.

Manoucher Avaznia

Souri Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Good choice.  Thank You for sahring.


What a beautiful song!!!

by IRANdokht on

Change better come and better come soon. This song is telling and very touching, it's no surprise they picked it. Bravo Farshid Amin! Great job!

Thanks Souri, I'll be sending this link to my friends too. 




by Khar on

Very cool and touching song! Sent the link to all my friends.