Good for you, JJ!

by Souri

Good for you Jahanshah ;)

Now you see how it feels when your work is gone with the wind !

But joke aside, I feel bad for you, however it is not a catasrophe for us.

As Mr Yassari said, the most regrettable things were the Moshaereh blog and a few nice articles by Anahid and the love series.

It is not a big deal honey. You have always your true fans around the site.

Khoda khast tanbihet koneh, ta digeh comment haye mano (makhsousan Farsi ha ro) delete nakoni (ounam be ejaazeh :))


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by Souri on

How nice to hear from you !

I'd almost lost you...

You must send me an email with your accurte email address

Next time I come to you twon, I'll send you an email to see you there.

Thanks for your post.


Souri khanom!

by farshadjon on

Long time to talk!


Where are you? Take care!


Amirkabir aziz

by Souri on

Please don't think that I flagged your funny comment :)

It was an accident !

Actually I laughed a lot...

but believe it or not, I am not grude at all, lol

JJ is a friend..

A bad one, of course!